Why Your Moisturiser Choice Matters


For many, moisturising is just another skincare step to tick off. As long as it says ‘moisturiser’ on the label you’re winning, right? Well, maybe not.

Everyone tells you that moisturising is important. But what they don’t tell you is why, or how they can offer much more to your skin than just hydration.

So…what you thought was the most simple skincare product to pick may not be as straight forward as your thought. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But fear not, I don’t plan to leave you high and dry (quite literally), this edit will answer all of your questions and help you find your moisturiser match once and for all…

Moisturiser 101


#1 What is a moisturiser?
It’s usually a cream or emulsion with a primary function of hydrating the skin. Most moisturisers contain things called humectants (one of the most common is glycerin), which attract water and help to conserve it within the skin.

#2 Does everyone need one?
Yes! Everyone should use a moisturiser no matter their skin type. Every day, external aggressors steal moisture from our epidermis and moisture is what keeps our complexion functioning its best and looking healthy, so it’s essential that we replace it. Keeping skin moisturised also has long term benefits, as it’ll keep you looking more youthful for longer.

#3 When should I apply it?
It should be the last step in your skincare routine because it’ll lock in all the other formulas, however, there is an exception to this rule: oils. If oils are a part of your routine then apply them after your moisturiser because oils have a higher molecular structure than moisturisers, which means they won’t penetrate through. So, in short, if you want the benefits of an oil to reach your skin, apply it after moisturiser.

#4 How should I apply it?
Start from the middle of the face and work outward. Doing this will ensure the formula is distributed evenly and won’t clog your pores. And don’t forget about your neck


If you want to banish oil and shine…

A common misconception about oily skin is that it can skip moisturiser, because it must be moisturised enough. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, oily skin produces sebum in abundance, but it loses moisture throughout the day like all skin, so missing this step could in theory make your skin even shinier. My tip? Choose a formula with anti-shine benefits like La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat. Effaclar Mat is an ideal match for oily skin; it offers heaps of hydration thanks to added sebulyse, has a sebo-regulating active ingredient that mattifies and tightens pores, plus it’s oil free – what more could you want?




If ordinary hydration just won’t cut it…

If your skin is dry or dehydrated, you’ll know it. More often than not you’ll experience discomfort, tightness, areas of dryness and flaking skin. Skin with symptoms similar to this is crying out for hydration, and no formula delivers moisture quite like Bioderma’s Hydrabio Creme – Rich Moisturising Care. Designed to deliver moisture deep into the epidermis, the refreshing cream harnesses the hydrating powers of salicylic acid and vitamin E to quench your skin’s thirst.




If your skin’s super sensitive…

Most moisturisers are water based and contain preservatives to stop contamination, which is a big problem for those with sensitive skin as they can sometimes cause sensitive skin to react. The solution? Pick a moisturiser with minimal ingredients like the Avene Tolerance Extreme Emulsion. Not only does this soothing emulsion only have 7 kind-to-skin ingredients, but it comes in DEFI packaging, which protects the formula from oxidation and contamination – there’s not a preservative in sight!




If you just want to glow…

Just want your skin to look healthy? Look no further than the Vichy Idealia Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream, it’s basically an energy boost for tired skin. Not only does it offer hydration aplenty but it contains 3% kombucha, a biotechnological ingredient naturally rich in AHA, vitamins, probiotics and polyphenols that restore your skin layer by layer, cell by cell. An instant glow boost, this moisturiser is for anyone that wants to wake up their complexion.


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