Does Your Skincare Suit The Season?

Change Skincare For The Season

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Autumn may mean darker nights, cooler weather and the return of pumpkin spice lattes, but there’s one other big change that’s happening and it’s right in front of your face (literally). Yes, you guessed it, your skin is changing and so your skincare needs a little shake up!

The lack of humidity in the autumn air will leave skin feeling drier, and that paired with the after effects of the sunshine and chlorine of summer can leave the skin in need of some extra TLC. I know the thought of changing the skincare you’ve known and loved for the last few months can appear a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be – these changes will make the world of difference to how your skin deals with the change in season.

The secret to healthy, happy skin all year around? Having the right products at the right time, so before you dash off into hibernation, here are a few things to consider…


Barefoot SOS - Skincare

Think Texture

It goes without saying that the autumn weather will take a toll on the texture of your skin. As the seasons change your skin will go into a period of adjustment, so don’t be concerned if your oily skin becomes a little drier. As the autumn weather is a little fickle it’s important to work with your skin, adapting your skincare to what you need then and there.

If you’re feeling a little dry, opt for a moisturiser with a richer consistency like the Barefoot SOS Dry + Sensitive Face & Body Rescue Cream. A must-have for uncomfortable skin, the Rescue Cream is packed full of the highest quality botanical extracts, pure natural moisturisers and the finest essential oils.


Nuxe Reve de Miel - Skincare

Think Lips

Dry lips are the bane of my life, so I am a bit of a whizz-kid when it comes to lip balms. During autumn I step up my lip care and always keep a lip product close to hand.

There are two that I cannot live without and always recommend. Firsly, the Nuxe Reve de Miel, which I use on a daily basis to soothe and nourish my lips. With 1 sold every 28 seconds around the world I am not the only person in love with its nourishing powers. Packed with natural ingredients including honey, plant oils and shea butter, the lip balm feels great under lip products, so if you’re a matte lip lover that suffers with dry lips then this is a must have for you.

Secondly, the lip lifesaver that is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I use this every evening as a lip treatment and it helps keep my lips calm, soothed and super soft. If your suffering with dry lips and have not yet tried the miracle worker that is 8-hour then what are you waiting for, it’s my desert island product 1000 times over.


Crabtree Hand Therapy - Skincare

Think Hands

Dry, cracked hands can be very comfortable, take it from someone who knows! Having suffered with Eczema on my hands since I was 11 I know how important it is to care for your hands as the weather changes, and all you need is a little hand cream.

If you really want to be set for autumn/winter then there’s only one option – the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Gift Set. This hand cream set is always flying off the Escentual shelves and quite rightly so as it comprises of 6 ultra-moisturising hand creams (with 6 individual scents) for £11! Whether you decide to keep all six for yourself (one for your desk, handbag..) or give them as gifts, I can guarantee this will be a purchase you won’t regret.


Shiseido Ultimune- Skincare

Think Energy

Does anyone else find it so much harder to wake up in the morning during autumn/winter, because I do. It’s easy to feel zapped of energy when the morning and evenings are dark and dreary but your skin need not reflect that. Adding skin-boosting products to your regime will give your skin the revitalisation it needs to stay looking healthy and radiant as your environment changes.

The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate ticks all of these boxes and more. The Boosting complex is for everyone, whatever your skin type and it has a multi-defensive effect on signs of ageing, environmental factors and stress – talk about all-in-one! If you’re looking for something to breathe life into your complexion and continue your summer glow in an easy to maintain way, this is it.


Over to you!

How will you be adapting your skincare for the season? Tweet me @EscentualCeryn or comment below!


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