The New Fragrances To Know About

The New Fragrances to Know About

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Sound the klaxon – it’s officially the best time of year for new fragrance launches! Whether you’re looking for a new scented signature to see in the new season, or you’re keeping an eye out for new fragrances to add to your Christmas wishlist (how prepared are you?), you’ll feel like a kid in a sweet shop this month. There’s a lot to be excited about!

But with so many new fragrances hitting the site every day, it can be tough to keep up. That’s where this guide comes in – we’ve condensed the most hyped fragrance launches of the season into a handy edit.

Here are the new fragrances to know about – the next time your friends ask you ‘what’s that you’re wearing?’, you’ll be well ahead of the curve…


For Her - The New Fragrance To Know About

For Her

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her
The feminine counterpart to last year’s runaway success for him, Boss The Scent, Boss The Scent For Her is a fruity floral fantasy with a sophisticated edge. The balance of notes is beautiful, from the honeyed peach in the opening through to the exotic osmanthus heart, before finishing with a flourish of creamy roasted cocoa. It’s completely enthralling.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum
Talk about a scent for golden goddesses! Everything about Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum feels precious, from its gold-flecked bottle to its incredible juice. Its sun-dappled notes of mimosa, jasmine and sandalwood make this the most radiant Dahlia Divin fragrance yet. Some fragrances you spray liberally, and others you savour every last drop. This is the latter.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
Deep Euphoria is a cool girl’s dream fragrance. It’s sensuous blend of white pepper, black rose and musk is feminine without being overly sweet, and sexy in an understated sort of way. This one wears closer to the skin than others on the list – it’s the sort of fragrance that leaves an intriguing glimmer of scent after you’ve left the room, rather than announcing your presence before you’ve walked into it.

Burberry My Burberry Black
Boy, I love this fragrance. Whereas the original My Burberry fragrance is a polite floral ditty, My Burberry Black is wilder, darker and altogether more alluring. Inspired by a London storm, jasmine meets candied rose and peach nectar in a mouthwatering frisson (I also get notes of blackcurrant and geranium). It’s a powerful and distinctive combination, and a statement scent in the best possible way.

Michael Kors Wonderlust
Summer baby at heart? The latest scent from Michael Kors, Wonderlust, is the scent for you. Its sundrenched notes create a laidback, exotic feel that is so fun to wear whilst still feeling chic and grown-up. It’s a more sophisticated take on an escapist scent – think glamorous, oversized white flowers, sultry woods and a dash of almond milk. Heaven.


For Him

Cartier L’Envol
This is the premium masculine fragrance to keep an eye on this season. L’Envol is Cartier’s first masculine pillar in years, and the result is well worth the wait. A tribute to the spirit of adventure, L’Envol’s juice is a magnetic, sensual voyage accented by notes of musk and guaiac wood, with a golden thread of honey. Its refined juice makes it the sort of scent to wear when you need to make a good impression.

Valentino Uomo Intense
Valentino has upped the ante on their statement men’s fragrance Uomo with this deeper, richer version – and the result is spectacular. Valentino Uomo Intense takes a provocative trip with three powerhouse ingredients: the rich powderiness of iris, the sensuous creaminess of tonka bean, and the tactility of black leather. This one is a lesson in seduction.

Diesel Bad
You’ve probably already come across Boyd Holbrook in the sultry Diesel Bad adverts – it’s billed as the biggest masculine fragrance launch of the year, after all. So how does it smell? Warm tobacco, cool lavender and an almost-metallic caviar note come together to create an intriguing clash of scent. It’s a versatile fragrance to have in your stash that will easily take you from office to bar.

Versace Dylan Blue
If deep scents aren’t really your thing, try this modern aquatic fougere on for size. Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue is the freshest of the new fragrances, with an aromatic signature that brings together grapefruit, black pepper, violet. Its freshness isn’t linear, though – it’s deep and sensual, with an intense base of musk and tonka bean. It’s an ideal scent for everyday wear.

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo
In the market for a masculine gourmand? This new fragrance from Salvatore Ferragamo is centred around a completely decadent tiramisu accord – it’s serious addictive. Added orange blossom gives voluptuousness, while a duo of woods and a dash of tonka bean in the base add seductive, creamy warmth. This is one to wear when you want to beckon others closer.


For Them - The New Fragrance To Know About

For Them

Calvin Klein CK Gold
The resurgence of Calvin Klein as a designer brand of gender-free, youthful edginess is captured in this new fragrance. CK Gold is everything a millennial could want in a scent: a bottle that was just made for Snapchat, an ultra-cool campaign and an inviting, carefree fragrance that can be worn by him or by her. Its golden aroma of fig, jasmine and guaiac wood is perfect for sharing.

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! and This Is Him!
Zadig & Voltaire is a Parisian fashion house known for their rebellious, casual luxury. Their new fragrances really capture this vibe, presenting a duo of scents that would be just as fitting having dinner with friends as they would front row at fashion week. This Is Her! is a cuddly, sensuous blend of gourmand chestnut with jasmine, while This Is Him! dirties up its grapefruit and vanilla blend with a dose of incense.

Prada La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada
If there were an award for the most luminous fragrance of the new season, it would go to La Femme Prada. This smooth, statuesque floral scent marries elegant tradition with a touch of the unexpected, with exotic notes of frangipani, ylang ylang and vanilla. For him, things like a cool, fougere tone in L’Homme Prada, an arresting blend of powdery iris, earthy patchouli and amber.


Over to you!

Which of the new fragrances are piquing your fancy?

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