We Put Vichy Mineral 89 To The Ultimate Test



Wondering what the Mineral 89 fuss is about? Us too, that’s why this month, we’ve chosen to take the time to give it a real test run, focusing our research on what it can really do for our different skin types.

For those that are new to the Vichy Mineral 89 hype, think of it as a daily booster; almost like a Berocca infused glass of water for your skin. No matter if you’re sensitive, dry or oily, it’s just complete hydration.

Boasting a formula of only 11 ingredients, including the molecule of the moment, hyaluronic acid, there’s no need to change from your usual serum or moisturiser to benefit from Mineral 89. Just sit back, relax and apply it every morning and evening after your cleansing routine, and apply your other skincare as normal. Then you’re good to go! Want to know more? Let’s find out how well it really worked…


Emma, Editor

Skin type: Dry skin

My skin is dry, dull, dehydrated and sensitive – yep, I’ve got the works. This means I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to adding new things into my routine. Products have to really intrigue me before I’ll even consider adding an extra step and running the risk of a haywire complexion! The thing about Mineral 89 that tipped the scales for me was the percentage of thermal water in the formula. It makes up a staggering 89% of the essence-serum’s composition. 89%! My skin loves the mineral-rich Vichy thermal water spray, so I just had to see if it would love this, too.



Spoiler alert… it did. Mineral 89’s quenching formula does a really nice job of making my skin feel smooth, plumped and hydrated without weight. I use it as more of an essence than a serum, massaging a few pumps between my hands and pressing it onto the skin after cleansing. I pretend to be a facialist when I apply it and use a stimulating ‘raindrops’ motion, enhancing absorption by tapping my fingertips over my entire face. I’ll then follow it up with my favourite moisturiser, which is currently La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Cream, another brilliant skin quencher. It’s a dreamy, plumping combination for skin like mine, and makeup looks pretty much fantastic on top of it.



Ceryn, PR & Content

Skin type: Normal with oily areas

My skin isn’t dry or dehydrated but hydration has become a huge part of my skincare routine lately. Why? Well, everywhere you turn there’s someone talking about the magic of moisture,all you have to do is look at Korean skincare rituals to see a plethora of formulas geared toward hydration. I wanted to put this to the test myself and the release of the Mineral 89 30ml was the perfect excuse for it – could simple hydration have the power to change my skin?

At the start of this trial, my skin was in a really good place. I had a few hormonal/junk food-related blemishes but all in all I couldn’t complain in that department. However, my skin really lacked in radiance. It was missing that healthy glow.


From day 1 I felt the immediate hydrating and plumping benefits of Mineral 89 (that 89% Vichy mineralizing thermal water really packs a punch!). But it was day 3 or 4 that I realised there was more to this booster than meets the eye, my complexion became more even around the nose and on the cheeks (areas where I am usually prone to slight redness). That’s the day I posted the picture above – someone even commented that my skin looked glass-like; if that’s not Korean skincare goals I don’t know what is!




Chelsey, Social & Content

Skin type: Oily skin prone to dehydration and breakouts

I’m always excited to try new skincare, especially if the product has rave reviews and it doesn’t massively interrupt what’s currently working for my skin. I’ve grown to realise that my skin loves moisture but hates being overburdened with products (slap my wrist, but I just love layering).

I don’t drink enough water, so I always tend to rely on skincare that packs a quenching punch. Mineral 89’s water-like texture was what swayed it for me. I usually find hyaluronic acid products quite sticky, but this is a dream to use on oily skin. At first, you may think it’s just another serum, but don’t be fooled. If like me, you’re looking for a shot of hydration but are fussy about textures, this will tick all the boxes your skin needs.

To manage my oiliness, I opted to try the booster only in the evening for the first week, then I graduated to twice a day for the following week – both morning and evening. Within the first couple of days of using Mineral 89 before bed, my skin definitely felt more bouncy the following morning. As Mineral 89’s formula is pretty minimal and thin, you can apply it up and around the eye area. I’d say the main thing that has surprised me, after a week and a half of religious application, the crepe paper lines around my eyes and the tops of my cheeks are definitely becoming more diffused, which I LOVE, as they are a real bugbear of mine.  I didn’t notice a huge increase in shininess either, so if your skin needs hydration, which all oily skin types do, Mineral 89 is the perfect texture to experiment with.




How Can I Get The Best Results From Mineral 89?

This hybrid booster will slot into any routine with ease. If you’re happy with your current skincare situation, start by integrating Mineral 89 as the first step before your serum. You only need two pumps, then gently pat into your skin.

If you’re looking for a change, Mineral 89 as the ideal starting step to a brand new routine. Dry skin should pair it with the Aqualia Thermal Serum for an instant surge of hydration. If your lifestyle has a huge effect on your skin, or you live in the city, opt for the Idealia Serum. Or to firm ageing skin, try the Liftactiv Serum. Oily to blemished skin? Feel to use Mineral 89 in place of a serum, then continue with your daily moisturiser (give the highly-rated Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care a try – Chelsey loves it!)



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