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Look at your most used emojis. Do they tell a story about you… or your ‘alter ego’  ?

You may have just come to the realisation that you spend your days cry laughing at everything and everyone ?. Or maybe you live your life through the medium of sex on the beach (cocktails only) ? or counting sheep ?. Whatever you’re into, isn’t it interesting to see your life play out through these vivacious little icons?

With age of the millennial going at full speed, and everyone’s head positioned at an acute angle over their phones ?, I think it’s fair to say that the communication game has changed. Face to face contact is getting ever-closer to the cusp of extinction, and we need to get creative with our forms of expression ?.

We constantly tell fascinating stories without even opening our mouths ?. Positive and negative, these messages can be conveyed with a ‘don’t talk to me today’ jumper or through an ‘I mean business’ eyeliner flick. Either way, our beautiful stories shine through evocative actions and sometimes unpredictable facial expressions, or, through my favourite form of communication: our choice of fragrance.

We all know a picture speaks 1000 words, especially when apprising the riveting anecdotes from some of Escentual’s favourite fragrances.


CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts - The Heart

❤ The Heart

CB I Hate Perfume – 7 Billion Hearts

More significant than the ‘x’ at the end of a card, but less beguiling than a well needed kiss on the forehead, this little red icon of admiration is similar to the overwhelming beam of admiration from the CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts Eau de Parfum. The dark orange juice flows with adrenaline, ready to pump lust and desire around your system, personifying the energy of the 7 billion beating hearts all over the world. Enriched with a ‘do anything for love’ mantra, its warming charm captures the glassy eyed yearn of admiration. Comforting nuances of vanilla hug your senses, whilst the contrasting balsamic notes set your butterflies free into the wild, sparking the incontrollable desire of infatuation.



Moschino Funny - Tears of Joy


? Tears of Joy

Moschino Moschino Funny

Goodbye LOL, hello ?. Moschino Funny is like that infectious giggle after receiving an obscure screenshot or hilarious meme from a friend. The fragrance itself is fresh as the tears that stream from your eyes after a really good joke, its uplifting top notes bursting open the composition like an infectious belly laugh. Known for its happy tendencies, the jasmine punch line leaves your senses with a smirk that’s imprinted in your memories for years and years.


4160 Tuesdays Dark Heart of Old Havana - Dancing Girl


? The Dancer

4160 Tuesdays Dark Heart Of Havana

When you’re off to tango the town red, this sultry senorita oozes sensuality and fun with her party posture and disco dress. The Dark Heart of Old Havana gives us an insight into this seductress’ midnight encounter before it’s even begun. Tonight, we choose to live through her, dancing down the smokey side streets with endless shots of rum whilst hearing the constant echo of ‘what are you having?’ As the hazy and heavy nuances of tobacco enhance the final infusion of addictive tonka bean, we can’t help but find ourselves asking: round two tomorrow?

Jovoy Rouge Assassin - Lipstick


?The Lipstick

Jovoy Rouge Assassin Eau de Parfum

As smooth as the first glide of your favourite red lipstick, this auspicious scent envelops your skin. Arousing in every way, the glamorous powder notes of iris dust over your alter ago to instantly transform your mood from mundane Jane to hollywood icon. Delicate rice bran is just enough to leave that evocative imprint on a kiss-me-quick envelope. Sensuous vanilla provokes the intrigue of a ‘come back for more’ smooch on the collar. As the ante increases, devilish benzoin beckons for the disobedient use of the crimson shade, your intention evident in the soft, pouted skin of your lips. Whomever your target, your alluring mission is now complete with this assertive fragrance.



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