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“Do you have a lip balm?” could be one of the most frequently asked beauty questions. There’s nothing worse than that dry lip feeling and I’ve been caught short without a lip balm on a number of occasions. Nowadays I’m never without one and I take my lip balm choice quite seriously. My lips are always dry, so I have become a sort of lip balm expert – there’s no formula that I haven’t tried and tested! Which brings me to this feature, a review of the all-new MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Hydrabloom Hydrating Lip Balm.

More than a lip balm, Hydrabloom offers us dry lipped ladies a beauty item that doesn’t just promise to give us all the hydration we need; it also gives us a gorgeous pH-adapting tint and the smooth lip texture we so rightly deserve. And did I mention its packaging is dressing table dreams?

If you’re anything like me your lip balm choice is serious business and you’ll need proof, so I have put Hydrabloom and its three key actions to the test…




Test #1: Hydration

The first promise Hydrabloom makes is 24-hour hydration, which is a big must-have when choosing a lip balm. Luckily, it’s a big green tick next to this one as the formula feels ultra nourishing and my lips felt plump and comfortable throughout the day. Full disclosure: I did reapply after eating because I love the tint, something I’ll talk about next!

The formula is able to keep lips hydrated all day thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid spheres, which act like little sponges that keep water in the lips, as well as jojoba oil and waxes that help to moisturise.

Tip: For an extra boost of moisture, apply a thick layer of Hydrabloom as a lip mask before bed.



Test #2: Tint

One thing that really frustrates me when my lips are extremely dry is that I can’t wear lip colour. So, Hydrabloom’s second action of providing lips with a unique tint is music my ears. Designed to give lips the ideal ‘your lips but better’ hue, the balm is powered by colour reviver technology and eosin, which adapt to the pH of your lips to create a subtle flush.

My result was very natural, but it proved to be the perfect complexion pick-me-up. My lips can often appear dull so a swipe of Hydrabloom really gave them some life, and the subtle shiny finish made my lips appear healthier too.

Tip: Layer up Hydrabloom for extra colour intensity or wear over your favourite lip colours for additional comfort and hydration.




Test #3: Texture

No one wants flaky lips, so Hydrabloom’s third action of smoothing the texture of the lips is very welcome. The formula works to gently buff the lip surface with microspheres of hyaluronic acid, which leave lips soft, even and comfortable.

After use, my lips felt great; hydrated and happy with a balmy texture that wasn’t heavy or sticky, which doubled up as the perfect lip base.



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