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Autumn Fragrance Switch

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Writing autumn in the title of this post filled me with a burst of excitement. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for thicker clothes, colder weather and of course, autumnal fragrances!

And despite my love for the sweet, fruity scents of spring/summer, I am well and truly ready for the warm, sensual tones of autumn. I’ll be the first to admit that autumnal fragrances aren’t my usual go-to, but this year I’m determined to find a scent for the season – are you with me?

So, what do you do when you want a fragrance recommendation you can trust? You call in the big guns! I have asked some of my most trusted perfumistas to share their favourite autumn fragrances, and boy did they pick well! Prepare to fall head over heels into autumn, who knows you may even find a new signature…



Pia - Serge Lutens

Pia Long

Pia Long, Co-Director of Olfiction.com

Having worked in nearly all areas of the perfume industry, Pia is a fountain of fragrance knowledge.

The overdose of woody notes, cut with a plum accord was revolutionary at the time and Féminité du Bois from Serge Lutens is still a unique scent that you’ll recognise anywhere. I seem to start wearing it from September onwards and it sits so well on that line of late summer, moving into autumn. You can easily conjure mental images of leaves turning and baked apples; the spice never gets overwhelming like in some scents and the woods are soft, wearable and smooth, not jarring or smoky. This fragrance has wonderful clarity and elegance without being austere; it has hints of spice and fruit without being banal – it’s definitely worth wearing at least once for the experience.



Emma - Zadig & Voltaire

Emma Leslie

Emma, Escentual.com Editor 

A fragrance expert in her own right, Emma has worked with fragrance for over 10 years!

Autumn is my jam. It’s just the best time of year for lovers of fragrance, seeing the bulk of the year’s new launches (I like to call it fragrance’s Oscar season) and a richer and more sumptuous olfactory mood. My most-worn scent of the season so far is actually something brand new: Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her!. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the monochrome, modern aesthetic of the fragrance bottle would house an equally as minimalist fragrance. I thought so, too, and I was convinced that it wouldn’t be for me. I really couldn’t have been more wrong. The chestnut, jasmine and vanilla tones of This Is Her! is exactly what I crave from an autumn scent: plenty of gourmand decadence crafted with a lightness of hand. It’s such an enveloping scent, with a delicious nutty creaminess that’s like nothing I’ve worn before. Prepare to be stopped in the street with this one – it’s just that good.



Thomas - Guerlain

Thomas Dunckley, The Candy Perfume Boy

Thomas Dunckley, Creator of The Candy Perfume Boy  

A two time Jasmine Award Winner, Thomas is what I like to call a perfume poet – he knows his stuff and says it in the most beautiful way.

Autumn is the best time of year.  After the exhausting party that is summer the world changes colour, moving from vivid greens and blues to melancholic oranges and browns.  During this time we seek solace in nature’s warmth of colour.  It’s also a good opportunity to rock some fall couture, you know furs (faux, obv.) and knits, the chunkier the better.  So in terms of an autumnal fragrance, one wants a touch of warmth and a heavy dose of glamour.  For both these things one must look to Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit.  This narcissus-heavy oriental is as warm as a mink wrap and as glamorous as a Hollywood siren.  Filled with beautiful flowers, commanding galbanum and a vanilla-soaked chypre base, this fragrance can only be described as a relic from the golden age.  In essence, if you could bottle Marilyn Monroe wearing a fur coat and smoking a long cigarette, this would be it.  Oh and the Pure Parfum is housed within the world’s most beautiful perfume bottle: fact.



Chelsey - Thierry Mugler

Chelsey Edmunds

Chelsey, Escentual.com Social Assistant

Escentual’s social girl, Chelsey always knows which fragrances are taking the internet by storm!

Being a pumpkin season baby, I naturally come alive in the darker nights. Give me a mocha-stained lip, a strong AW16 boot, and a rich, dominant scent and I’m in my element! Hence why this Autumn’s fragrance pick is Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane. Wait, I know what you’re thinking, Pure Havane is actually a men’s fragrance. However, we all know that opposites attract! Seriously, Pure Havane’s cherry coke vibe is the most flattering winter coat you’ll wear this season. Filled with some of autumn’s most desired pleasures, its bitter cocoa heart and cosy amber base get me every time – You have to try this!



Over to you!

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