11 Makeup Tips We Learnt From Instagram

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Instagram is one of our favourite places to share all things beauty. It’s full of amazing, like-minded makeup addicts with a keen interest in trending beauty matters, so where better than there to find out some tips and tricks to optimise our routines?  

We recently reached out to our wonderful Escentual Instagram community to see what makeup tips they swear by (you can read all 253 tips here) and they really brought their A-game. Here’s what they recommend that you try…


Tip #1 

@catutssa I use my eye primer for my eyebrows as well,
to make sure the eye pencil won’t budge 🧐


Tip #2 

@mackieali Have a capsule make up wardrobe.
Cutting down on decisions saves time.


Tip #3 

@millyyma Investing in a good brush for applying eyeshadow makes it much easier and quicker to get a flawless, blended look.


Tip #4 

@tatiana.francisco1 Dry skin like mine loves cream products, so my makeup consists of cream products only and lots of blending!
Not having to use powders saves me lots of time 🤗


Tip #5 

@mrspixelwife Use under eye brightener as a highlighter on cheeks too. One less product to buy!


Tip #6 

@Sweetescape101 I use eyeshadow as eyeliner! Saves so much time trying
to get liquid eyeliner perfect and lasts all day too


Tip #7 

@Ginandskin I use my bronzer to warm up my face then dust it over my eyelids
to bring the look together. I’m a nurse and a mum so early morning and complicated makeup routines don’t work!


Tip #8

@sarahridoutxx Instead of doing a full face of foundation which takes time to blend,
just dot on a high-quality concealer to the base of the nose, under the eyes and over any blemishes and quickly blend.
This saves HEAPS of time when time really is of the essence! 💕


Tip #9

@tisay87 Mix your highlighter with your foundation!
It works like a dream for me and if you’re anything like me
who has loads of make up in different make up bags, separate your go-to essentials
in a different bag to save time when putting make up on 💖


Tip #10

@lucyrose_proartist Lipstick is a great multi-use product!
Saves time and I’ve recommended it to all my mummy friends!!!
Use your chosen lip colour on the cheeks and eyes to harmonise your overall look and save time!


Tip #11

@ffi_mua Use blusher or bronzer on the cheeks and the eyes as a natural eyeshadow – 2in1 heaven 😍


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