This Is How To Detox Your Skin And Hair

A new year is an excellent opportunity to have a clear out. I bet it’s been months since you gave your wardrobe a thorough re-jig or your kitchen cupboards a deep clean? Guilty as charged. This idea of a ‘clear out’ or ‘deep clean’ doesn’t only apply to our home though, our body could use some attention too.

Usually, when we hear about detoxing, it’s inside our body that’s front and centre; the focus is on our diets and what we can cut out (or put in) to rid our system of toxins. But let me ask you this: what about the outside of our bodies? Are our skin and hair not just as important? Of course, they are; that’s why I’m sharing some of my skin and hair detox tips with you in this edit. There’s no strict diet in sight, just simple steps and effective formulas that’ll help counteract and protect against the effects of pollution and busy lifestyles.


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel

#1 Kick things off with a cleanse!

In short, cleansing is one the most important rules in skin (and hair) detoxing. After all, it’s the step that’ll help to remove all the toxins and impurities that have built up deep down in your pores. You can’t expect your complexion to look healthy and glowing if it’s congested, can you?

When it comes to cleansing my advice is: keep it simple. So many people overcomplicate this step and use formulas/methods that irritate their complexion. The sole aim here is to clean and refresh, which is precisely why the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel is my recommendation. It doesn’t have all bells and whistles like many on the market; it just does what it says on the tin, exceptionally well. Made for all skin types, including sensitive, the creamy cleanser has a balanced formula that purifies and hydrates while protecting skin from future external aggressors.



Decleor Deep Cleansing Clarifying Clay Mask

#2 Add in a treat… or two

Detoxing isn’t all about cutting things out. To get your skin back on track, you need to treat it too. The phrase ‘kill them with kindness’ may ring a bell, and that’s pretty spot on for detoxing also; if you want to repair the damage caused by pollutants and dirt, you need to give skin the ingredients and care to get itself back on track.

For purification and rejuvenating nothing fits the bill better than the Decleor Deep Cleansing Clarifying Clay Mask. Super creamy and suitable for all skin (including sensitive), it’s packed with fruit and plants extracts that pull impurities from the skin without causing dryness or irritation. Not only does this face mask give your skin an instant reboot but it’ll also improve skin texture, firmness and help prevent the appearance of dark spots too.



Vichy Dercos Nutrients Detox Purifying Shampoo

#3 Think about (H)air pollution

Didn’t know you could detox your hair? Well, you can, and once you do, you’ll wish you had sooner. Just like our bodies and our skin, our hair can be affected by pollution (think irritation, dryness and breakage); the scalp can also become congested, especially if you’re a styling product addict like me, so every once and a while a deep, detoxifying cleanse is a must.

Luckily, there’s a shampoo in the French Pharmacy category made just for this. The Vichy Dercos Nutrients Detox Purifying Shampoo addresses pollution-induced greasiness while helping to rebalance the scalp and purify tresses from roots to ends. You may not notice the effects free radicals are having on your hair right now, but you will so don’t leave it until bad hair days are a regular occurrence.


Nuxe Body Anti-Dimpling Body-Contouring Oil

#4 Don’t forget about the rest of your body

We’ve covered our face and our hair, but what about the rest of our body? Our arms and legs aren’t immune to the effects of external aggressors, so it’s important to detox from head to toe. Of course, the skin on our bodies will benefit from what we put into it (you are what you eat after all); however, some products take your detox routine one step further. Take the Nuxe Body Anti-Dimpling Body-Contouring Oil, for example, it contains nine essential oils, which are well-known for their detoxifying and purifying action. By adding this to your daily regimen, you’ll not only help to promote cellular detoxification but also improve firmness and elasticity all over.


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Fresh Mist Spray

#5 Protect yourself

Finally, there’s no point putting in all the hard (detox) work if you’re not going to protect your skin going forward; and the best way to do this is by creating a barrier between harmful free radicals and your skin with SPF. One of the top-selling SPF’s on Escentual is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Fresh Mist Spray. Quick and easy to use the spray diffuses a lightweight, transparent formula all over the skin and leaves it matte, refreshed and most importantly it offers high broadspectrum UVA/UVB protection in a single spritz.


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