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It’s been a little while since Benefit launched a new base, so the unveiling of the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation is really exciting. We’ve seen out of this world mascaras and pore-fighting primers, but no foundations to speak of since 2013, which can only suggest they’ve been working hard to come up with something brilliant. Benefit, I am expecting big things!

On first impressions, Hello Happy definitely gets points for its packaging. Have you ever seen a cuter-looking foundation? Finished with a smiley face, the travel-friendly face makeup is definitely worthy of an Instagram or two that’s for sure. But, what about the formula? Well, I think what you’re about to see and read is going to make you very happy indeed…


Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation Product Shot

5 Fast Facts about Hello Happy

• It’s a light-to-medium coverage foundation.

• It gives a natural demi matte finish.

• It contains optical blurring spheres that diffuse light to create a soft focus effect on the skin.

• It feels weightless and is designed to feel like a second skin.

• The formula has an SPF15.


Your Questions Answered


Who is Hello Happy for?

Everyone! Hello Happy can be worn by all, however, those prone to blemishes and/or an oily skin type may want to pair it with a high coverage concealer like the Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer and a mattifying powder like the Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder Foundation SPF15. The lightweight, comfortable formula is also super easy to blend into the skin, making it an ideal pick for those who are in a hurry and don’t want to spend ages on their makeup.


What’s the texture like?

As you can see from the texture swatch above Hello Happy has quite a liquid texture, however, added shea extract (which helps to smooth the skin) makes it a little more creamy and a dream to blend into the skin.


Why are there only 12 shades?

12 may seem small when compared to other brands shade line-up of 50, however, Benefit are confident Hello Happy has a match for everyone. Each individual shade is designed to stretch across several skin tones and leans slightly more toward a neutral undertone to cover a broad spectrum of complexions.

If you need a helping hand picking a shade just tweet me at @EscentualCeryn! Plus, a selection of Benefit Hello Happy shades come in mini size too, so you can test it out, before committing to a full size.


How long will it last on the skin?

Thanks to its second skin texture, Hello Happy sits comfortably all-day, with minimal slipping. But if you do have more of an oily skin type, you may need to powder towards the end of the day.


Do I need to worry about flashback?

No! Hello Happy is flashback proof (I tried and tested it for you), so you don’t need to avoid the camera.


How does it compare to other Benefit foundations?

The main point of difference between Benefit’s foundation offering is texture and finish. Hello Happy has a liquid texture similar to Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW, however, Hello Happy gives a demi matte finish and Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW offers more of a radiant result. Big Easy, Benefit’s iconic BB Cream has a liquid-to-powder formula and velvet finish, while the Hello Flawless Custom Powder Foundation SPF15 is a powder compact that mattifies.



The Shades

Benefit-Hello-Happy-Soft-Blur-Foundation-Swatches-in-Shades-1 Fair Cool, 2 Light Warm, 3 Light Neutral-4 Medium Neutral, 5 Medium Cool, 6 Medium Cool, 7 medium Tan Warm, 8 Tan Warm-9 Deep Neutral, 10 Deep Warm, 11 Dark Neutral, 12 Dark Warm


1 – Fair Cool: The lightest shade available, 1 has a slight pink hue and is best suited to fair skin tones that have cool undertones.

2 – Light Warm: If your skin is light and you have a warmth to your complexion, 2’s slight yellow undertone is made for you.

3 – Light Neutral: For those that have a slightly deeper light skin tone and neutral-to-yellow undertones, 3 will be best suited (this is my shade).


4 – Medium Neutral: Light to medium complexions that have neither cool or warm undertones should pick shade 4.

5 – Medium Cool: Shade 5 is perfect for someone that has a medium skin tone and would describe their skin tone as cool with slightly pink undertones.

6 – Medium Warm: If your olive complexion has a warmth and yellow undertones look no further than the honey hue of 6.

7 – Medium-Tan Warm: Shade 7 has a very yellow undertone and would best suit a medium-tan complexion.

8 – Tan Warm: The warmest medium shade, 8 is a match for someone with a golden complexion.


9 – Deep Neutral: Neither cool or warm, shade 8 is perfect for deep neutral skin tones.

10 – Deep Warm: Slightly darker and warmer in tone than shade 8, shade 10 has rich warm hue.

11 – Dark Neutral: This dark neutral shade will suit deep, ebony skin tones.

12 – Dark Warm: The darkest colour in the line-up, shade 12 has a warmth and a golden undertone.

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