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2016 is the year of skincare customisation. Although boosting your existing routine with an ad hoc, as-you-need-it product isn’t exactly breaking new ground, it is getting a renewed focus – it’s all about being a little more nimble with your regime and not being afraid to get a bit of extra help every now and again.

GUERLAIN’s new launch My Super Tips will do just that. Designed to supplement your existing routine with targeted care, this collection of five ultra-handy skin treatments is specifically tailored to address your SOS skin concerns, from the pesky blemish that always emerges just before a meeting, to the sallow complexion you earned from your night out. They’re shots of efficient emergency care for your complexion that are the perfect size your your handbag –  in other words, they’re pretty much indispensable.

So, which of the fab five should be making their way into your handbag? Let’s explore the collection…


Guerlain Stop Spot Anti-Blemish Treatment - My Super Tips

The Blemish Banisher

GUERLAIN My Super Tips Stop Spot Anti-Blemish Treatment
Best for: Breakouts, whether frequent or infrequent.
Good to know: If you loved Guerlain Creme Camphrea, this is her souped-up sister

Part concealer, part treatment, and all-round brilliant. Stop Spot is an absolute gem for those who need a quick and easy solution when they’re caught short by a blemish. Its paste-like, opaque texture does a stellar job of camouflaging the tell-tale redness that can make a spot look so much more prominent, and its thicker (but still malleable and workable) consistency really helps to smooth everything out. All the while, naturally astringent camphor tightens pores, takes care of excess oil and reduces the blemish. It’s a one stop shop for on-the-go blemish care – just apply, blend a little, and go.


Guerlain Radiance In A Flash Instant Radiance and Tightening - My Super Tips

The Party Prep

GUERLAIN My Super Tips Radiance in a Flash Instant Radiance & Tightening
Best for: When you need to look brighter, fresher and more luminous – fast.
Good to know: 

My favourite Super Tips superhero? This little tube of magic right here. Radiance in a Flash is exactly my kind of product, working to erase the look of a week’s worth of late nights and other skincare sins to make sure that your complexion looks amazing when you need it most. The first thing you’ll notice after you apply the silky gel is the pearly nacres in shades of rose and gold, which create an instant glow. Next you’ll feel the reviving freshness of the formula as it sinks into skin to plump and smooth. And finally, you’ll start to feel a tautness around your contours as the 3 film forming ingredients provide a mild tightening effect. See? Magic.


Guerlain Midnight Secret Last Night Recovery Treatment - My Super Tips

The Reviver

GUERLAIN My Super Tips Midnight Secret Late Night Recovery Treatment
Best for: When you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.
Good to know: The iconic treatment you know and love has been given a new look.

If Radiance in a Flash is the ultimate pre-party treatment, Midnight Recovery is the ultimate post-party pick-me-up. This luxurious recovery treatment has been helping late nighters wake up to fresher skin for decades; even if you feel stressed or overtired, a night with this cocooning cream mean ensures that your skin won’t show the strain. So, how does it do it? Aside from deeply moisturising your skin and topping up its depleted hydration levels, Midnight Secret works to brighten skin overnight, reduce tell-tale puffiness and improve cellular oxygenation for a much fresher look. It’s a little like 8 hours of sleep in a bottle – in order words, it’s an essential.



Guerlain Super Lips Lip Hero - My Super Tips copy

The Lip Saver

GUERLAIN My Super Tips Super Lips Lip Hero
Best for: Lips that need some TLC.
Good to know: If you loved Guerlain Baume de la Ferte, Lip Hero is for you.

Because everyone needs a lip balm that they can really rely on, Guerlain has included Lip Hero in their all-star My Super Tips lineup. This all-in-one treatment will smooth, hydrate and protect lips with its sumptuous cushiony texture, cocooning skin without feeling heavy or sticky and instead plumping them with essential moisture and care. An added benefit to this luxurious balm is its deliciously juicy shine, which gives lips a radiant gleam when worn alone. If lip colour is more your thing, My Super Lips provides an ideal base for your lipstick, ensuring that your colour is showcased to perfection.



Guerlain Creme SOS Soothing Comfort Balm - My Super Tips

The Rescuer

GUERLAIN My Super Tips Creme SOS Soothing Comfort Balm
Best for: Skin that is dry, chapped and feeling fragile.
Good to know: Creme SOS is another Guerlain favourite that’s been given a brand new look.

And finally, a blanket for when your skin needs some comfort. Creme SOS is a Guerlain classic presented in a new, sleeker guise, offering all of the same fast-action calming care as before in a more portable format. It’s the ideal solution for those who suffer from bouts of reactivity, as its balm-like texture swathes skin in immediate comfort and relieves feelings of tightness. A high concentration of Guerlain’s own Calmtine-S complex plus lily extract work over time to rebuild your skin’s strength, helping your skin to regain its healthy bounce.


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