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When skin is dehydrated, it becomes a burden. Make-up that used to look fabulous now looks patchy, and your skin is so tight and parched that dehydration lines are beginning to form. Not good.

The annoying thing is, nobody is safe from the perils of dehydration. You can feel its effects at any age, no matter whether your skin is ultra-oily or as dry as the Sahara. But it’s not all bleak news, because there’s a skincare collection that’s perfectly suited to your needs: Caudalie Vinosource.

The best thing about Vinosource is it doesn’t have just one fits-all moisturiser. It has four. Four ultra-quenching formulas to suit four different skin types, each one with a unique texture and finish on the skin. But which of these super-charged grape water based formulas is for you? Caudalie has made it easy, colour coding their formulas from the lightest texture (pale rose) right the way through to the most intense (deep magenta).

Ready to get quenched?


Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet
The Calming Cooler

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet
Best for: Sensitive Skin
Texture: Gel-Cream

Created especially for those with reactive and sensitive skin (but suitable for anyone looking for gentle hydration), the lightest texture in the collection is reserved for the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet. In fact, this texture is so light you could call it barely there, which is so perfect for those with reactivity.

The gel-cream is thin, cooling and seriously quenching, breaking into water as it touches the skin to provide a light layer of moisturising protection. Sensitive types will love the fact that this formula doesn’t burden the complexion with extra weight, which can cause further irritation, but still does fabulous job of keeping skin bouncy and moist. The added benefits of the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet include a very high concentration of organic grape water to continually soothe and keep hydration in check, plus antioxidant grape polyphenols to protect fragile skin against environmental damage.


Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid

The Balancer

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Mattifying Fluid
Best for: Combination Skin
Texture: Fluid

Because combination to oily skin gets dehydrated, too. Vinosource Moisturising Mattifying Fluid is the perfect example of a product that offers the best of both worlds, with hardworking anti-shine ingredients and a lightweight fluid texture that makes skin feel comfortable, not dried out.

The water balance of combination and oily skin can often be out of whack, especially when ultra-drying treatments have been used previously. This oil-free, ultra-fluid formula gets everything back into a good rhythm, keeping excess oil at bay with mattifying flax seed powder, whilst plumping and soothing skin with organic grape seed water. And to top it all off, the finish after using the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid is just dreamy – think velvety soft, cushiony and healthy-looking.


Caudalie Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream

The Comfort Blanket

Caudalie Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream
Best for: Dry Skin
Texture: Cream

As someone with tight, dry skin, this sumptuous cream is my hydration cocktail of choice. The Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream is an excellent formula, finely crafted to suit those whose skin doesn’t do a very good job of preventing moisture loss. It works to both restore the hydrolipidic barrier and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, ensuring hydration is sealed in and the skin becomes better at protecting itself over time.

Even though the cream is of medium richness thanks to an infusion of grape and borage oils, it doesn’t feel heavy or oily in the slightest. Instead, it leaves behind a reassuring veil of dewiness, which looks so radiant and healthy (read: not chalky and tight!). It also makes an incredible base for make-up.


Caudalie Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream

The Emergency SOS

Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream
Best for: Very Dry Skin
Texture: Balmy Cream

And now it’s time for the moisturising big guns. If your skin feels beyond help and is really dry, tight and flaky, or you have patches of intense seasonal dryness, the Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream will be a big, fluffy duvet of plushness for your complexion.

Thanks to its buttery texture crafted from shea butter, borage oil and grape seed oil, the Rescue Cream immediately soothes and makes skin feel more comfortable. Its rich texture is the heaviest of the four Vinosource moisturisers, but it’s not overwhelming. In fact, if your complexion is intensely dry, the thicker cream feels pretty amazing as you massage it into your skin! Its finish is satiny, not oily, and it stays feeling balanced and comfortable all day. When used both day and night, your skin will be back on track in an impressive amount of time.


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