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Lipstick lovers, rejoice. The iconic Dior Rouge lipstick has been revolutionised!

This month sees the relaunch of Dior’s emblematic lipstick collection, Dior Rouge, including a new formula, a new look and 37 brand new shades. Comprised of 25 comfortable satin textures and 12 statement mattes, and ranging from barely-there nudes to navy blue, it’s Dior’s most adventurous lipstick launch yet. So, being the beauty explorers that we are, we wanted to swatch every last shade. Naturally.

Dior Rouge Lipstick

The boosted lipstick formula is packed with new innovation to ensure optimum hold that makes the most of the incredible pigment. Its mango butter base is rich and comfortable, with the addition of revitalising aroleat samphira, Decox to provide a volume effect, and hyaluronic acid spheres to plump and smooth lips. It’s your best lip look yet.

Eager to see what the shades look like? Wait no longer – it’s time immerse yourself in the world of Dior Rouge….



The Satin Collection

A complete lipstick wardrobe

Dior Rouge Lipstick in 028 Actrice - 047 Miss - 060 Premiere - 080 Red Smile - 219 Rose Montaigne - 268 Hasard

029 Actrice A pretty coral pink to add vibrancy to your complexion no matter the season.
047 Miss Cool fuchsia pink inspired by the everlasting romance of the Miss Dior fragrance.
060 Premiere A neutral, blushing pink with a subtle golden shift that’s full of sophistication.
080 Red Smile A luminous cherry red from 1959 worn by Natalie Portman in the campaign.
219 Rose Montaigne An understated pinked beige to add depth to a pared-back look.
268 Hasard A warm nude pink that is ideal for those who like a rosier nude lip.


Dior Rouge in 277 Osee - 343 Panarea - 365 New World - 414 Saint Germain - 434 Promenade - 458 Paris
277 Osee This rose pink is cooler than cool with its blue undertone and pretty silver shift.
343 Panarea An ultra-pretty peachy coral that gives a pop of delicious colour.
365 New World This warm peachy nude is ideal for those looking for a deeper nude shade.
414 Saint Germain A chic rosewood brown that will go with everything.
434 Promenade This wearable brown has a warm undertone.
458 Paris A browned berry shade that will elevate your day-to-day look.


Dior Rouge in 520 Feel Good - 642 Ready - 645 Stand Out - 644 ydney - 663 Desir - 678 Culte copy

520 Feel Good Bright, hot pink for moments when you want to feel really good.
642 Ready A warmer, rosier take on coral.
643 Stand Out This statement orange is bright, beautiful and so much fun to wear.
644 Sydney A deep, neutral-toned berry red with a touch of pink.
663 Desir Muted red brown for those with a warmer tone who don’t want to go ‘full red’.
678 Culte This pinked red is ideal for cooler tones who want to go ‘full red’.


Dior Rouge in 683 Rendez-vous - 743 Rouge Zinnia - 766 Rose Harpers - 775 Darling - 844 Trafalgar - 872 Victoire - 999 copy
683 Rendez-vous This suits-all rosy brown is perfect for autumn.
743 Rouge Zinnia Tempting bitten red that looks incredible whether worn bold or blotted.
766 Rose Harpers A blue-toned dark pink that complements cooler tones.
775 Darling A warmed-up dark pink that looks beautiful on neutral or warm tones.
844 Trafalgar Traffic-stopping, juicy orange-toned red
872 Victoire This sweet raspberry red is deep and perfectly flattering.
999 Dior’s classic red: not too warm, and not too cool



The Matte Collection

A bold, uncompromising finish

Dior Rouge in 207 Montaigne Matte - 602 Visionary Matte - 634 Strong Matte - 652 Euphoric Matte - 771 Radiant Matte - 772 Classic Matte copy

207 Montaigne Matte A futuristic grey hue for the adventurous lipstick lover.
602 Visionary Matte This velvety blue is as deep and dark as midnight.
634 Strong Matte Strong by name, strong by nature! A bold tomato red.
652 Euphoric Matte An escapist coral pink that glows with vibrancy.
771 Radiant Matte This rich, gorgeous hot pink exudes a feel-good attitude.
772 Classic Matte A completely on-trend rosy brown. An Escentual favourite.


Dior Rouge in 787 Exuberant Matte - 789 Superstitious Matte - 897 Mysterious Matte - 962 Poison Matte - 964 Ambitious Matte - 999 Matte

787 Exuberant Matte Fresh, velvety and cool magenta pink.
789 Superstitious Matte A wonderfully vivid purple for times when only the boldest lip will do.
897 Mysterious Matte A more wearable take on magenta pink with a warm undertone.
962 Poison Matte This tempting bruised purple is utterly vampish.
964 Ambitious Matte The perfect oxblood red that looks like velvet.
999 Matte A matte version of the classic Dior red, 999. A true knock-out shade.


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  • Barbara Tagarroso

    there might be a mistake with the shade classic matte 772. the shade of that lipstick is actually a rosy nude and not a Brown red.

    • escentual

      Hi Barbara, thanks for this! We’ve amended the copy to rosy brown as it’s quite a deep shade.