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When DIOR launches a new collection, everyone stands up and takes notice, myself included. So, when their new Autumn 2016 collection, Skyline, launched on the Escentual site I was there in the blink of an eye. Inspired by iconic structures, which dominate city skylines, this DIOR collection was created with the intention of beckoning attention from every direction, and of course, they’ve done just that.

First, we introduced you to this dreamy collection with all the swatches you could ever wish for in Escentual Emma’s first look, and now we’re putting it to the test. So, whether you need a little inspiration before taking the plunge or just want to see it on, here’s how I’d wear this ultra luxe autumn offering…


Step 1: Correct and Perfect

Dior Skyline Fix It Colour in Yellow

For autumn 2016 DIOR have unveiled a quartet of colour correctors. With a blue, apricot, yellow and green on offer, all your colour correcting dreams can come true!

I opted for the yellow colour corrector to neutralise the blue-tinged dark circles under my eyes (find out what they all do here). I always colour correct before applying my foundation and concealer, it ensures my base is even and any discolouration is neutralised before I get started. I applied the stick directly to my under eyes in a triangle shape and blended it with a sponge. Don’t worry if you think the yellow tone is too intense once blended, you’ll be applying concealer over afterwards. I always find that a touch of yellow under my eyes makes me look more awake, so it’s a must in the mornings!



Step 2: Sculpt

Dior Skyline Contour Stick

Contouring is my thing. I absolutely love the way it adds dimension and structure to my face. So, lucky for me, DIOR have three new Light & Contour Sculpting Sticks this season – and they’re a dream. I opted for the light stick for this look as it’s a little more subtle, but for the evening I’d use the medium shade. The dual-ended sticks have a contour shade on one end and a cream highlighter on the other end, which is perfect for a subtle highlight or to prep for your powder highlighter (which I use next). The formulas are really easy to apply and pretty fool proof.  Just draw on, like shown above and blend out. To blend, I used a damp sponge and lightly dabbed the colour until I’m happy with the transition.



Step 3: Highlight

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 001

The stand-out piece for many in this collection will be the DIOR Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Shimmering Sculpting Powder. Packed with illuminating pigments, this lightweight champagne-toned highlighter is designed to adapt to anyone’s skintone, so it’s fair to say I was itching to test it out.

Unsurprisingly this powder highlight was all that I thought it would be, subtle enough for everyday but pigmented enough to appease my highligher-loving heart! My complexion looked healthy and radiant and if I do say so myself, my cheekbones looked great!



Step 4: Define the Eyes

Dior 5 Couleurs Skyline Palette Parisian Sky

I’ve always had a soft spot for DIOR eyeshadow compacts, and this season they’ve done it again with two Parisian inspired colourways. For this look I chose 506 Parisian Sky, an assortment of brown, beige and turquoise tones that create a brown smokey eye with a twist.

First, I mixed the beige and taupe shade and applied throughout my crease, blending up towards my brow bow. Next, I dampened a brush and applied the turqiouse shade to the centre of my lid and inner corner. To finish, I darkened the outer corner and lower lash-line with the chocolate colour to add intensity to the look.



Step 5: Build Rich Colour

Dior Skyline Lipstick 777 Sensational

I know what you’re thinking, pink doesn’t really scream autumn. But, there’s something about 777 Sensational that made me weak at the knees! It turns what could be quite a neutral makeup look into something a bit more fun and exciting. Sparkling with a fine silver shimmer throughout, this fushia glossy lip colour rounds this look off perfectly. For those that want a more ‘traditional’ lip colour for autumn though, DIOR have you covered with 927 Sophisticated, a cool toned red-brown and 951 Too Much, a blue-toned red – you can always count on DIOR!



The Finished Look

DIOR Skyline

So here’s the final result! A subtle makeup look that adds structure to the face, eyes and lips in an effortless and elegant way. Each product sits beautifully on the skin and can be worn as intense or as subtle as you like, which is precisely why I love the entire line-up.


Over to you!

What do you think of DIOR’s 2016 Autumn Makeup Collection? Which piece do you have your eye on? Comment below or tweet me @EscentualCeryn!

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  • I know you’ve not shown it here but that nail shade! That is my perfect type of shade for autumn x

    • escentual

      It’s so lovely isn’t it? If I’m honest I love to wear this kind of shade all year around, it looks so chic and makes your nails look beautiful and put together. So, I was definitely overjoyed when I saw this shade Skyline in the collection! Ceryn