Let’s Talk About Nina Ricci Bella Eau de Toilette

When it comes to perfume bottles I’m a bit of a magpie, which is why the Nina Ricci Bella Eau de Toilette was destined to be mine before I even smelt it. I know what you’re thinking; you should never judge a fragrance by it’s bottle, but when it’s this beautiful, how can you not?

Nina Ricci Bella is the brand new addition to Les Belles de Nina, a 3 pillar fragrance collection inspired by girl power and being true to yourself – what’s not to love? Between the romantic Nina, the mysterious Luna and now the magnetic Bella, Nina Ricci has curated a trio of perfumes that pack personality a-plenty.

We can all agree that Bella’s emerald green bottle ticks all the boxes, I mean, it’s even finished with an adorable ladybird on one of the golden leaves – but how does it smell? Well, that’s up next…



I, like many other Nina Ricci fans had high hopes for Bella. Not only was my dressing table crying out for its breathtaking bottle, but I wanted to love its juice for old times’ sake. Nina (alongside Vera Wang Princess) was the scent of my teenage years (I think my love affair with bottles was present even back then).

At first spritz, Bella makes your mouth water. An instant hit of rhubarb gives the perfume a juicy, tart quality that’s not too fruity or too sweet – it’s the perfect appetiser for what’s to come. Beneath the sharp tones of rhubarb lies a green mandarin facet that adds a very delicate citrus quality that lingers until the very end. It’s this delicious gourmand opening that makes Bella so hard to put down.

Although Bella’s top notes are addictive and delicious, her heart is soft and romantic like her sister scent Nina. Freesia, with its green accents and radiant freshness tone down Bella’s vivacity (if only for a minute), while a rose jelly accord adds an elegant, feminine touch that makes it a truly happy perfume to wear and smell.

Bella’s base is where one can truly link it with the original Nina Eau de Toilette, thanks to the addition of vanilla and white musk. Not only are these notes so intrinsically Nina, but they’re what gives Bella its mesmerising magnetism and take it away from being ‘just another fruity scent’.

Although rhubarb is undeniably the star of this signature, Bella has a depth that’s apparent from the start. It’s steeped in intrigue and really is a little bit of everything: sexy, sweet and slightly sassy.

Bella, welcome to my dressing table.


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