A Sunless Glow 3 Ways

Sunless Glow
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British summer is what I can only describe as fickle. One day there’s a scorching heat wave and the next there’s a torrential downpour that leaves you feeling cold, wet and somewhat cheated. At this rate, the likelihood of a natural sun-kissed glow seems highly unlikely, so I thought it was about time we took matters into our own hands – literally!

If you hadn’t guessed it yet I’m talking about self-tanners. A product that can spark fear in some people, myself included until very recently. But, after a few self-tanning trials I can safely say that they’re not as scary, streaky or orange as I had once thought!

Whether you like a subtle glow or to look as if you’ve been on holiday for two weeks, Escentual’s collection of self-tanners and glow-enhancers has something for everyone. All you need to do is exfoliate, moisturise and add all your favourites to your shopping bag…



 Sunkissed Sheen

Ceryn - Legs Caudalie

I know what you’re thinking – these aren’t your typical fake tans. But, believe me, sometimes giving your skin a slight sheen or shimmer will give your skin all the glow it needs. So, if you’re a self-tan novice and you want to ease yourself in gently, or you’d like to enhance your already tanned skin, these are the ones for you…

Perfect Pins: Caudalie Divine Legs 
When you’re wearing a long sleeve dress there’s little point spending hours perfecting an all-over tan, so, for times like this you can rely on the Caudalie Divine Legs tinted lotion. The illuminating leg tint contains a fusion of grape oils that keep skin moisturised and luminous and natural chicory extract, which gives skin a gorgeous glow. Oh and before I forget, it washes off in the shower –  no more patchy tan!

Golden Glimmer: Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray
Whether you’re on holiday and want to show off your tan or you just want to have a healthy glow, this shimmering oil is a wonderful option. Firstly, it smells divine, as if your summer holiday has been bottled up. And secondly, it contains golden particles, which will make your skin catch the light at every angle. A little tip, spray a little of this on the centre of your legs and arms for a slimming effect.



 Everyday Tan

Ceryn - Hand Chemistry

So, you want a fake tan that makes you look healthy and tanned, but nothing too dramatic – I can completely relate. If your main concerns when it comes to tanning are streakiness and an uneven finish then these easy-to-apply tanners will be the answer to your prayers…

Easy Peasy Oil: Hand Chemistry Glow Oil 

I tried this radiance-enhancing formula a few months ago and fell in love. Why? Because it’s a completely unique tanning experience. It firstly smells quite nice (unlike so many others) and secondly is really easy to apply, despite going on completely transparent. You can read the full review here, along with before and afters that will leave you wanting to buy it, trust me.

The Two In One: La Roche-Posay Autohelios Melt in Self-Tan Gel 
For me personally fake tan was most scary because I have eczema. The last thing I wanted was the colour to cling to any dry patches and draw attention to it. So, a moisturiser/self-tan hybrid with a melt-in formula was just what I needed! A beauty secret that more people need to know about, Autohelios has so many rave reviews on the Escentual site! With customers saying ‘it works beautifully’ and that it delivers an ‘easy beautiful tan’ – and I can completely agree, my skin not only looked amazing, but it felt nourished and comfortable too.


Glow All The Way

Ceryn - Shiseido Tan

Not a gradual tan kind of girl? Then these are the ones for you! Whether you want something a bit more intense for a night out or you’d just like to experience every day with a golden tan, these darker tanning options will be right up your street…

The Tan That Lasts: bareMinerals Faux Tan Body Sunless Tanner
For many people their main bugbear about tanning is the upkeep, so a tan that lasts a few days is at the top of their list. A wonderful option in that instance is the bareMinerals Faux Tan, as it contains a mineral copper complex, which helps to maintain the skin’s bronzed glow for longer. This tan will also be a winner for you if you prefer to see the tan as you apply, its amber-hued liquid making missing parts of your body a thing of the past.

For The Face and Body: Shiseido Brilliant  Bronze Quick Self-Tanning Gel 
If you hadn’t guessed it from the name, this is the ultimate tan for someone that wants something quick and easy. A clear gel that goes on so smoothly, the Shiseido Brilliant  Bronze Quick Self-Tanning Gel feels more like a hydrating treatment than a self-tanner when you first apply, but in no time it develops to a lovely medium tan shade.


Over to you!

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