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Georgina HollidayJust in time for the summer wedding party season, Givenchy presents the Brow Studio: a collection of innovations to frame and shape the perfect arch. Everyone knows that a well-made-up brow can transform your appearance and take your make-up look to new heights. In response, Givenchy created a capsule collection of essential tools that focuses on making that process completely achievable – and in true Givenchy style, completely luxurious.

We caught up with Givenchy’s Regional Makeup Artist, Georgina Holliday, to get a run-down of the exciting Givenchy Brow Studio collection and find out her favourite brow grooming tips and tricks…

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1) What makes Givenchy Brow Studio unique?

I love that Givenchy Brow Studio has everything you need to perfect your brows. There are four products to play with, each with different textures, colours, effects and finishes to customise your results.

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2) What is each Givenchy Brow Studio product best for?

Mister Brow Groom will keep your brows in place with its translucent long lasting formula. As it has no colour it can be used either on its own to naturally groom the hairs into place (great for men too!) or used as a finishing touch after applying a coloured product to secure your brows.

Mister Brow Filler adds structure and colour to your brows as well as taming them. Its quick drying, long lasting formula and its curved brush makes for easy application. Great for creating a natural look with fullness.

Eyebrow Couture is perfect for creating a bold brow. It’s creamy in texture which makes the application glide on but also has a great colour pay off. Best for those wanting intense and sculpted brows.

Eyebrow Pencil will give you definition, structure and shape, it has a powdered formula which is perfect for creating varied results, and it can look soft and subtle or strong and bold depending on application making it great for everyone.

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3) What is your best tip for a natural-looking brow?

My tip would be to use a brush as you apply any eyebrow product. Combing the product through will give a softer more natural look and will help to fill in sparse hairs. Our eyebrow pencils come with a brush on the end!

Also not to stress about making both eyebrows identical as this, in fact, makes them look less natural because nobody’s brows are exactly the same!

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Givenchy Brow Studio - Q and A

4) How can I make my brow hairs stay in place?

Mister Brow Filler and Mister Brow Groom are perfect products to help keep your brows in place. They will tame your hairs but also add shape, definition and structure. Both will give extreme long lasting hold with fast drying application. Mister Brow Groom is translucent and Mister Brow Filler has 3 shades to choose from Blonde to Brunette!

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5) How do I choose the right colour for my brows?

This question gets asked all the time! I don’t think there is a set rule but I would say go for natural soft shades that aren’t too harsh, you want them to look like they belong to you. The colour doesn’t need to match exactly to your head hair so look for the tones which are already in your brows.

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6) Do you have any tips and tricks for creating the perfect brow shape?

1) Take into account your face shape and natural growth pattern of hair – don’t change the shape too much.

2) Do not over pluck your eyebrows as it will reduce your hair growth in the future.

3) Use a concealer around the brows after to highlight and erase mistakes.

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7) What should I avoid doing when styling my brows?

Even if you are dark haired you should avoid using black – this looks too harsh.  Instead go for an ashy toned brown. There should be no harsh points on the arch and the start of the brows shouldn’t be too squared. This can make you look angry and again you should want your eyebrows to look like they belong to you!

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8) Should I highlight the brow bone?

Highlighting the brow bone will make your brows look neater; it will open up your eyes and accentuate the arch in your brow. I think it’s a nice look as long as you don’t go too crazy with shimmer. Even a simple concealer will make a difference; our Mister Light is perfect for this.

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9) How should I style my brows for day and evening?

Throughout the day your eyebrows should look neat yet effortless. Creating a brow for the evening you could use the same product but apply it more intensely or team up a couple of products together e.g. – Eyebrow Couture and Mister Brow Groom or Eyebrow Pencil and Mister Brow Filler for a fuller, more defined effect.

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10) How do I make my brow look last all day?

Using a water proof/resistant product will give you the longest lasting results. Also making sure the area is matte before applying for the people who suffer from an oily skin/t-zone. Sometimes I apply a tiny amount of powder there before I start to shape my brows.

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Over to you!

What’s your biggest brow concern? We’re chatting all about the Givenchy Brow Studio over on Twitter @Escentual!

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