Beauty Team Favourites – August 2018


We’re back, bringing you the very best from August’s fragrance, makeup and skincare launches and we have a feeling you’re going to discover at least one favourite that will soon become an everyday must-have.

Tried and tested by our in-house experts, this month’s Beauty Team Favourites are a mix of things that are both surprising and long-awaited.  We’ve got a multitasking beauty balm that does it all, right through to an innovative lipstick that will help you to (finally) find your perfect red. Prepare to fall in love with the newness from DIOR, Clarins and much more…



Dewy by day, and vampy by night – my picks are all about finding the right beauty balance

My go-to new beauty buys this month are pretty different from one another – but there’s no fun in being safe when it comes to beauty, hey? From a reformulated foundation favourite to a fragrance that’s been the olfactory anthem to my evenings all month long, these new kids on the block are too good to miss.

#1 The Foundation Throwback


Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

Skin Illusion was the very first makeup product I bought when I started working at Escentual back in 2010. Purchasing it felt like such a monumental milestone. It’s since become my beauty talisman; I may try lots of other foundations, but I’ll always keep a bottle of Skin Illusion to hand for moments when I want hydrated, fresh and buildable coverage that still looks like skin.

This year, my beloved foundation is being renovated with an extended collection of shades, especially at the deeper end of the spectrum (a big yes for inclusivity), a more hydrating formula, and a brand new dropper bottle that makes dispensing the perfect amount of foundation easier than ever.


#2 The Power Fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night Eau de Parfum Intense Spray Bottle Close Up
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by Night

I’m partial to fragrances that don’t hedge their bets; sometimes you just want your scent to make an instant impression, and Scandal by Night definitely fits into that category. The first flanker to last year’s Scandal, Scandal by Night is a confidence-boosting Eau de Parfum that feels like power in a bottle.

The heart of the fragrance is driven by an emblematic honey note, which has a languid, hypnotising quality that lasts all the way through to the creamy dry down. Other facets to take note of include heady tuberose, seductive tonka bean and dark patchouli, which creates a tempting cocktail with excellent sillage. Spritz it on before your evening out and feel instantly ready for whatever the night has in store!




This August, I’ve been a bit of a magpie, drawn to chic and nifty packaging!

You’re bound to have heard about at least one of my favourites this month – they’re both a huge talking point in the beauty world! First up is a childhood staple turned brow gadget, then a cult-classic with the chicest makeover…



#1 The Brow Shaping Essential

Benefit Brow Contour Pro - 4 in 1 Contour Pencil in 03 Brown Medium

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

Rewind back to your school days and you’ll probably remember having something similar to this gadget in your pencil case (I loved mine)! This one is a little different to what you’ll remember though; the four biro shades have been replaced with a brow-enhancing dream team!

The answer to all my brow problems, Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro came at a great time because I’m done with carrying so many makeup items with me anymore! Inside the four way pen you’ll find a light shade for sculpting the front of the brow, a darker shade for the arch and tale, a concealer for defining and a highlighter for well, highlighting!



#2 The New Way To Wear Lipstick


DIOR Ultra Rouge Lipstick (999 Ultra Dior + 000 Ultra Light)

Dior is my weakness. It’s one of my favourite beauty brands simply because the formulas are always on point and the packaging never ever fails to be anything but extraordinary. Ultra Rouge, their latest lipstick lineup, is no different.

Dressed in all red, this collection is in celebration of Rouge Dior’s 70th year. Of the 22 strong offering, my favourite is 000 Ultra Light. This is an extreme shade (a bright white pigment) that you can use to lighten any lipstick. My favourite combo? Ultra Rouge 999 Ultra Dior and 000 Ultra Light; the result is a beautiful, pink-coral.




Strict repurchases only. If it’s not something I’d buy over and over again, it’s not making the cut.

I’ve had to be pretty strict with this month’s picks; there’s been so much to fall in love with! But sticking to my guns, I’ve discovered a new beauty balm that can do no wrong, and I even come across a new signature scent that I never, ever expected would become my go-to fragrance!



#1 The Only Accessory You Need


Jimmy Choo Fever Eau de Parfum 

Sweet tooth? You’re going to love the new Jimmy Choo Fever. Not all gourmand fragrances make the cut; they’ve got to have a certain je nes se quoi (and a compliment when sprayed always helps), but there’s something about Fever that has me surprisingly hooked.  Plus, its super-pretty bottle looks great amongst my current fragrance collection too.

I’m sure it’s the plumy note that’s my addiction, its sticky-sweet side always has me wanting more, and with Fever, the creaminess of vanilla and tonka bean add an almond-esque edge that’s crunchy and textured. It’s a tribute to the delicate and strong sides of femininity and I just LOVE it and how confident it makes me feel. To get a feel of how Fever really smells, you can read my review here.



#2 The One Balm To Rule Them All

Nuxe Reve de Miel Repairing Super Balm Texture

Nuxe Reve de Miel Super Balm 

Thought the Reve de Miel Lip Balm was your favourite Nuxe product in the Reve de Miel range? Think again! The Super Balm is here to quench your skin like never before. I’ve been sneakily using the Superbalm for a month now and I’m completely converted. It’s one of those products that everyone and anyone can use for any niggling dry skin problem – and it smells like heaven, too.

So far, my lips love it when they’re starting to feel dehydrated; my face adores it after I’ve dried out my skin using too much spot cream, and even my elbows are starting to feel smoother and look less chalky. Believe me when I say, it’s the best multitasking balm on the market. Plus, one of the best things about the Reve de Miel Super Balm? It’s made from at least 97% natural origin ingredients, so sensitive skins will enjoy using it too! Find out all of the ways you can use it here.


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