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Sunny days and lighter nights encourage us to try something a bit wilder; in my case, that’s shopping for dresses with no sleeves. In this blog post’s case, it’s taking colour and embracing it.

At Escentual, July is when we really see the interest for coral lipstick peak. Its pink-orange hue is the colour that everyone loves to wear, and being one of the easiest shades to pull off, I’m not surprised either.

After extensive research, I’ve realised that the ‘coral lines’ are quite blurred. Is it an orangey-red, or is it orange toned-pink? It’s actually all of the above. That’s why I’m here to help you find the most flattering way to wear coral for summer – remember, this season is all about doing something different, so if you prefer red lipsticks, why not try a coral-red instead?

# 1 The Classic Coral

Lipstick: MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Mat Lipstick in M302 – Bright Coral


Why should you wear coral lip colours?

Coral is one of those shades that looks good on everyone. I like to think of it as a colour that’s bright enough to say hello without being too in your face.


How do I will I know if coral suits me?

It’s all about getting your tones right. Think about your colouring (cool or warm) and your skin colour (light, medium, dark), or you can try this easy test:

• If your skin looks better when you wear black or white, look for corals with a blue tone, A.K.A cool corals.
• Those who prefer the way their skin looks when they wear ivory, off-white, tan or earthy colours, try warm corals.

Still indecisive? Neutral tones are always a safe bet.


Which is the best coral lipstick is for me?

The one coral to rule them all? MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Rouge Mat Lipstick in M302 – Bright Coral. Nice and neutral, this uber-flattering lipstick is creamy and long-lasting, whilst being the perfect middle ground between orange and pink. What’s special about this shade is it’s ability to warm the skin, regardless of your skin tone. Another bonus is its hydrating texture and long-lasting ability. Its creamy texture means it doesn’t look dry or drag across the lips,  – I love it!

#2 The Pink Coral

Lipstick: Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Colour Juice in 341- Litchi

Emma Wears Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Colour Juice in 341- Litchii

Why choose a pink coral lip colour over your usual lipstick?
• Flattering on all skin tones
• They look great with bold eye colours, i.e blue and green shadows
• Pink corals have more cool options available


How do I differentiate a pink coral from a normal pink lipstick?

When compared to baby pink, fuschia and bubblegum shades, pink-corals have a subtle orange tinge. It’s almost as if they’ve been sitting in the sun for a little longer than your traditional pink shades.


Which pink coral lipstick is for me?

We love the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Colour Juice in 341 Litchi, as it’s a neutral shade that everyone can wear well. On light-coloured lips, you see the coral really pop with each layer you apply and for darker lips, its pink-coral side really brightens up your complexion with minimal effort. A great option if you like your lipstick to be transfer-free and lightweight, Lip Tatoo’s bare lip sensation acts like a stain, offering your lips long-lasting colour with a weightless feel. Emma has swatched all of the new summer Lip Tatoo Colour Juices here.


#3 The Red Coral

Lipstick: MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Light in L304 – Red Coral


Why choose a red coral lipstick over your usual lipstick?
• They’re perfect if you like your lips to be the main statement you make with your makeup.
• Red corals pair beautifully with minimal eye makeup or an elegant cat eye.
• There are more options available for warmer skin tones
• Red corals are an easy way to cheat your way to glamorous look, even if you only have seconds to spare.

How do I differentiate a red coral from a normal red lipstick?

Unlike your traditional pillar box red, red coral lipsticks are always on the warmer side as they have a hint of peach or orange.

Which red coral lipstick is for me?

How pretty is MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Rouge Light in L304 – Red Coral? A demure red with a soft pink side. L304 Red Coral’s glossy finish and warm undertone both have instant glamour written all over it, without being too daring. On the comfort scale, this lipstick rates highly. Its sheer finish looks and feels ultra nourishing, which is a huge bonus for those that are wary of bold colour.  If corals arent for you, you can see the other shades in the collection here.

#4 The Nude Coral

Lipstick: bareMinerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Crush


Why choose a nude coral lipstick over your usual lipstick?
• Great if you’re scared of bold colours
• Looks great on multiple skin tones
• Sets off dramatic eye makeup effortlessly
• Adds a polishing finishing touch to minimal makeup


How do I differentiate a nude coral from a normal nude lipstick?

These shades tend to be more on the muted side and are usually fitted with a delicate peach undertone that warms up skin beautifully.


Which is the nude coral lipstick is for me?

Fairer skin tones will love the bareMinerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Crush. Its sheer wash of neutral colour is somewhere between a milky coral and a peachy nude, offering a minimalist way to wear colour that is easy to layer. Not to mention its superior ability to nourish and soften lips. Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick is free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates and uses oils and butters to keep lips supple. Too light? If you have a darker skin tone, try the shade Nudist or Honeybun.

#5 The Orange Coral

Lipstick: Clarins Joli Velvet Lipstick in 711V Papaya

Emma Wears Clarins Joli Velvet Lipstick in 711V Papaya

Why choose an orange coral lipstick over your usual lipstick?
• Coral orange lipsticks can be demure or bold
• They’re the perfect option if you want to step outside your comfort zone
• If you have fair skin, sheerer textures will flatter your complexion more
• Medium to dark skins will look great in an orange-coral lipstick with a matte finish


How do I differentiate an orange coral from a normal orange lipstick?

These sunny shades tend to be more nectarine, than orange. Look out for a peachy undertone that looks almost milky when applied.


Which orange coral lipstick is for me?

A firm favourite orange coral lipstick is the new Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick in 711V Papaya. Blended with a hint of pink, this vibrant shade is less daunting than wearing a bold orange but it’s still as beautiful, plus it wears well on most tones. If matte is your favourite lipstick finish right now, the blurring capabilities of this lipstick are definitely worth a mention. Ultra-fine microbeads create a velveteen veil effect to keep your lips free from gloss and shine, it’s matte lover’s dream! See all the shade swatches here.

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