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Bonne Mine Glow - Givenchy

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Bonne mine. It’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard countless times on blogs and at your favourite beauty counter, but what does it actually mean… and how can you achieve it?

The French phrase ‘bonne mine’ roughly translates into English as ‘healthy-looking’. When you translate that again into a beauty lexicon, you’ll find products that help you to achieve a very natural sunkissed glow that’s firmly at the subtle end of the bronzing spectrum. Basically, it’s how your skin would look after a day or two of sun, sleep and plenty of TLC.

At the moment, the main place where you’ll find bonne mine-specific products is in powder category (although there are other textures out there). Set aside your preconceived experiences of bronzing powders, though, because these formulas are an entirely different ball game! Focused upon ultra-light, almost imperceptible textures and shades that are more sunkissed than sunworshipper, bonne mine powders help you to achieve the sort of glow that looks entirely yours.

So, why the big emphasis on bonne mine? Well, firstly, it’s the perfect time of year for this sort of glow (although I’d argue that it’s pretty perfect in all seasons!). It gives your complexion the most beautiful pre-summer lift, allowing you to tailor your glow without the commitment of a high summer bronzer. And the second reason? Givenchy has just launched their Les Saisons Healthy Glow collection, and it’s a beautiful tribute to all things bonne mine. Here’re the products to get to know, stat…

Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel

The Instant Glow

My favourite part of a bonne mine glow is its emphasis upon ultra light texture that feels as though you’re wearing nothing at all. And when it comes to creating an all-over sunkissed base, there’s nothing lighter than the Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel.

At first glance, this gel-based formula looks like it could be perhaps a little too imperceptible on the skin to be called a base. But don’t underestimate the power of Mister Radiant. Those little brown and gold pigment beads that you see suspended in the gel? They boost the complexion with such beautiful and effortlessly healthy-looking colour. While these pigment beads provide your ideal made-to-measure glow and a soft-focus finish, the complexion-quenching gel plumps, smoothes and moisturises. It’s a mini break in a tube.

How To Wear It
If you want a sunkissed glow without the hassle of false tan, this low maintenance base is The One. Apply it all over the face following your usual skincare regime (forgoing foundation) and wait for the compliments to come rolling in.

Another Way To Glow
If you’d like to achieve a bonne mine glow with a little more coverage, take a look at the Guerlain Joli Teint Foundation. The light-to-medium formula transforms your complexion with 3 weeks of sun in just 3 minutes, dressing your skin with a beautiful sunkissed glow complete with soft focus powders and healthy glow pigments.


Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder in 04 Extreme Saison

The Subtle Sculpt

The star attraction of Givenchy’s Les Saisons collection is the Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder, the epitome of the bonne mine glow. The reason why this unassuming powder is so exciting? The level of innovation that goes into making it feel imperceptible on the skin.

The powder starts its life as a gel that is baked so that only pigment remains, meaning that not only do you avoid that tell-tale powdery texture on the skin, but the finish is almost completely weightless. There are four shades available, from the delicateness of 00 Moonlight Saison, right the way through to the more obvious bronze tones of 04 Extreme Saison (above). Choose the depth of sunkissed colour that you’d like to achieve, and then build up your perfect radiance.

How To Wear It
The beauty of this powder is that it’s just as effective when used as an all-over finishing powder as it is a targeted sculptor. Try dusting it all over your face as a finishing touch, and then go back in to define your cheekbones and touch your forehead, nose and chin with extra sun.

Another Way To Glow
Want an even quicker way to achieve that glow? The Givenchy Croisiere Brume Bonne Mine Powder Spray is a bit of a bloggers’ favourite, boosting the complexion with an all-over medium coverage colour that conceals imperfections and blends seamlessly with your skin.



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