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Pregnant ladies, you should feel so proud of the changes that your body is going through to support your little one. Your shape will completely change during these nine months, and you may come out of the other side looking and feeling completely different – but that’s okay. And if you’d like a little support to keep your body feeling comfortable and your confidence buoyant? Well, that’s more than okay, too.

There’s no denying that there can be a few beauty bumps on the road to meeting your baby: swollen legs, reduced elasticity and stretch marks are a few of the most lamented. If you’re searching for a skincare buddy to see you through the worst of it, Mustela is here to help.

Mustela Maternite is a collection that cares for the skin of mums-to-be from top to toe, offering everything you need to support skin through these major changes. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a pregnancy beauty dilemma, look no further. Here’s your skincare SOS…



1) The Anti-Stretch Mark Routine

Ah, stretch marks. Both the scourge and the badge of honour of the pregnant woman. With such rapid growth going on, it’s entirely likely that stretch marks will make an appearance on your body. Sure, there are some ladies who’ll have barely a mark. But there are many, many others who will gain a fair few during the nine months, so try not to feel bad if you have stretch marks – they’re a sign that your body is doing everything it can to accommodate your baby and that’s a beautiful thing! If you’d like to avoid them, there are plenty of options to minimise their appearance both before and after they emerge.

Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the skin, the dermis, stretches beyond its capabilities. This results in a tear that’s visible through the top layer of your skin. Prevention comes in the form of two similar products with entirely different textures: the Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Prevention Cream, and the Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Prevention Oil.  Both of these products aim to infuse your skin with the strength, flexibility and suppleness needed to resist this overstretching, aiming to keep your skin intact with an elasticity-promoting ingredient called galactoarabinan. Opt for a cream if you prefer a velvety finish, or go for the oil if you prefer nourishing, penetrating care.

So, what do you do if stretch marks have already made an appearance? Unfortunately, once a stretch mark occurs there’s no undoing the tear. You can make them less visible, though – and that’s where the Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Recovery Serum comes in. Its clever formula works to fade the colour of your marks and replenish the skin so that marks appear smoother and more even. Don’t use this to fade your Caesarean scar, though – this is for stretch marks only!

The need-to-knows (all products): No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S.



2) Firm Your Bust

Many people report that one of the earliest pregnancy ‘tells’ is a sensitive, heavy bust. While this might be a welcome change for some (the volume of your breasts really does become quite magnificent as pregnancy progresses!), it can mean major discomfort for many women, which continues well into breastfeeding. Another niggle: as the volume decreases after pregnancy/breastfeeding, your skin may have lost some of its former resilience. That’s why Mustela have developed the Maternite Bust Firming Serum – it aims to tone and tighten skin, while providing adequate support during these changes.

The serum has a dual effect. The first step is a tensing and toning action, which improves elasticity and discourages excess sagging. The second is an infusion of moisturising avocado peptides to keep skin feeling comfortable and soothed (in other words, it feels like utter bliss). The clever bods at Mustela have also ensured that the formula is completely safe to use during breastfeeding, so you can experience uninterrupted care throughout.

The need-to-knows: Hypoallergenic. No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S.



3) Lighten The Load on Your Legs

So, you may not have seen your feet in a while thanks to your gorgeous bump, but that doesn’t mean that your legs aren’t making their feelings known. In the latter stages of pregnancy it’s likely that they’re getting tired, sore and a little puffy, which can be due to water retention or the strain of added weight. Sure, you could just rest up – but we all know that isn’t always possible! For moments when you just need some instant cooling and soothing care, Mustela has a superb alternative: the Maternite Light Legs Gel.

Non-sticky, ultra-light and really comfortable to wear, this gel has a refreshing texture that feels instantly fresh upon application thanks to an infusion of menthol. Aside from cooling the skin, it also promotes better circulation and looser muscles thanks to its massage-inspired application method. And the cherry on top? It’ll make your legs feel pretty darn soft and smooth. Keep this one in the fridge for icy freshness on tap.

The need-to-knows: Hypoallergenic. No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S.



4) Your Daily Dose of Hydration

There’s one thing that’s completely guaranteed with every pregnancy: your body will be going through some awesome changes. You’ll be gaining curves where there were none before, and your skin will be stretching to try and accommodate for this major change. As it stretches more and more tightly it can start to become uncomfortable and itchy – and you may notice that unexpected areas of your body such as your back and thighs are the worst culprits. The answer (aside from investing in a backscratcher)? Reach for a really, really good hydrator.

It’s important to keep your hydration levels topped up so that your skin is better able to cope with all of these changes, as skin that is better hydrated is more resilient and malleable. The Mustela Maternite Soothing Moisturizing Balm is a fantastic all-round choice. Its rich and compensating texture is nirvana for overworked skin, with an instantly soothing feel that helps to relieve sensations of tightness. It’s recommended for use right from the moment you discover you’re pregnant all the way through to after your little one arrives, so you can rely on it to support your body through its many changes.

The need-to-knows: Hypoallergenic. No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S.



5) Post-Baby Care

And finally, something to care for the body post-partum. Specifically created to give support to the bodies of newly-minted mums, the Mustela Maternite Body Firming Gel concentrates on toning your skin and improving its elasticity as it begins to adjust to life after pregnancy. It does this with a rich infusion of centella asiatica, which does a heck of a job with firming, whilst sophora japonica works to smooth the contours of your body.

When used in conjunction with healthy eating and light exercise, the firming gel can help your skin to recover from the stresses and stretching of pregnancy nicely when used for at least a month. It has a cool ‘palpate and roll’ technique that maximises its effectiveness, which works to stimulate your skin and help to promote and reinforce its elasticity. Ladies who’ve had a caesarian: you’ll need to avoid using the firming gel on or around your scar for at least 3 weeks after your operation.

The need-to-knows: Hypoallergenic. No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S.


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