Everything You Need To Know About Sterile Skincare


What if I told you that the average person uses between 8 and 12 products a day? And of those products most (if not all) are packed with preservatives. A necessary evil, right? Well, not anymore…

Before now, it’s been impossible to protect formulas from outside bacteria without preservatives. But, thanks to the invention of Sterile Skincare, preservatives are no longer needed to extend the shelf life of products, due to innovative D.E.F.I packaging (more on this later). But it’s not just preservatives that have had the boot; alcohol, parabens and fragrance have all been exiled too, which is wonderful news for those that have sensitive and intolerant skin types.

But there’s more to sterile skincare than just a refined ingredient list; it’s a skincare revolution that you need to know about…



Sterile Skincare: The Facts

DEFI Packaging

What is Sterile Skincare?

Developed and patented by Pierre Fabre (the masterminds behind Avene, Klorane, A-Derma and Elgydium), Sterile Skincare, also known as Sterile Cosmetics is the cosmetic industries first 100% sterile skincare line formulated without preservatives or fragrances. A worldwide breakthrough in dermatology, Sterile Skincare is made with three distinct elements; sterility throughout manufacturing, a patented airtight closure (D.E.F.I) and a limited number of ingredients.

What are preservatives?

A preservative is a substance used to increase the shelf-life of a formula, and stop bacteria growing within it. As it currently stands the European Directive gives a list of 57 ingredients considered as preservatives (including parabens). Some brands list their products as preservative-free by using unlisted preservatives (preservatives that are not listed in the European Directive), however any formula that is not sterile must contain preservatives or preservative-like substances.

What is D.E.F.I. Packaging?

D.E.F.I  is an acronym for Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity, which refers to the system used to keep a completely preservative-free product protected and sterile. This innovative packaging helps to conserve and protect formulas from shelf-life and oxidation by preventing air, microbes and other contaminants getting in the tube.

The D.E.F.I system consists of four parts, including a supple membrane that rises when pressure is applied to the tube and then returns to the closed position when pressure is released (stopping anything getting inside and contaminating the formula). This mechanism is what sets D.E.F.I packaging apart from an airless dispenser, as an airless dispenser will leave a dead volume at the top of the pump (a contamination risk). The D.E.F.I packaging unlike an airless dispenser, dispenses the product fully and then closes back, allowing the product to remain sterile for its entire lifespan.



Sterile Skincare: Your Routine

Sterile Skincare - Avene Tolerance Extreme Mask

What are the advantages of Sterile Skincare?

The main advantage of Sterile Skincare is the lack of preservatives and the inclusion of only essential ingredients. Despite preservatives not altering the efficacy of products, what they can do is cause reactions, which isn’t good news for sensitive, reactive or intolerant skin types.

Who should use Sterile Skincare?

Sterile Skincare is for everyone! Who wouldn’t want to use skincare that contains only the best/essential ingredients? However, if we’re being literal, Sterile Skincare was created with sensitive and reactive skin in mind, as preservatives, alcohol and  fragrance can all cause reactions. Sterile Skincare is the solution sensitive skin has been looking for, as it promises to keep skin calm, soothed and comfortable.

How can Sterile Skincare fit into my routine?

The brand to know about if you’re interested in Sterile Skincare is Avene. With an entire catalogue of Sterile Skincare they have everything you’ll need if you’re looking to refresh your skincare stash (and banish preservatives for good). Here are some of my favourite products to inspire you…

Avene Tolerance Extreme Mask 

The perfect pamper product, this refreshing mask contains 7 skin-friendly ingredients that work to re-plump, soothe and nourish. Ideal for dehydrated skin types, the Tolerance Extreme Mask will leave skin completely calm and comforted. One of my favourites all-year round, this mask is amazing at re hydrating my skin in winter and soothing sunburn in summer!

Avene XeraCalm A.D. Replenishing Cream 

As I have Eczema this is one of my holy grail products. Thanks to its key ingredient, I-modulia® (a biotechnological innovation that allows skin to protect itself), the soothing cream helps to minimise itchiness and redness. A cream that has saved my skin on multiple occasions; I’d highly recommend it for anyone that suffers with dry or atopic skin.

Avene XeraCalm A.D. Lipid – Replenishing Cleansing Oil

If you have sensitive or reactive skin it can be difficult to cleanse the skin without irritating it; queue the replenishing oil. My saviour when I have a flare up, this lightweight yet nourishing oil removes daily impurities whilst protecting it from the drying effects of water.



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