What To Wear On Christmas Day


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Every single morning I face the same dilemma: what scent should I wear?  It’s a question that may seem unimportant or even superficial in such a troubled and difficult world, but the truth is that the enjoyment a scent can bring much-needed comfort and often a sense of joy that helps one get through the day.  So every morning I stand in front of many scents and ponder what to wear.  What do I want to be today, I ask myself.  Do I want to be a warrior of smoke and oud, or do I want to channel ethereal spectres in a luminous floral?  Or do I just want to be a tween for the day in a unapologetically sweet fruity floral?  Whatever I chose, my scent will be my companion for the day – my costume.

Now Christmas Day presents another scented crisis because one tends to feel that they have to wear something seasonally-appropriate or something rather special. Sure, you may be rocking your favourite onesie, but even when you’re dressed down there’s no harm in dressing up scent-wise.  Nearly every Christmas without fail I spritz on a generous helping of Shalimar because it feels suitably opulent and comforting.  In this piece, I’ve put together a list of scents that are perfect for Christmas Day – some are inspired by the season itself whilst others take olfactory cues from the many festivities and traditions we celebrate.  All smell might good.



The Obligatory Orange

One tradition of Christmas is the satsuma.  Let’s face it, we’d all be a little bit disappointed to wake up on the big day and not find a perky little satsuma stuffed into the foot of our stocking, now wouldn’t we?  When I think of any fruit that even remotely resembles an orange I think Etat Libre d’Orange, the rebellious niche brand that offers two Christmas-inspired scents amongst their museum of pornography, curiosities and monstrosities.  Surprisingly, these two are decidedly tame by Etat Libre d’Orange standards!

The first is Divin Enfant, a cuddle blend of refreshing orange blossom and snuggly baby powder that pays homage to the most famous of babies.  Divin Enfant makes for an understated effort that shines with the sheer quality of its materials.  The other scent is Noel au Balcon, a scent that tells the tale of a romantic Christmas encounter on a wintry balcony and the material it uses; tangerine, honey and rich woods, are delicious and comforting enough to warm the heart of the Scroogeiest of people!



Breakfast Bon Bon

I don’t know about you but one of my Christmas traditions is Quality Street for breakfast.  Now, don’t judge me, as this never really sets out as an intentional exercise, but as one gets up early to open presents, breakfast is usually the last thing on the mind so it’s simply easier to reach for the multi-coloured foil wrappers of Christmas chocolates than it is to whip up a bowl of Nesquik.  As I said, don’t judge me…

One scent that could nicely compliment the excess of sweet treats on Christmas day is BONBON by Viktor & Rolf.  This scent is as sweet as it gets.  It drips with caramel and vanilla, but also boasts a shimmering opening of freshly squeezed fruits.  Sure, it’s on the excessive side (if you don’t like your scents sweet, this one is not for you) but that’s what exactly what makes BONBON so wonderful – its sense of reckless abandon and fun.  In short, BONBON is the perfect complement to the ideal Christmas breakfast: an entire tub of Quality Street.



Booze it Up

What’s your Christmas tipple?  I’m partial to a bit of bourbon myself and maybe a glass (or two) of red, or even some Champagne if the mood strikes, in addition, perhaps, to a cheeky G&T.  Remember that thing I said about not judging me?   Anyway, moving on!  Christmas Day is a day for celebrating and what better way to celebrate with a dash of your favourite alcohol, in scented form, of course?  So why not spritz on a spritzer of some sort for some extra Christmas sparkle.

For those that like a much need glass of bubbly with their Christmas dinner I’d recommend a dazzling bottle of Yvresse by YSL.  Originally called Champagne, this peachy fizz of a scent is fruity, light and sparkling, just like a tall glass of Prosecco with a dash of Chambord liqueur for good measure.  Yvresse is a delicious cocktail that is fun and juicy, but if you’re into something a bit richer and deeper, I’d recommend a slug of Thierry Mugler’s A*Men Pure Malt on the rocks.  Pure Malt takes the chocolate patchouli signature of A*Men and warms it up with sweet, cherry tones and hints of woody oak – it’s perfect for relaxing by the fire in your favourite/dodgiest Christmas jumper.  Whichever you choose, just make sure you wear both responsibly.


Over to You!

So what’s it going to be; something satsuma-tastic, a deliciously excessive bon bon or a slug of something for the soul?  Or perhaps it’ll be something else completely!  Let me know in the comments box below. As for me?  Well, I’ll probably end up in Shalimar – tradition is tradition, after all!

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