How To Cocktail Your Perfect Massage

Cocktail Your Way To A Perfect Massage with Tisserand

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In case you haven’t heard, staying in is the new going out. With Valentine’s Day being on a Tuesday this year. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together indoors. Why not try something new?

Maybe you’re one for romance, or perhaps you’d rather not get involved with the gimmicks that come along with February 14th. Whatever your preference, I know of a fun idea to get you both giggling and having a good time come, Valentine’s Day.

From setting a libido-boosting scene, to mastering the art of a relaxation, here is exactly what you need to do when cocktailing the perfect massage for your partner. Let’s get to it…


Tisserand Pure Essential Oil - Cocktail Your Way To A Perfect Massage

Step 1 – Scent The Scene

Research shows that smell is one of our most powerful senses when linked to creating memories and emotions, so if you’re looking to create a specific ambience for the evening, here’re my favourite ways to scent the scene…

1) Swirl a mood-boosting essential oil into a hot bath
2) Vaporise a romance enhancing fragrance (see below) throughout your home to enhance the spell of seduction

Sound like a plan? Now onto the oils…

NeroliAlso known as Orange Blossom, Neroli is the perfect uplifting oil for re-energising and empowering you mood. Expect your confidence to be boosted and mood swings to be dismissed.

Sandalwood: A must- have to sharpen the senses, Sandalwood taps into your imagination by letting it run wild. Empowering and seductive, this rich yet sweet scent was used as a perfume and aphrodisiac for over 4000 years.

Clary Sage: Shyness be gone! This euphoria-enhancing oil gets to work on building desire and releasing inhibitions. Slightly musky and completely endearing, Clary Sage lets you get creative without any constraints.


Our Favourite Recipe For Seduction…

Add directly to your bath water for an incredible pampering experience.

The Aphrodisiac Bath Blend
Clary Sage x 3 Drops
Ylang-Ylang x 2 Drops
Sandalwood x 5 Drops


Tissserand Pure Blending Oils - Cocktail Your Way To A Perfect Massage

Step 2 – Choose Your Base Oil (Wisely)

For massage, essential oils shouldn’t be used directly onto the skin, as they are highly concentrated, they can sometimes cause a reaction. Base oils are essential for blending and crafting your perfect massage cocktail. Choose from one of the relaxing carrier oils below, or feel free to mix any essential oils into your favourite lotion/cream.

Sweet Almond Oil – A classic base oil that works for all skin types.  Its oily texture makes it easier to glide when massaging.

Grapeseed Oil – One for mature or dry skin, masseurs love Grapeseed because of its minimal odour and non-greasy texture.

Jojoba Oil – This anti-irritating carrier oil is best for sensitive/acne skin types as it contains antibacterial properties. With a longer shelf life than many other oils, Jojoba oil is the ideal soothing base oil.


Cocktail Your Way To A Perfect Massage

Step 3 – Cocktail Your Perfect Massage…

Forget the candles and the whale music. Here’s exactly how to cocktail the perfect massage for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day…

Rose – Known for its seductive powers, Rose provokes desire and believe it or not, enhances self-esteem and confidence – it’s the perfect Valentine’s essential oil.

Ylang Ylang – A well-known aphrodisiac, Ylang- Ylang is both calming and stimulating. A few drops into your bath or vapourised around your favourite room will perk your mood, whilst balancing out hyper-arousal or a low mood.

Patchouli – The ultimate stress reliever, Patchouli dispels any nervous tension whilst easing anxiety. If your goal is to create a serene, peaceful ambience that promotes a sense of wellbeing, drop some Patchouli oil into your bath/massage oil.

Mandarin – To promote tranquillity and serenity, Mandarin essential oil relieves nerves and pent up energy, making it a refreshing alternative to relax the mind, body and soul.

Black Pepper – Believe it or not, this stimulating oil was recommended by the Romans to strengthen the male libido. Expect stamina and mental alertness to increase and tiredness to be banished when you use this energetic oil.

Orange – Optimistic and bright, Orange essential oil will encourage spontaneous decisions with its enlivening, citrus blend.

Our Favourite Recipes For Seduction… 

Add these essential oils to 30mls (three tablespoons) of your chosen base oil. Massage into the skin using gentle sweeping movements.

Sensual Body Massage For Her:

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil x 6 Drops
Patchouli Essential Oil x 3 Drops
Orange Essential Oil 6 x Drops


Sensual Body Massage For Him:

Patchouli Essential Oil x 3 Drops
Black Pepper Essential Oil x 4 Drops
Mandarin Essential Oil x 8 Drops

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