5 Skincare Trends You Need To Take Note Of

Do you find it hard to keep up with the skincare industry? Believe me when I say you’re not alone! Beauty buzz words and scientific innovations are daily conversations on social media and online. But, how do you separate the trends from the fads, I hear you say? With hundreds of new beauty launches being tweeted, Instagrammed and reviewed daily, knowing what’s good for your skin can be hard to research.

To make things easy, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of trending skincare for you to choose from, dependent on your skin’s main concern. Whether you’re looking to switch up your skincare or inject some newness into your regimen to keep it exciting, here’re the skincare trends that everyone’s talking about online – with the added benefit of 20% off everything on the list too!


1) Pollution

This enduring skincare trend is here to stay. I know you’ve definitely heard the term ‘environmental damage’, but are you keeping your skin protected? Seriously, pollution-fighting skincare is a big thing. When you’re on your daily commute or you’re taking an early morning stroll to yoga class, your skin is susceptible to 3 big no-no’s: Premature ageing, dryness and niggly blemishes – who wants that?

It’s easy to forget that pollution particles can be smaller than pore sizes, meaning cellular level destruction can happen on a daily basis. These nasty polluting particles steal from your healthy skin cells, so staying protected is essential.

Give the Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-Cream a try as its innovative formula forms a protective, breathable shield for your complexion. Psst! All Decleor has 1/3 off right now until 13th March (excluding the SKINCARE20 code). Or if you’re happy with your current moisturiser, keep the REN Anti-Pollution Mist in your handbag for extra protection on-the-go – it’s as easy as that.


2. Glow

Up there with the top YouTube skincare searches are the terms: ‘dull skin’ and ‘glowing skin’. All you need to do is pop over to Instagram and see the fresh-faced beauties in your discover grid. You can’t escape the glow right now: fresh, beautiful skin is in.

Everybody is looking for the next best thing that’s going to give their skin a healthy, happy glow and here’s the answer: GIVENCHY Hydra Sparkling One-Minute Glow Powder. This genius innovation slots perfectly into your current cleansing routine to boost your glow and hydration levels.

Its AHA-BHA micro-crystals are infused into a silky talc-like powder that you can use alone or mix with your favourite face wash. Expect to see refined pores, smoother texture and healthy radiance with each use!


3. Superfood Skincare

I know the health-kick trend has been around a long time now, and with the current news of our 5 fruit and veg a day upping its portion size to 9, there’s no wonder beauty products want to become healthy too! There’s something about the word ‘superfood’ that makes you believe in complete wellness and vitality, and thankfully for us, the antioxidant super powers of moringa, avocado, chia and quinoa are being maximised for use on our complexions too.

The REN Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask is packed full of miracle food. Tropical Spirulina, in particularly is a natural occurring algae that’s fantastically high in protein. Expect skin cell repair to speed up and skin to look and feel energised, as well as waving so long to large pores and unwanted shine.


4. Sheet Masks

The trend that keeps on giving, we all know Sheet Masks aren’t going anywhere. If you haven’t already tried one, now’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the benefits of instant moisture and radiance with 20% off.

Incorporating the above trends of glowing skin and superfood ingredients, the DHC Bio Cellulose Mask is soaked in fermented coconut water to provide your skin with a 360°pamper. Blemish marks and scar marks are diminished, whilst skin looks radiant and feels beautiful – it’s a must-try!


5. Ingestible Beauty

The statement ‘true beauty comes from within’ has never been so true. We all know a healthy gut means a healthy complexion, so for those in need of a something extra beauty boost, the Fountain 01 – The Beauty Molecule is just what the doctor ordered.

Especially good for those who have tried every beauty product under the sun, this daily beauty shot promotes collagen production, youth and a healthy complexion. With each spoonful containing as much resveratrol as 26,000 red grapes, your know skin’s in good hands with this skincare alternative.


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