The Alternative Self Tan: Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

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I bet you came to this post expecting it to be all about a self tanner especially for hands. Am I right? Well, I have something even better. Purveyor of wonderfully hydrating products for hands, Hand Chemistry, is branching out – and they’re taking on a whole-body glow.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil is the sort of innovative, why-hasn’t-this-been-thought-of-before product that its parent company, DECIEM, is really well known for (they’re also responsible for other cult favourites NIOD Photography Fluid and Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age, read about those here and here).

Created in response to a self tan market where DHA reigns supreme (more on that in a bit), Glow Oil presents a viable alternative. It’s the perfect product for those who want to cultivate a gentle glow rather than a full-on tint, with kind-to-skin ingredients and a gorgeous watermelon fragrance to boot.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil is a breath of fresh air in a world of glamazon bronzers – and I think you’re going to love it.


Hand Chemistry Glow Oil Detail

The Need-To-Knows

The DHA Debate
The first thing to know about Glow Oil is that it is completely and utterly free of DHA. Now, DHA (or dihydroxyacetone) probably won’t be ringing any bells for you right now, but it’s something to be aware of. DHA is the ingredient in your favourite self tanning formula that is responsible for your golden glow, reacting with the amino acids in your skin to stain its uppermost layer. The higher the percentage of DHA, the deeper the tanned effect.

Although DHA has been used for decades, it has come under scrutiny of late in conversations about its suitability as an ingredient. There are opinions for and against its integrity – but as yet the jury’s still out. So to cater to those who’d prefer to avoid the ingredient, Hand Chemistry has created their own alternative to DHA: a raspberry-based keto-sugar that develops a gradual golden glow that’s more healthy-looking than bronzed. Think weekend city break rather than tropical getaway.

Instant Radiance
While the keto-sugars get to work building up a natural-looking glow, there are other facets at play that make Glow Oil an essential. Aside from the very fact that it’s an oil – which automatically makes it a dead cert for nourishment, shine and fabulous glowiness in my books –  it also gives skin instantaneous radiance thanks to an infusion of golden prisms.


Hand Chemistry Glow Oil - Ceryn Before and After

The Result

Before shooting the after photo, we thought that the difference between the two photos might be too subtle for the camera to detect. That ultra-gradual build up over the three days of testing had fooled us, though – seeing the result side by side is actually pretty spectacular! Everything from the neck down is all down to the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil (the neck up is the Hylamide Glow Booster, more on that no-DHA facial tan here), and you can see that the result is even and really fresh looking. Alongside giving skin a gentle glow, using the oil every day made Ceryn’s skin much softer and smoother, which has helped the tan to last longer.

So if you’re searching for a fool-proof tan that looks good, feels good and smells pretty good (think watermelon fresh rather than biscuit barrel), then the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil should be top of your wishlist.



Over To You!

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