Beauty Team Favourites – April 2018


April,  you’ve been good to us! You’ve brought us French pharmacy skincare discounts, the well-awaited couture summer collections and to top it off, a load of fresh fragrances that are waiting to become breakout stars.

We bet you’re wondering with the hundreds of new beauty launches on site this month alone, what scents smell the best and what new makeup pieces do I need to be aware of? Well, that’s where we come in; call us your trusted personal shoppers, here to help you to discover one or more products to fall head over heels with, just like we have. Let’s find out more…


Escentual Beauty Team Favourites - GUERLAIN Rouge G in 03 Warm Rosewood Blog Size

Escentual Beauty Team Favourites - Emma Lynham April 2018 - GUERLAIN Rouge G in 03 Warm Rosewood, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil – Plumetis Edition, Goutal Un Matin d’Orage


Aside from the usual never-before-seen new launches, this month has been all about old favourites being given the makeover treatment. Prepare to find yourself in complete turmoil about which one to choose! Oh, and if you’re a lover of print and polka dots like me, I’ve got you with these dressing table-worthy choices…

GUERLAIN Rouge G in 03 Light Rosewood
This is the makeup launch of the moment! Guerlain Rouge G is a master class about how high-tech design can seamlessly merge with classic beauty. Each lipstick is completely customisable; simply buy the case and the lipstick separately and create a new beauty sidekick that’s completely tailored to you. My favourite combination? The polka dotted sleekness of French Mademoiselle with the laidback glamour of 03 Light Rosewood. See every single case and lipstick in action here.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil – Plumetis Edition
There’s nothing like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse to bring radiant moisture to the hair, body and face, whatever the time of year. This season, Nuxe has collaborated with French blogger, Mademoiselle Stef to create a limited edition polka dotted bottle that is perfect for showing off at the gym. The best is now even better!

Goutal Un Matin d’Orage Eau de Parfum
I’m cheating a little bit here, because GOUTAL Un Matin d’Orage isn’t a new perfume, but it does have a breathtakingly beautiful new look thanks to the rebrand of the Annick Goutal fragrance house – and I’d never turn down a chance to talk about this incredible Eau de Parfum. Un Matin d’Orage is the epitome of a lush, balmy fragrance, capturing the scent of a summer storm in a Japanese garden (who knew that was exactly what you wanted to smell like until now?). Its combination of gardenia, shiso leaves, jasmine and champaca flowers is just spellbinding.


Escentual Beauty Team Favourites - Ceryn Lawless April 2017 Favourites, Laura Geller Dew Drops, Bumble Scalp Detox and Guerlain Meteorites FragranceEscentual Beauty Team Favourites - Ceryn Lawless Laura Geller Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops in Gilded Honey, GUERLAIN Meteorites Le Parfum Eau de Toilette Spray, Bumble


I don’t think my favourites this month could be anymore spring appropriate if I tried! A big blast of fresh beauty, my current fragrance, makeup and haircare must-haves have helped me look and feel my best throughout April…

GUERLAIN Meteorites Le Parfum Eau de Toilette Spray
I, like most Meteorites fans have been waiting for GUERLAIN to release their iconic Meteorites in fragrance form for quite some time. And, finally, they’ve done it! This month they unveiled Meteorites Le Parfum Eau de Toilette – hallelujah! I wasted no time getting my hands on one and dousing myself in it, its fresh, violet aroma is just how I want my spring/summer to smell. Whether you’re a Meteorites fan or not you need to smell this perfume, you’ll be hooked after one spritz.

Laura Geller Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops in Gilded Honey
A recent edit I created about glowy makeup (going live tomorrow) led me straight to this radiance-enhancing formula and I haven’t put the shade Gilded Honey down since. The Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops are a dream come true for anyone that loves glowy skin like me; you can mix it with moisturiser/foundation or wear it alone on bare skin to give your complexion dewy luminosity.

Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox
Scalp care has been the new skincare for me this month and that’s down to this new launch. Until Scalp Detox landed on my desk I paid little attention to my scalp, but now that I have I’ve seen a big difference! Designed to remove product build-up without over-drying, this is a must-look if you too are a fan of dry shampoo and styling products like me. Read the full review here.


Escentual Beauty Team Favourites - Chelsey Edmunds Benefit Gimme Brow+ in Light Blog Size

Escentual Beauty Team Favourites - Chelsey Edmunds Benefit Gimme Brow+ in Light, Nina Ricci Nina Monsters Edition Eau de Toilette, Khol Couture Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in 08 - African Bronze


Unlike when shopping for clothes at this time of year, I can always rely on the beautysphere to be ahead of the spring transition game and never leave me between seasons. So, while I’ve been ready to welcome in the thought of fresher fragrances, softer makeup and only wearing a jacket and not a coat. I’ve had the new summer makeup collections and a vast array of exotic scents already inspiring thoughts of sunshine; summer is just around the corner – finally!

Benefit Gimme Brow+ in Light
The return of Benefit’s Gimme Brow has been a HUGE highlight of the month for me. Now it’s back, I don’t need to worry about spending too much time shaping and defining, and my brows look better than ever. What I love the most is how easy it is to apply. All I do gently comb the formula through and voila, it finds brow hairs that I didn’t even know existed and turns them into magic brows. After comparing the old and new formulas, there are no real changes to note, but if you do want to look it a bit more, you can see my full review of the new formula here.

Nina Ricci Nina Monsters Edition Eau de Toilette
There’s something about Nina Ricci fragrances that I just can’t resist (this could be due to the fact I’m still trying to find a replacement for my beloved Ricci Ricci fragrance – but, anyway). Les Monsters! How could anyone resist them? Especially, the Nina Monsters Edition. The gourmand scent gives its wild packaging a sweeter, softer side with notes like cotton candy and peony. If you love sticky-sugary scents that smell like red and purple Starburst sweets mixed together, this one should definitely be next on your radar to smell.

GIVENCHY Khol Couture Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in African Bronze 
Are you a slave to black eyeliner? Me too, but the African Bronze liner from GIVENCHY’s latest Les Saisons African Light collection is first colour in a while that’s helped me to consider stepping out of my comfort zone for good. Super-flattering for brown and hazel eyes, I find that the green and gold flecks really brighten my look, even when I’m still sleepy. If you want to see more from African Light, I’ve swatched the full collection (including the eyeliner) here.



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