The Spring Fragrance Switch

Spring Fragrance

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As we revel in the lighter nights and welcome in the brighter mornings, it’s got me thinking: surely our new routines need a complementary scent to celebrate the start of spring and all of its freshness?Breaker TinyDon’t get me wrong, I’m extremely partial to a warm and cosy oud. But all of this fresh spring air calls for a cool, crisp fragrance. As the radiant spring sun warms and homely evenings are ditched for more sociable gatherings, wouldn’t you agree that some cocktails on the beach seem more appealing than an evening spent around the fire?Breaker TinyIt’s time to move all of the black to the back of our wardrobes and bring out some feel-good colour. Butterfly season is set to fully flourish into something spectacular. Ready yourself – spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to find yourself a new, fresh fragrance.

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Spring Fragrance

If you like sweet fragrances…

You’ll love Carven Le Parfum

More mesmerising than a clear blue sky on a gorgeous spring afternoon, Carven Le Parfum enlightens your senses with a feminine heart of blossoming sweet pea and jasmine. Understated in its presence, this extremely elegant juice captures the exhilarating release of a cool, crisp breeze on a venturesome springtime stroll.Breaker
Spring Fragrance

If you like floral fragrances…

You’ll love Shiseido Ever Bloom

From effortless beauty to exciting encounters, everything that spring brings, Ever Bloom brings its wearer. Graceful and timeless, this particular Shiseido scent evokes a precious aura of sultry springtime fragrance. Its dominant white floral composition has been arranged with the finest spring bloom florets – think gardenia grandeur!Breaker

Spring Fragrance

If you like fresh fragrances…

You’ll love Clean Rain

Picture an evergreen garden meadow accented with the glittering dew from a short spring shower. What do you get? Clean Rain Eau de Parfum. Luminous and inviting, its harmonious blend of melon, daffodil and daisy are sure to lure you over to the sunny side, even if the gloomy rain clouds decide to pay you a visit!Breaker

Spring Fragrance

If you like florential fragrances…

You’ll love 4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom

Sweeter than a harmonious morning tune from a chirpy bird’s tweet, you can almost breathe in the ambiance of an early spring morning spent in the fresh air. 4160 Tuesdays Tokyo Spring Blossom’s seductive blend of sugary rose and violet transport you to a decadent spring picnic with your wicker basket full of raspberry jam donuts and fizzy champagne – yum!Breaker

Spring Fragrance

If you like spicy fragrances…

You’ll love Comme Des Garcons 8

Comme Des Garcons 8 beams with unignorable beauty. Layered with infectious bold and bright nuances, this spicy senorita is just as steamy as a sultry spring fling. Blended with an alluring mix of awakening herbs and spices, tangy tulip takes on a darker edge – it’s the perfect sunshine twist for a lover of deep, aromatic fragrances.Breaker

Spring Fragrance

If you like rose fragrances…

You’ll love Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa

Prettier than golden field of in-bloom daffodils, Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa if perfect for those who love to dabble in new fragrance. Infused with more romance and rose than the original Dolce, Dolce Rosa Excelsa depicts the effortless beauty of spring, intertwined with the joyous ambiance of receiving a booming bouquet of freshly cut flowers.


Over to you!

Which fragrance would you most like to try? I’d love to hear your suggestions too! Comment below with your favourite or tweet me over at @Escentual!


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