DIOR Cool Wave Summer 2018 Makeup – Review and Swatches

Dior Cool Wave Summer Makeup Look for 2018 Swatches Review

Who’s ready for some sun? Hot off the press and ready to heat up (or, rather, cool down) your makeup bag is the DIOR Cool Wave Summer Look for 2018, a tempting edit of bright colour, comfortable textures and super-quick application.

Inspired by a meeting of transparency and intensity, Cool Wave contains an intriguing mix of finishes that create instant impact. There’s wet-look eyeshadow, glowing bronzers, perfectly opaque nail varnish and sheer, juicy lip colour – and that’s just a drop in the ocean, there’s so much more to discover. This summer look from DIOR is all about energising the complexion with an effortlessly sunny look and, boy, have they nailed it.

I’ve swatched the entire Cool Wave collection for your delectation today; collectors, you’re going to want everything.

DIORSKIN Mineral Nude Bronze

 in 01 Soft Sunrise, 02 Soft Sunlight, 04 Warm Sunrise & 05 Warm Sunlight

Dior Cool Wave Summer Makeup Look for 2018 Swatches Review - Dior Nude Mineral Bronze 01 Soft Sunrise, 02 Soft Sunlight, 04 Warm Sunrise, 05 Warm Sunlight

Keenly aware that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to most things makeup-wise, DIOR has created not one, not two, but six different bronzing shades to suit a variety of tones. And the best news? They’re here to stay. The DIORSKIN Mineral Nude Bronze Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder is a deliciously light and airy powder that instantly gives skin a sunkissed effect.

Whether you use it all over to give the complexion a lift, or you concentrate on sculpting the face with its flattering bronzed harmony, the golden minerals within its formula makes the complexion look naturally tanned.  The case for Mineral Nude Bronze is more lightweight than previous DIOR bronzing powders, with a slender, transparent base that makes it more portable than ever before.

Rosy tones for blonde/fair hair:
• 01 Soft Sunrise A light, cool tan with subtle glimmer, perfect for very fair skin
• 02 Soft Sunlight A medium, cool bronze with rose pink accents and subtle glimmer
• 03 Soft Sundown A deep, cool bronze for a rich glow (not shown)

Orange tones for brunette/dark hair:
04 Warm Sunrise A light, warm tan with subtle glimmer, the ultimate bonne mine
05 Warm Sunlight A medium, warm terracotta with peach accents
06 Warm Sundown A deep, warm bronze for a rich tan (not shown)

5 Couleurs Cool Wave Eyeshadow Palette

 in 367 Cool Down & 597 Heat Up

Dior Cool Wave 2018 Swatches 5 Couleurs Palette 367 Cool Down 597 Heat Up

These two new 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes for summer 2018 are instant collector’s pieces. Featuring a never-before-seen design that resembles a drop falling into water and breaking its surface, each of the 5 Couleurs Cool Wave compacts are seriously covetable.

As usual, you can expect the shades to be ultra-light, creamy and effortless to blend; the main difference is that this year’s eyeshadows all have a glamorous wet effect that glimmers on the skin beautifully. They’re so perfect for the season.

• 367 Cool Down A collection of quenching blues including a shimmering turquoise, shimmering ice blue, satin cornflower blue, shimmering grey-blue and shimmering navy
597 Heat Up A warming combination of sunset tones including shimmering copper, shimmering rose gold, satin orange-red, shimmering bronze and shimmering brown

DIORSHOW Cooling Stick

in 001 Bronze Wave, 002 Gold Splash & 003 Fresh Pink

Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Diorshow Cooling Stick Eyeshadow Stick 001 Bronze Wave 002 Gold Splash 003 Fresh PinkDior Cool Wave Swatches Review Cooling Stick Eyeshadow 001 Bronze Wave

For those times when you need your eye look to be quick and effortless yet still impactful, the DIORSHOW Cooling Stick Cooling Effect Eyeshadows will help you to create beautiful results. Each one of these supremely creamy eyeshadow sticks is formulated with more than 40% water, which is what gives them that signature cooling sensation on the lid (the application feels amazing).

In a single swipe, the formula melts onto the skin with impressive pigmentation and a spectacular metallic effect, and its long-wearing waterproof results are just brilliant. Once you use one, you won’t know how you ever did your eye makeup without them!

• 001 Bronze Wave Shimmering khaki-bronze
002 Gold Splash Shimmering gold
003 Fresh Pink Brightening metallic rose pink

DIOR Addict Lip Tattoo Colour Juice

in 341 Litchi, 551 Watermelon, 571 Cranberry & 641 Orange

Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Long Wear Colored Tint Color Juice 341 Litchi 551 Watermelon 671 Cranberry 641 Orange
Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Long Wear Colored Tint Color Juice 341 Litchi 551 Watermelon 671 Cranberry 641 Orange on lips

If you’re looking for a long-wearing lip colour that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups, the DIOR Addict Lip Tattoo Colour Juice is the product for you. Pigmented and weightless, it’s ideal for an effortless look upgrade that applies in a flash, and its water-like texture feels as though you’re wearing nothing at all.

These four new editions of Lip Tattoo have a delicious added extra; each one has a fruity taste and scent that corresponds to its shade name! It’s the most playful way to wear lip colour this summer.

• 341 Litchi Peachy-coral for sweet smile
551 Watermelon Punchy and playful hot pink
571 Cranberry A just-bitten shade of pink-red with a brown undertone
641 Orange A flash of orange-red

DIOR Addict Lipstick

in 040 White Splash, 411 Nude Chill & 428 Orange Wave

Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Dior Addict Lipstick 040 White Splash 411 Nude Chill 438 Orange Wave worn on lips

This season, the classic DIOR Addict Lipstick is getting a juicy colour update with four brand new limited edition shades that will transform your summer look. At the centre of each of the shades is a translucent hydra-gel core, which keeps lips perfectly moisturised throughout wear and gives your finished look a signature glossy sheen.

Colour-true and so comfortable to wear, each of these shades will create instant impact that will take you through summer and beyond.

• 040 White Splash A blue-tinted, pearly top coat shot through with iridescence
411 Nude Chill A warm bronzed nude with golden shimmer
438 Orange Wave A bright and juicy orange with golden shimmer

DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer

in 011 Pool Blue

No matter whether your pout is thin or full, DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer is a product that really makes the most of what you’ve got. It works to plump and moisturise lips in a single step, for a maximised look that still appears natural.

This new Lip Maximizer in 011 Pool Blue has added menthol that creates an instant icy fresh feeling, and dresses lips in a translucent and glossy finish that has a hint of blue (which, cleverly, makes teeth appear whiter). It’s the perfect partner for those who want to amplify their lip look without the colour commitment.

DIOR Vernis

in 404 Splash, 431 Pow, 541 Wizz & 894 Blop

Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Dior Vernis in 404 Splash 431 Pow 541 Wizz 894 Blop nail colour

Dior Cool Wave Swatches Review Dior Vernis in 404 Splash 431 Pow 541 Wizz 894 Blop nail colour on fingers

Whether worn on fingers or on toes, the pure and energetic colours of the new DIOR Vernis Cool Wave shades are summer incarnate. Each one explores the playful side of DIOR style with effervescent shades that create the ultimate freedom of expression.

• 404 Splash is a bold aquamarine creme that draws all eyes your way
431 Pow is a shimmering orange that looks sensational on darker tones
541 Wizz is a shimmering watermelon that is the perfect partner to tanned skin
894 Blop is a unique and fashion-forward denim blue that’s hailed as the colour of the season

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