Benefit Gimme Brow+: Everything You Need To Know

Image of Benefit Gimme Brow+ The New Formulation of Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit fans, rejoice! Your beloved Gimme Brow is back and it’s been reformulated, but this time there’s no need to panic buy as it’s sticking around for good. Relaunched with a new name and a high tolerance to match, even the most sensitive eyes can now be framed with Gimme Brow+. Let’s find out more…

What is Benefit Gimme Brow?

A quick recap for those that are new to Gimme Brow: This brow-bulking tool has a tiny microfibre brush that defines and shapes even the most sparse of hairs. It’s natural and easy to apply, and it’s perfect for anyone that wants their brows to look thicker and fuller without a harsh finish.


Benefit Gimme Brow+ and Benefit Gimme Brow Comparison

Is there a difference between the new and old formula?

Your favourite brow gel is still the same, it’s just been improved to meet Benefit’s high brand standard for all of their products. The best bit? Unlike the original Gimme Brow, Gimme Brow+ is now assured to not cause irritation if it does come into contact with your eyes.

The benefits of the new Gimme Brow+ formula:
•  It’s water-resistant
•  It still features microfibres that adhere to your skin and hair to thicken brows
•  The brush is still the same tiny size for extra precision


What does it look like on the brows?

Gimme Brow+ is definitely the brow tool for those that want instant, natural brows, but haven’t got the time to create them. Its small brush does all the hard work for you, even if you have particularly fair eyebrows. Personally, I’m pretty confident to wear this on its own every day, but if I was heading out for the evening, I’d probably use Ka-BROW! to define, then use Gimme Brow+ as setting gel to keep my style in place.


Which shade is for me?

As you can tell, I’m not a natural blonde! I do have quite dark brows but you can get a good impression of the different tones of the Light, Medium and Deep shades above. Each hue is completely buildable and easily adaptable to all hair colours.

01 Light: This light brown gel has a grey undertone that will help mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs – it’s great for fair brows and hair
03 – Medium: Medium’s deeper brown shade has a cool coffee-ish undertone that’s ideal for anyone who wants to go dark, but not too dark
05 – Deep: A charcoal shade with a taupey-grey hue that’s perfect for darker hair and filling sparse areas


How should I apply it?

It’s actually really simple and you can layer Gimme Brow+ as much as you want.  All you have to do is wiggle the comb gently upwards through your brows, making sure to grab each hair then voilà, you’re finished!

For extra intensity, start by brushing the colour through from the tail end through to the front, then re-define by taking your brush back through from the front to the end.


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