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Is there anything more instantly uplifting than a red lipstick? I’m not talking fire engine red – unless that’s your style, of course (I’m a fan!). I’m talking about all shades on the rouge spectrum, from the brightest of scarlets to understated nude-red. They’re the sort of hues that will energise you by enhancing the rosiness in your cheeks and just making you feel all-round wonderful.

With this in mind, the beauty masterminds at Shiseido set out to create the ultimate red lipstick wardrobe so that every woman can have their feel-good moment, even if they’re a little scared of statement colour. The new collection of creamy, moisturising shades is called Rouge Rouge, and it’s set to change the way that you think about lipstick.

Because you truly, truly can rock a red – you just haven’t found the right one yet!

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipsticks



How To Find Your Perfect Red

Don’t be scared of the power shade!

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Finding your perfect red is easier than you think. First things first: you need to decide just how bold you’d like to go. The Shiseido Rouge Rouge collection includes all sorts of reds, from the seductive crimson of RD501 Ruby Copper, right the way through to the barely-there nude-red of RD713 Hushed Tones. So even if you’re terrified at the prospect of wearing red, there’ll be a complexion-enhancing hint of the power shade that will be firmly in your comfort zone. Promise.

After you’ve decided the depth, it’s time to think of your undertone. Are you cool, neutral or warm? Acknowledging your undertone means that your lipstick choice will complement your natural colouring, rather than fight against it. One of the quickest ways to find out our undertone is by looking at the underside of your wrist. If your veins are blue, you’re most likely cool-toned. Green equals warm-toned, and a mix of the two indicates that you’re neutral. If you’re unsure, stick to neutral-toned lipsticks, they’re always a safe bet!

Finally, it’s time to think occasion. When would you like to wear your red? If you’re looking for something more versatile for day-to-night wear, look at shades with brown or pink in them. If you’re looking for a statement shade, head straight to the oranges and more intense reds!

Let’s delve into Shiseido Rouge Rouge and see what it has to offer…



The Shiseido Rouge Rouge Shades

A glorious spectrum of 12 perfect reds

Shiseido Rouge Rouge RD305 Murrey - RD306 Liaison - RD307 First Bite - RD308 Toffee Apple

RD305 Murrey – A sweet reddened medium pink (neutral)
RD306 Liaison – Muted pink-red with an orange tone (warm)
RD307 First Bite – A burnt orange red (warm)
RD308 Toffee Apple – A deeper, warmer red (warm)


Shiseido Rouge Rouge in RD309 Coral Shore - RD310 Burning Up - RD311 Crime of Passion - RD213 Poppy

RD309 Coral Shore – Delicate, warmed-up coral (warm)
RD310 Burning Up – Deep pink (neutral)
RD311 Crime of Passion – Reddish coral (neutral)
RD213 Poppy – Blue-toned pink red (cool)


Shiseido Rouge Rouge RD501 Ruby Copper - RD502 Real Ruby - RD503 Bloodstone - RD504 Rouge Rum Punch

RD501 Ruby Copper – Vivid, warm wine red (warm)
RD502 Real Ruby – A copper-toned red with a brown tone (warm)
RD503 Bloodstone – An intense, rich reddened brown (warm)
RD504 Rouge Rum Punch – An intense brown-red violet (cool)


Shiseido Rouge Rouge in RD713 Hushed Tones - RD714 Sweet Desire - RD715 Rose Crush - RD716 Red Queen

RD713 Hushed Tones – A versatile nude-red (neutral)
RD714 Sweet Desire – Muted browned rose (cool)
RD715 Rose Crush – Rich rosy brown (warm)
RD716 Red Queen – Rich browned red (neutral)



Over To You!

Did you find your perfect shade of Shiseido Rouge Rouge? If you’re still unsure, Tweet @Escentual and we’ll match you up!

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