#EscentualMe: Scenting a 45 Year Old Recruitment Consultant from Yorkshire

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#EscentualMe is where we profile one of our loyal readers to find out everything about them so we can find the perfect fragrances for them. Today we scent a 45-year-old Recruitment Consultant from North Yorkshire. An active and dedicated individual who makes time for herself, her husband, and her fitness, this week’s subject has a penchant for big, bold perfumes from iconic brands. With a fastidious beauty routine and a love of the colour yellow, this week’s subject really knows what she wants from life and shows an appreciation for all of the good things in this world. Let’s see what scents we have picked!

Personal Profile

Job Title:
 Recruitment Consultant

Age: 45

Location: Skipton, North Yorkshire

Sex: Female

Hobbies: Cycling, shopping, reading, Instagram, getting my hair dyed regularly and holidays with my husband.

Dislikes: Celery, leeks, arrogance and Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL.

Tell Us About Your Weekly Routine: A working week starts with me rising at 7 am for a brisk shower and hair wash. I style my hair using Paul Mitchell products and use my Dyson hairdryer (cool) and my GHD straighteners. Blunt bright red bob – shaved undercut at back. I then make a coffee for myself and husband and retreat to the living room. I then take time to scroll through my Instagram feed (addicted) before starting my beauty regime. I apply my face taking around 10 minutes which is a mixture of YSL foundation, powder and blush, Urban Decay eyebrow pencil, eyeliner both kohl and glitter underneath, finished with YSL mascara.

After breakfast I leave the house at 830 am to walk a mile to work – I’m lucky that I can walk through the Yorkshire scenery to work and don’t have to commute on public transport. My day finishes at 530 pm and I take the 1-mile walk back home – totally de-stressed by the time I get home. It’s then a mixture of 2 things that can happen. I change quickly and either; A: enter my home gym for an hour’s weight training and then HIIT cardio OR B: go out on my road bike for an hour or so (weather dependent). Afterwards, shower, remove all beauty products – make tea for my husband and I and then chill together with our cats until about 10 pm when we go to bed – 8 hours sleep minimum essential for good well being ;-). Weekends tend to be more relaxed (cheeky lie in) no rushing around, again a mixture of the 2 training regimes and then socialising with friends and/or with my husband (my soul mate who I’ve been with since I was 19).

Current Favourite Fragrance: Well make that plural I’m flitting between these at present: Valentino Valentina, Valentino Donna, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night, DIOR Miss Dior, Chanel Gabrielle.

Favourite Food: A split between a good Sunday roast or a fine Bengal curry.

Best-Loved Drink: Well I am a northern burd so I love a pint of lager or if I’m being posh – G&T – any sort as long as its got Fever Tree tonic in it.

Favourite Colour: Yellow 100%



Your Perfect Perfume Fit…


Candy by Prada 

What I noticed in our Northern Recruitment Consultant’s bio is that she loves a bit of sweetness in her fragrances. The likes of Valentino Donna (upmarket candy floss via the way of lipstick and face powder), Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by Night (tuberose dripping in honey) and Miss Dior (strawberry explosion) all have a fair amount of sugar, but they also have a very French approach too. So what scent would be the perfect fit for a person that loves sweetness with a strong perfume backbone? Why Candy by Prada of course!

Prada Candy is the most luxurious of gourmands.  It is spun sugar and caramel done with Italian effervescence and grace. What could be dense and sickly is transparent and sparkly. Caramel meets iris and benzoin in an unconventional, modern amber that is as much fun as its name may suggest. I think Prada Candy is the perfect fit for someone who has a sweet tooth (fragrantly-speaking) but also an appreciation for a more luxurious touch.



Your Alter-Ego: The Energetic


Lumiere Doree by Miller Harris

What really stuck out for me reading through the profile of our lovely subject this week is that they very much like to be doing things. There is a routine-like dedication to fitness but also an appreciation of being outdoors and being active. They also work as a Recruitment Consultant, which is a fast-paced, active role. In addition, our subject enjoys fragrances that I would describe as being big, boisterous personalities – fragrances that have a fun sense of energy to them. So if I were to categorise a fragrant alter ego for this week’s #EscentualMe, I would classify them as ‘the energetic’ – the type of person that likes to be on their feet.

One of my favourite energetic fragrances is Lumiere Doree by Miller Harris. Centred on the lively note of neroli, Lumiere Doree captures for me, that moment at sunset when the golden light of the sun reflects off the ocean, making it sparkle and shimmer like sequins. It’s a refreshing, clean floral with a big, bubbling energy to it – the kind of fragrance that makes one feel glad to be alive and surrounded by such beauty in the world. Lumiere Doree is a perfect choice for the energetic person who enjoys big, golden florals such as Gabrielle by CHANEL.



Your Wildcard Scent


Colonia by Acqua di Parma

The purpose of the wildcard scent selection is to push our #EscentualMe subject slightly outside of their comfort zone – to provide them with a fragrance idea that may not be something they would necessarily go for. Thinking about the fact that our energetic Recruitment Consultant often goes for warmth and sweetness leads me to think that freshness is missing from her wardrobe. What’s more, she adores the colour yellow, which alludes to fragrances that are bright and sunny.

I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘yellow’, I think ‘Acqua di Parma’, specifically ‘Colonia’ which comes in the brand’s signature yellow packaging. Colonia is the ideal wildcard for our Yorkshire lass because it is the antithesis of her usual style (it’s fresh, zingy, zesty) but it actually fits with her very active lifestyle. What’s more, this iconic citrus-heavy cologne is famous for being refined and elegant, which kinda goes hand in hand with such a fastidious beauty and hair regime we see in our subject this week. So Colonia may not be such a wild choice after all!


Over to you!

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