How to Get Happy Hair

How To Get Happy Hair

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If you’ve landed on this blog post then it’s highly likely that you’re unhappy with your hair. Maybe it’s damaged and dry, or perhaps its frizzy and unmanageable? Whatever it is, rest assured there’s a solution and it only takes a little TLC to put things right.

So, whether you’ve neglected your tresses in the past or had no time to pay it attention, now is your chance to right all your wrongs and give your mane the love and attention it deserves. It’s usually one of the first things people notice about you after all!

So, what do you want your hair to say about you? If the answer lies somewhere between glossy, lustrous and healthy then you’re in the right place. Below I’ve compiled a few top tips for revitalising your locks to get you well on your way to happy hair. And guess what? Until the 10th of May they all have 20% off with the code HAIRCARE20! Start practising your hair swish…



DHC Scalp Massage Mask

1) Feed Your Scalp

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, so that’s exactly where I advise we start on our quest to lustrous locks. How can healthy hair grow if your scalp is undernourished? To put it simply, it can’t, so taking steps to a happy scalp means happy hair! If you want to give your scalp an instant re-boot the DHC Scalp Massage Pack is the perfect product to start with. The weekly purifying mask cleanses the scalp with a blend of natural clays and botanical ingredients, removing excess sebum and product, whilst deep cleansing at the roots.

The no-fuss hair mask won’t disrupt your current routine, which is perfect if you just want to give your usual regimen a little pick-me up. To use, massage the rich cream into the scalp and hair after shampooing and leave for 5 minutes (while you shave your legs or exfoliate) and then rinse away. The result? Hair that looks healthy all the way from the roots to ends.




Mason Pearson Brush

2) Pick The Right Brush

Who knew the brush you use would make such an impact on the health of your hair? Well it does! Some brushes tug, pull and break your hair strands, leaving them weak, brittle and sometimes a little worse for wear. The solution? Finding a brush that’s kind to your hair, and designed to work with it, not pull against it.

If you really want to take hair brushing seriously then there is only one brush to do it with. The icon of all hair brushes: the Mason Pearson Popular Bristle/Nylon Brush. An investment hair brush that will stand the test of time, it not only feels truly luxurious to use, its pure bristles also stimulate blood flow to the hair roots and evenly distributes conditioning sebum and essential oils through the lengths. So, if you’ve spent a small fortune on haircare but you’ve seen little to no results then take a little look at your hairbrush. Is it full of hair? Are the bristles bent and tired-looking? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade… your hair deserves it after all.

And let’s not forget about wet hair too! Introducing the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash  to your routine will make brushing tangled hair 100 times easier. Non-slip, stress-free and water-loving you can use the Aqua Splash while you shower to de-tangle and smooth without fear of damage.




Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

3) Refine your Cleansing Routine

If you’re guilty of using whatever shampoo and conditioner you find in the shower, then this step is for you. It’s time to take back control of your cleansing routine and give your hair what it craves, not just what’s on your bathroom shelf. If your hair is feeling dry give it a boost of moisture, if it’s weak treat it with something strengthening, you get the idea! If you want something that’ll give all-round care, then use the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner combo to give your hair a little va-va-voom.

The duo will smooth, volumise, condition, strengthen and polish your stresses, giving your hair a new lease of life. And, if that doesn’t sound enough, the shampoo and conditioner will also repel dirt and oil thanks to a patented Healthy Hair Molecule, keeping hair cleaner for longer. So, no more ‘I can’t, I’m washing my hair tonight’ excuses…



Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

4) Protect, Protect and… Protect

So, if you’ve taken the steps to condition and care for your hair, you don’t want to step outside and take 3 steps back. Sun exposure and environmental aggressors can play havoc with your tresses, from unwanted frizz to fading colour, so its not something to overlook if you’re concerned about the health of your hair. Luckily, there’s a plethora of products to shield of it with, whatever aggressors you’re up against.

A holiday must-have, the Sachajuan Hair in The Sun is a haircare product you never knew you needed, until now. Enriched with Ocean Silk Technology, which improves the hair’s resilience, plus a built-in UV filter, the cream will provide long-lasting protection (even after a bath or showering) and help to prevent colour-fade, dryness and damage.

Even when you’re not exposing your hair to the high intensity of the sun, it’s still important to protect your hair from styling tools and UV rays. Work in the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer to your regime to nourish day-to-day – it’ll also de-tangle and (all importantly) protect your tresses. Just spritz the primer all over damp hair, it’s as easy as that!



Grow Gorgeous Overnight To Gorgeous Hair Masque

5) Treat Yourself

Every now and again we all deserve a little treat, our hair included. To keep it looking and feeling its best, it’s important to indulge in a little pampering every once in a while. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done to fit in a little me-time, so when life gets a little hectic I have just the thing to keep your hair’s health ticking along quite nicely: Grow Gorgeous Overnight To Gorgeous Hair Masque.

If the name hadn’t given it away, the Overnight To Gorgeous mask works while you sleep to hydrate and strengthen with a combination of high and low molecular forms of hyaluronic acid, purified mushroom, tamarind derviatives, Amazonia acai and palm oils. It’s the easiest haircare you’ll have ever used! You just pop the mask all over wet or dry hair, wait until fully absorbed, apply a small amount of heat all-over (to boost the mask’s performance), then sleep and rinse it all off in the morning.


Over to you!

Bad hair days are a common occurrence so never feel alone, comment below or tweet me @EscentualCeryn so I can help you banish your hair blues for good!

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  • Eleanor Pritchard

    I think I might need to change my hair brush! It was quite cheap and definitely fill of bristles – The Mason Pearson brush may be a little out of my price range though…

    • escentual

      Hi Eleanor,

      The hair brush you use can play a huge part in the condition of your hair, so it’s definitely worthwhile investing in a good one (plus, if you keep buying cheaper brushes they soon add up don’t they!). Mason Pearson brushes last for years so maybe pop it on a birthday list, Eleanor? It may be an indulgent gift but they’re so worth it! And in the meantime check out Tangle Teezer brushes, they won’t tug or pull your hair like many other brushes! Ceryn