3 Lip Colours That Make Me Feel Confident

3 Lipsticks That Make Chelsey Feel Confident Escentual

There’s something about colour that attracts confidence. Typically, bright reds ooze glamour, dark purples sometimes create mystery and the perfect nude can contribute a pure polished look; but that’s not necessarily the same for everyone, and that’s completely ok. I know when it comes to lipstick, everyone has different tastes, boundaries and preferences. Sometimes seasons, outfits and confidence can get in the way. But, who really makes the rules? You do!

A tool of absolute trickery, for me, finding the right lipstick is the makeup version of discovering the perfect bra: 1) a good lipstick uplifts your look 2) when it’s the wrong fit, you feel uncomfortable and most importantly, 3) when it’s the right colour to match your mood and outfit, you feel pretty on top of the world.

So how do you go about finding the ultimate colour? It takes some trial and error, but I promise when you get there, it’s so worth it. It’s all about how these shades make you feel. Any lip colour that instantly makes you feel like you can say hello to a stranger in the street without feeling self-conscious is a good starting point. So, here are the lipsticks that make me feel my most confident…


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1) If I want to feel glamorous, I wear…

Clarins Water Lip Stain in 03 Red Water
A new favourite to my collection, Clarins’ Red Water Lip Stain has recently overtaken all of my favourite reds – it’s one of those fearless shades that everyone should have in their back pocket! There’s something about its slightly orange undertone that does wonders for my skin, giving me an instant glow-up (whilst making my teeth look whiter). Even if I’ve got to be out of the door in minutes, I can always rely on a lip stain for their staying power and vibrant colours, even If I don’t want to make too make much of a statement, I just apply one layer of this instead of 3.


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2) If I want to feel put-together, I wear…

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick in C105 – Grege Beige.

I HATE rushing. I’m always running for buses, dashing to and from work, so for me, finding a lipstick that helps me feel that little bit more polished is a necessity. For every day, I can always trust the Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick in C105 to do its job of being the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look, even if I’m bare-faced! Not too in your face, but still enough to fake a preened look, this lipstick is now a proud stub in my makeup bag that I’ll forever replace!


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3) If I want to feel feminine, I wear…

Benefit Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color in Bubblegum
Pinks have a special place in my heart and I always underestimate how perky they make me feel. An oldie, but a goodie, Punch Pop Liquid Lip Colour in Bubblegum never fails to make me feel demure but empowered all in one. It’s soft, it’s subtle, and it’s also super pretty without trying too hard. I call it my off-duty pink that’s ready to step up and warm up my skin when I need it most – which is kind of what everyone needs!

What colours make you feel most confident? I’d love to know! Tweet me your favourites over at @EscentualChels!

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