How To Fill in Your Eyebrows with Benefit FoolProof


We’ve all had a brow dilemma at some point in our lives. Whether we over-plucked as a teen (guilty) or only now understand the term ‘less is more’, most of us have a stash of bad brow pictures somewhere.  Luckily, brands like Benefit have our back when it comes to eyebrows, and they understand that some of us need a helping a hand when it comes to sculpting our arches. Cue FoolProof, Benefit’s brand new brow powder that promises to make shaping and filling-in our eyebrows quick and easy – finally!

Whether you’re a complete eyebrow novice or you’re as obsessed with brow products as I am, you can unlock the full potential of your brows (with minimal effort) thanks to FoolProof…



The Formula

There’s a lot of brow products on the market, so why should you pick up Benefit FoolProof? Well, FoolProof stands out from the crowd as it doesn’t claim to give you ultra-HD, dramatic eyebrows – it’s quite the opposite in fact. This brow powder gives you the tools to perfect and enhance your natural brow so that you can achieve fullness that doesn’t look fake or jarring.

Designed to instantly adhere to hair and skin, the velvety-smooth formula lasts for up to 12 hours so your eyebrows won’t do a disappearing act halfway through the day. Within the compact, you’ll find a combination of two complementing shades in a rather nifty brow shape. This two-tone offering is what makes Benefit’s FoolProof formula so unique, as it allows you to create a gradient look that mimics the way brows look naturally. And, the addition of a blending sponge and spoolie-brush only enhance FoolProof’s allure, helping you to transform your brows with no harsh lines or mistakes.



Choose Your Shade

Picking the right brow colour is crucial: if you choose the wrong shade you can end up ruining your makeup look completely. Here’s how you can ensure you get it right: if you have full brows already, then match the shade to your natural brow colour. Otherwise, look to the hair on your head for guidance. Fear not though, because Benefit has developed FoolProof in a shade selection that makes choosing the right colour quick and easy…

01 – Light: Perfect for those with platinum to light blonde hair, 01 – Light has a cool tone that makes brows look natural yet defined.
03 – Medium: The shade I use below, 03 – Medium has a neutral to warm hue, 03 that is the ideal match for those with light to medium brown hair and redheads.

05 – Deep: With a warm undertone, 05 – Deep looks beautiful on those with dark brown to black hair.



Benefit-FoolProof-Brow Powder Step-By-Step with 03 - Medium
The Step-by-Step

Step 1: Use the blending sponge to apply the lightest shade of FoolProof from the start of your brow to the beginning of your arch. Keep the beginning of your brow as soft as possible to create a natural result.

Step 2: Next, pick up the darker shade and begin filling in the tail-end of your arch. This step is where you can start adding a little more definition by really sculpting your arch.

Step 3: Now it’s time to blend! Pull the spoolie-brush out from the bottom of the applicator and sweep through the brows. This step will ensure your brows look as natural as possible and will help to blend out any built-up product.


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