Your Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox Questions Answered


Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox isn’t your average scalp and hair treatment. It’s tingly, fizzy and as much fun as it is effective. Intrigued? I was!

The hair product everyone is talking about, some are claiming Bb Scalp Detox is a more intense version of Bumble and bumble’s iconic Sunday Shampoo (yes, please!). So, with claims like that floating around there was only one thing we could do: review!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have 100 questions running through your head right now. What is it? Who can use it? How do you use it? And I am going to answer them all. After this edit, all you’re going to want to do is stay in and detox…




What is Bb Scalp Detox?

Bb Scalp Detox is, yes you guessed it, all about your scalp. But, there’s much more to it than just giving your scalp a hard reset. The gentle formula is a pre-shampoo treatment that removes product build-up, oil and impurities from your scalp. The winning formula uses micellar water to gently cleanse the scalp, while panthenol stops over-drying and salicylic acid blitzes dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris. Similarly to Bumble and bumble’s iconic Sunday Shampoo, Scalp Detox gives your scalp a fresh start in a more intensive way than shampoo alone, so it’s ideal after a night out or at the end of a long week.


What’s so special about Bb Scalp Detox?

You may have noticed in the intro of this edit I mentioned Scalp Detox’s fizzing action. This is definitely what sets it apart and also what makes it so effective. Its tingly texture immediately invigorates your scalp – I’ve never experienced anything quite like it! You can instantly feel the formula getting to work, you can even hear it too (it sounds a bit like popping candy).


Who can use it?

The great thing about Scalp Detox is that everyone can use it. It doesn’t matter if your hair is dry or oily, long or short, frizzy or straight, it will work for you. Its main aim is to remove product build-up, so product junkies and dry shampoo lovers will adore it. Likewise, if you’re all about washing your hair as few times as possible you can use this to deep cleanse your scalp, ensuring cleaner hair, for longer.


How is Bb Scalp Detox different to the Sunday Shampoo?

Scalp Detox is a pre-shampoo, so it’s designed for use before your regular cleansing routine, while Sunday Shampoo is just that, a shampoo. Although they both detox the hair, the Scalp Detox is a little more intensive than the shampoo thanks to the inclusion of micro-exfoliating salicylic acid. You could, however, use them both together, along with a conditioner to create a complete detox routine.


How do you use it?

Scalp Detox is one of those products you need to try to really appreciate why everyone loves it. It’s recommended that you section your dry hair before showering/bathing and apply directly to the scalp. Then, massage it in with your fingertips and leave for around 3 minutes. After that, jump in the shower and use your shampoo and conditioner of choice.


How will it make my hair/scalp feel after?

Have you ever had so much product in your hair that it feels heavy, weighed down and a bit ‘bleh’? Well, the only way that I can describe how Scalp Detox makes you feel is the complete opposite of that. Your hair and scalp instantly feels so fresh and cleansed, like you’ve just been to the hairdressers!


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  • Pauline Hill

    Hello, would I be able to use this on my very dry scalp and would it improve my scalp by using it?

    • escentual

      Hi Pauline, Thanks for your comment! Yes you can definitely use this on a dry scalp, the ingredient panthenol stops over drying. Scalp detox is designed to help with product build-up, so it doesn’t specifically target hydration. Do you have issues with product build-up or is your main concern scalp dryness? Perhaps I can suggest some options for you. Ceryn