These 5 Fragrances Are Liquid Confidence

Perfume isn’t just a tool to make us smell good, it can also be something we use to make ourselves feel good too. I always say that one should wear perfume for themselves and not for others – forget how many compliments a scent may get you (although compliments are always welcome, let’s be real) or whether people like it or not – your scent is for you and you should enjoy it regardless. Fragrance accompanies us on our journey through life, being the fourth dimension that brings comfort in times of sadness, joy during romantic moments and even confidence when we need it most.

Sometimes spritzing on a perfume is like booting up an avatar – a new self we present to the world that brings out the best facets in us. Wearing a scent we can be whoever we want – a celestial goddess, killer cowboy, the sexiest person on the planet ever, and just about anything else there is to be. Fragrance has the edge on fashion because it’s invisible – we can have it mean whatever we want it to mean. Our relationship to it is more personal and we don’t necessarily need to share its meaning to anyone other than ourselves.

In today’s post we are firing up the fragrance confidence avatar (her name is Fabulosa, I’ve decided) with a selection of five fragrances (two for her, two for him and one for everyone) that give that added layer of confidence for when you need it most. These are scents that cheerlead you throughout the day with a generous chant of “you can do this” and they’re right, you absolutely can!



For HerAlaia-Paris-Amouage-Imitation-Woman

Aren’t I Just Fabulous?

Amouage Imitation Woman Eau de Parfum Spray

Let’s kick off with some glamour and there really isn’t anything more glam out there than the new scent from Amouage. Imitation Woman is inspired by 1970s New York with nods to big hair and the club kids of Studio 54. This bombastic floral opens with the juiciest, most ‘look at me’ blackcurrant note that comes whirling out of the bottle in a cloud of confetti-like aldehydes (the note that gives Chanel No5 its sparkle). But the fun doesn’t stop there because Imitation Woman also has a showy heart of tropical white blooms and an exotic base of sweet amber – it is basically Jerry Hall in a bottle. Don’t believe me? Spritz some on, strut down the street and watch as everyone applauds your glamazonian beauty.


Don’t Mess With Me

Alaia Paris Eau de Parfum Spray

Feeling confident isn’t always about feeling your oats, it can also be about wanting to show the world that you are in no mood and that you are no fool. I like to splash on something that says ‘don’t mess with me’ before a big meeting or if I need to tell some people about themselves. My go to is Alaia Paris by ALAIA because its abstract white florals and incense have a cold, aloof character that says ‘you don’t know me and you never will’. Alaia Paris is a statuesque fragrance cloaked in black – one can peek behind the veil but they will never get close enough to understand its inner workings. I see the fragrance as a wearable force field –impenetrable, icy and iconic.



For HimYSL-Kourous-Cartier-Declaration-Parfum

I’m the Suavest Guy in the Room

Cartier Declaration Parfum Spray

Dressing to impress is important. If you’ve got a big meeting or a date, you want to give the very best impression of your scent. Much as you would not turn up in a hessian sack, you wouldn’t wear a dodgy fragrance. Often you are smelled before you are seen (perhaps that’s just me because I spray too much – heck, life is too short to worry about spraying too much perfume) so it’s important to pick the right thing. If you want to smell like the most suave guy in the room, may I suggest Declaration Parfum from Cartier. This rich, spicy oriental fragrance is filled with woods and cardamom, making for an intensely smart experience, almost like wearing the perfect shoes, shirt and jacket combination. Rock it like there is no tomorrow.


I’m Sexy and I Know It

YSL Kouros Eau de Toilette Spray

A little bit of arrogance goes a long way – that’s a saying, right? We all know that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and it’s best for someone to be confident in their abilities without them banging on too much about them. But occasionally we meet those people who are a little bit too far the other way – they’re a little bit too confident but for some reason we are attracted to that. I am not talking from personal experience, nope, not one bit, leave me alone. Anyway, Kouros is that guy, he’s brash, obsessed with his muscular physique and demanding of attention, but boy is he handsome. If that’s what you want to convey, then 10 sprays of this spicy floral for men will do it.



For AllMiller-Harris-Etu-Noir-Eau-de-Parfum-Spray

My Elegance is Endless

Miller Harris Etui Noir Eau de Parfum Spray

Whilst I’ve put these selections in to categories of his, hers and everyone’s, you can of course wear whatever you fancy, so please do take them with a pinch of salt. The genderless option I’ve picked is Etui Noir by Miller Harris and it’s perhaps an unconventional one because where the others in this guide have been all about showboating and demanding that people bask in the glory of your confidence, Etui Noir is much more understated, offering up a quieter confidence. There’s not much to say here other than the super smooth and slightly doughy iris note, with its warm powder, blended with smoky leather is incredibly elegant and whilst it won’t knock anybody down with its power, people will notice it and maybe they’ll straighten their backs a bit more around you because this is a fragrance that is quietly commanding.


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