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The journey of Mon Guerlain begins with its creator, Thierry Wasser.

Though he may not be Guerlain by name, Thierry is most certainly Guerlain by nature. His daring olfactory style follows in the illustrious footsteps of Pierre-Francois-Pascal, Aimé, Jacques and Jean-Paul to represent the fifth generation of the Guerlain master perfumer.

For almost two centuries, the advent of a new Guerlain perfumer has brought about a reinvention of not only Guerlain, but of the wider world of fragrance. With constant innovation and boundless exploration of their craft at the heart of everything, each perfumer masterfully weaves threads of precious natural raw materials to create something entirely new; an enduring time capsule of a mood, and of a feeling. Perfumery is an art form, and the Guerlain perfumer is an artist.

Mon Guerlain is the newest fragrance from Guerlain, joining a compendium of 1,100 unique compositions that have been created since 1828. In creating this new signature, Thierry Wasser fused classic Guerlain elements with the exploration of new olfactory avenues, following in the centuries-old tradition of producing the concentrates in-house whilst sourcing rare yet sustainable ingredients. Thierry travels the world to find inspiration, led by his nose, and is inspired by the people he meets and the exceptional ingredients that he encounters.

“I am always filled with an imperious thirst for distant lands,
the desire to go ever farther, in search of new scents.”


It is these relationships that make up the composition of Mon Guerlain; a blend of know-how, authentic interactions and the enduring, magnetic influence of women. The resulting fragrance is a love letter to all women, from those who cultivated, extracted and distilled its ingredients, through to the muse of the fragrance, Angelina Jolie. It’s a dedication to the notes of a woman.

The exceptional natural ingredients of Mon Guerlain are what make the fragrance so very memorable. They unfurl as a fresh Oriental kiss on the skin, becoming an invisible tattoo that is one with the wearer.

Carla Lavender

Carla lavender is a rare lavender cultivated in the Drôme provençale, South of France, and makes up the head note of Mon Guerlain. Its masculine overtones become softer when paired with the creaminess of Tahitensis vanilla, creating a unique signature.


I love this simplicity of lavender in parallel with its audacious side. It brings luminosity and freshness to the top notes of this creation


Sambac Jasmine

Gathered at dawn from harvests in Tamil Nadu in Southern India, this graceful note is the golden thread that links the delicious creaminess of vanilla to the tenacious freshness of lavender.


I like this tiny flower bud with absolutely incredible voluptuousness. It represents the floral body, the feminine body


Album Sandalwood

A resolute woody note, the sandalwood used in Mon Guerlain is Santalum Album, imported from Northern Australia. Its strength and richness is the perfect parallel to the strength and richness of all women.


We distill these trees and we have obtained an essence with a very unique intensity and mystery, the signature of the great vintages of Santalum Album


Tahitensis Vanilla

A core part of Guerlain’s history, Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea was the starting point of Mon Guerlain. Its the raw material of choice for Guerlain perfumers, present in all Guerlain masterpieces, most prominently Shalimar and Jicky.


This vanilla brings out sensual tenderness, almost maternal


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