#EscentualMe: Scenting a 25-Year-Old PR Director From London

#EscentualMe Scenting a 25-Year-Old PR Director From London

#EscentualMe is where we profile one of our loyal readers to find out everything about them so we can find the perfect fragrances for them.  This week’s candidate is a 25-year-old Beauty Blogger and PR Director based in London.  Driven, organised and filled with coffee, our candidate has creative flair and killer taste in fragrance.  Let’s take a look at their profile below and see which fragrances would be the perfect fit, which would match their personality, and which would perhaps move them out of their comfort zone…


Personal Profile


Job Title: PR Director/Beauty Blogger

Age: 25

Location: London

Sex: Female

Hobbies: Watching horror movies, spending too much money on beauty, cooking, drinking lots of coffee and exploring London.

Dislikes: Lateness, feeling disorganised, when it rains and my hair gets really frizzy and aniseed balls.

Tell Us About Your Weekly Routine: I work from home mostly, so my mornings normally start at half seven before I make myself a vat of coffee and crack on with emails. I’m either at my desk all day, taking photos or heading out into town for meetings and press events. Most days are different, and I’m often on-the-go.

Current Favourite Fragrances: I’ve recently discovered Atelier Cologne’s vanilla which I love. That or Byredo’s Bibliotheque, Mon Guerlain and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

Favourite Food: I love afternoon tea (if that counts…)

Best-Loved Drink: Coffee!

Favourite Colour: Pink or anything pastel

Your Perfect Perfume Fit…

Narciso Poudre by Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Poudre by Narciso Rodriguez

So let’s get right into it! What could be a perfect perfume pick for a beauty-loving blogger who loves anything pink or pastel? For someone who likes a touch of cosmetic-like sweetness in their fragrance? For me the answer is very simple: NARCISO Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez – a perfume painted in soft, pastel tones.

NARCISO Poudree takes the abstract, spacious gardenia of the original NARCISO and throws in a soft, dusting of nude-coloured makeup powder to the velveteen glow of flowers and musk. This is a silky, enveloping fragrance that feels like cashmere. It’s casual but refined, creating a luxurious impression that feels expensive. Out of all of Narciso Rodriguez’s fragrances, NARCISO Poudree is perhaps the most understated, but it stands out in its own way as something uniquely cosy. 

Your Fragrant Alter Ego: The Beauty Lover

GUERLAIN Meteorites Le Parfum Eau de Toilette Spray
Meteorites Le Parfum by GUERLAIN
This one felt like a no-brainer. We have a blogger who loves beauty and even admits to spending too much on beauty products (as if there is such a thing as too much beauty, I mean come on!) so it’s safe to say that perhaps, maybe, their alter-ego could be ‘the beauty lover’? Yeah, that sounds right to me, and for the beauty lover we can pick out a cosmetic-themed fragrance from a historic brand famous for their makeup as much as their fragrance.

Enter Meteorites Le Parfum by GUERLAIN. Inspired by the brand’s iconic beauty pearls, this fragrance captures thousands of shimmering pastel shades with notes of apple, violet, iris and vanilla. The smell is subtle and iridescent, with a fresh, powdery sparkle that is the perfect highlight to any outfit. The beauty lover never smelled so good!!

Your Wildcard Scent…

Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun
Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun

The whole point of the wildcard scent is to choose something that our #EscentualMe candidate is unlikely to pick up in real life. It has to be something completely out of left field but also something that they would love to wear – not an easy balance, I tell you! So in preparation, I dive deep into Escentual’s extensive catalogue of fragrances to find that wild, but perfect pick, and I think I may have excelled myself this time!

Our 25-year-old Blogger and PR Director strikes me as a confident person who knows what they want from life. Whilst their fragrance tastes show significant range, spanning the easy and comforting (Mon Guerlain) to the bold and statement-making (Black Orchid), they seem like a person of routine, of organisation, and vision. For their wildcard pick, I’ve selected a fragrance that is far from their sweet, plush fragrance taste but matches their professional success. That scent is Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun, a heady, cologne-like orange blossom fragrance that is finely tailored into something androgynous and sharp. It’s the kind of thing you’d rock when you needed to let everyone else know that you’re the boss!

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