We Put the Sachajuan Hair Repair to the Test

Bad hair day? Bad hair month more like! October has not been a great month for my hair and me; a cycle of split ends, damaged strands, and parched hair follicles has lead to me chopping off four inches in a bid to revitalise my tired tresses. And, even though a haircut has made the world of difference, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Dying and styling with too much heat has left my hair in need of a helping hand, so this month I thought I’d put the award-winning Sachajuan Hair Repair treatment to the test. So if, like me, your hair is crying out for a little TLC, this post is for you. Find out all about this must-have hair hero and how I got on with it below…




What is Sachajuan Hair Repair?

This is definitely the burning question! And it’s simple: Sachajuan Hair Repair is a weekly treatment designed for damaged hair. Damaged means a number of things, so whether your hair is suffering because of hair dye, heat styling or the summer sun, this formula can give hair the ‘oomph’ it needs to get back on track.

So, how does it do it? A winning combination of essential minerals and pigments are to thank. This fusion of hair-loving ingredients helps to restore hydration, body and volume so that hair looks more sleek than bleak. Ocean Silk Technology can also be found in Hair Repair, a technology that pops up in a number of Sachajuan products. This addition targets damage head-on, delivering hair with a shot of nutrients that re-strengthens the hair follicles and gives hair back its healthy shine.





The Routine & Results

Just writing about this wonder product wasn’t enough for me – I had to put it to the test. So, I added the treatment to my hair care routine for 2 weeks, using it every time I washed my hair, which worked out at about twice a week. After cleansing my hair and towel drying it, I massaged two pumps into my tresses from root to ends then let it soak in (I shaved my legs while I waited!), before rinsing out and letting my hair air dry. You can blow-dry if you prefer.

Now, you’re probably itching to find out what I thought, right? Well, unsurprisingly, I loved it! Even after the first use my hair looked and felt much more nourished and soft, and I had so many compliments from people insisting that my hair looked more volumised (my hair is usually super lifeless, so hallelujah!). After my two week trial, I can say with confidence that this formula really does give your hair a beautiful boost. And if you’re like me and your hair is fine, you might be conscious that Hair Repair will your hair greasy. I can safely report that it doesn’t. Not even one bit!

So, all in all, a big thumbs up from me. Although my hair wasn’t extremely damaged, I can definitely notice and feel that my hair feels happier and stronger.


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