Modern Romance: The New Fragrances To Fall For

Modern Romance - The New Fragrance To Fall For

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After a long period of gourmand sweetness and ever-increasing intensity, it feels like perfumery is turning a major corner in 2017 – and it’s coming over all romantic.

Fresher, more lucid, and with an emphasis upon florals rather than edible notes, the latest league of feminine fragrances is majorly switching things up. Think silken scarf rather than woollen coat, and natural elements over manmade. It’s a new era of dewiness, and it couldn’t be more perfect for the upcoming season!

These are the new romantics; a collection of bright, optimistic and downright flirtatious new fragrances for those times when you just want to feel radiant. And who doesn’t want that?


Jimmy Choo L'Eau Eau de Toilette - Modern Romance - The New Fragrances To Fall ForThe Lighter Side Of Love

Jimmy Choo L’Eau Eau de Toilette

Mood: Sheer and juicy with peachy nectarine and exotic hibiscus

Prefer your fragrances firmly on the fresher side of the olfactory spectrum? Then Jimmy Choo L’Eau will be your new calling card. But it’s not cold, and it’s not soapy; instead, L’Eau represents a new school of freshness rooted in the idea of a dewy glow. It’s almost glossy in its feel, with a gorgeous juiciness that envelops the body in a gossamer veil.

The combination of nectarine’s peach tones and the delicious sweetness of hibiscus are the backbone of the scent, while fragrance note de jour peony provides an elegant floral thread that runs throughout. If you’re looking for understated elegance with a spark of vibrancy, it’s the perfect signature scent.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss Eau de Toilette - Modern Romance - The New Fragrances To Fall For

The Cheeky Wink

Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss Eau de Toilette

Mood: Playful and uplifting with osmanthus, a flower said to bring euphoria

Oh, Marc Jacobs… you just won’t quit stealing hearts! The limited edition Daisy Kiss Eau de Toilette is everything that you want from a feel-good fragrance, from its lipstick pink ombre bottle through to its thrilling fruity floral fragrance. It’s the epitome of fun, and the ideal tonic after the dull days of winter.

Daisy Kiss is the crowning glory of a limited edition collection for spring (Daisy Dream Kiss is the sensuous entry, Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss is more sparkling), with mouthwatering notes of Valentine pomelo and apricot nectar, and a gorgeous heart of euphoria-boosting osmanthus flower and romantic white peony. I defy you not to fall for its charms.


Michael Kors Sexy Blossom Eau de Parfum = Modern Romance - The New Fragrances To Fall For

The Flirtatious Bouquet

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom Eau de Parfum

Mood: A flush of pink peony, a symbol of romance and good fortune

When you think ‘charming floral fragrance’, your first thought may not be of Michael Kors and his world of jet-set glamour. But with the launch of Sexy Blossom, a new version of the Michael Kors woman is revealed: one wearing a demure white shirt dress with fragrant flowers in her hair. Sexy Blossom presents an intriguing contrast; it’s undeniably sultry with its notes of orchid and ambrox, while brighter, flirty notes of lychee and pink peony bring a more lighthearted feel that makes you feel both fresh and glamorous all at once.

Like the season after which it’s inspired, Sexy Blossom is around for a limited time only – but that makes it feel all the more special. If you love the sound of it, now’s the time!


Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle Eau de Parfum - Modern Romance - The New Fragrances To Fall For

The Parisian Romance

Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

Mood: A radiant and sensual floral with passion flower and orange blossom

The newest chapter in Chloe’s Love Story is its most romantic yet. Where the original fragrance was energised with neroli and stephanotis jasmine, Love Story Eau Sensuelle takes a slower pace, with a heart of languid passion flower that perfectly complements the soft radiance of orange blossom, the signature of the Love Story collection. This almost-exotic combination creates an ideal balance of subtle sweetness and hazy seduction; it truly paints a vivid picture of a Parisian evening by dusk.

And if the fragrance wasn’t enough of a clue as to the inspiration of the fragrance, the love lock-shaped bottle will be. It’s a gorgeous ode to the type of romance only found in the City of Lights.


Cartier Baiser Fou Eau de Parfum - Modern Romance - The New Fragrances To Fall For

The Complete Seduction

Cartier Baiser Fou Eau de Parfum

Mood: Sumptuous, with velvety orchid and white chocolate tones

Cartier has a knack for creating distinctive signatures, and their newest scent Baiser Fou is no exception. Translated as ‘Crazy Kiss’, perfumer Matilde Laurent was inspired by the scent of a lipstick when crafting this juice. Her vision was to create a perfume with the taste of a kiss – how intriguing is that?

Set aside all thoughts of iris, rose and other powdery notes that are reminiscent of makeup, though, because Baiser Fou contains none of those. Instead, that incredibly alluring lipstick aroma is brought to life by a single, unexpected note: orchid. With its velvety white chocolate tones and plush sweetness, orchid becomes the central player in Baiser Fou’s complete and utter seduction of the senses.


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