Urban Decay On The Run Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Urban Decay know a thing or two about palettes. All that needs to be said to any beauty lover is ‘Naked’, and their eyeshadow-loving hearts will start to race (mine included). They’re experts and have a fleet of best-sellers under their belt (Naked Cherry being one of the most recent), so when Urban Decay launches a new palette, everyone stops and listens.

For this launch, they’ve taken inspiration everyone’s favourite pass-time: travelling, plus the Instagram-favourite Born To Run Palette to release three limited edition On the Run Mini Eyeshadow Palettes. Each one has eight shades inside, plus the buttery, highly pigmented formulas that we can always expect from Urban Decay. 

Trust me when I say there’s something for everyone in this trio; whether you’re a die-hard neutrals fan, have a penchant for colour, or want a mixture of both! Scroll for the swatches…



On The Run Mini Palette Bailout

Bailout is a must-have if smoky brown eyes are your go-to. There’s everything from a peachy-nude that’ll make a great base colour to cocoa and deep chocolate browns that are great for adding definition. And, because these palettes are all about going the extra mile, Bailout also has a rich purple and a light lavender transformer shade that’ll invigorate and intensify any look.

Tip: Bailout’s transformer shade, Pickup is like magic. Apply it over a black eyeliner and watch it adapt into an iridescent black-purple.


Urban Decay On The Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette Bailout Swatches

The Swatches

Skimp is a light cream shade with a very subtle shimmer throughout.

Bailout is a nude peach hue with a matte finish that will make an excellent base shade.

Faith is a medium, warm nude-brown with a matte finish. It’s the perfect transition colour!

Rebound has a rich chocolate brown hue and a satin finish with a delicate iridescence.

Chopper is a sparkling copper with silver micro glitter that will look mesmerising all-over the lid or as an inner corner highlight.

Double Up is a much deeper and cooler chocolate shade than Rebound, plus it’s far more iridescent and has a golden shift.

Pickup is the transformer shade. It’s a pale lavender enhanced with pink micro-sparkle.

Vice is this Bailout’s pop of colour! A deep eggplant, it has a satin finish with a very subtle shimmer.


Urban Decay On The Run Eyeshadow Palette Look in Bailout

The Bailout Look

Step 1: Apply ‘Bailout’ throughout the crease as a base colour, blending into a rounded shape up toward the brow bone with a fluffy brush.

Step 2: Repeat the above step with the shade ‘Faith’ but don’t blend as high as ‘Bailout’. This will give your crease extra definition.

Step 3: Now, use a flat eyeshadow brush to densely pack ‘Faith’ onto the inner and outer corner of the eyelid, leaving the centre bare in preparation for a spotlight eye effect.

Step 4: Next, use the shade ‘Rebound’ and repeat the above step, leaving the centre bare once again.

Step 5: Up the intensity of the spotlight effect by applying ‘Double Up’ on either side of the lid.

Step 6: Spray a flat eyeshadow brush with the All Nighter Setting Spray (or dampen with water) and place the shade ‘Pick Up’ in the centre of the lid, then blend the edges with a fluffy brush and the colour, ‘Faith’.

Step 7: Then draw even more attention to the eyes by lining the lash-line with the shade ‘Vice’. For extra pigment, spray an angled eyeliner brush with the All Nighter Setting Spray.

Step 8: Complement the step above by lining the waterline with the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vice, then buff with a dense, fluffy brush to soften.

Step 9: To make the eyes appear bigger apply ‘Pick Up’ to the inner corner as a highlight.

Step 10: Complete your eyeshadow by dusting ‘Skimp’ onto the brow bone.

Step 11: Finish off the look with a few coats of the volumising Perversion Mascara.




On The Run Mini Palette Detour

Urban Decay On The Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Detour

If Cleopatra had an eyeshadow palette made for her, I’d imagine it would look something like the Detour palette. The mix of earthy neutrals ranges from a peachy-nude and mustard brown, that together would make a warm smokey eye that’s completely on trend (. But that’s not it, it detours away (see what I did there) from being ‘just a neutral palette’ with the addition of a metallic teal and an icy blue transformer shade that’ll turn any look into a work of art.

Tip: Detour’s transformer shade shouldn’t be ignored! Layer this white-green over a black an eyeliner and it’ll become a mesmerising dark teal.


Urban Decay On The Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette Detour Swatches

The Swatches

Off The Grid makes a great base shade. It has an ivory hue with a pink shift and a matte finish. 

Dash is a shimmery bronze-gold with a beautiful iridescence that will make a beautiful inner corner highlight colour. 

Escape has a warm peachy hue and matte finish, which makes it a great transitional colour to enhance the crease.

Detour will add depth to your crease in an instant. It has a deep mustard-brown with a matte finish. 

16th Street is a metallic bronze-gold that will add a touch of sparkle to any look thanks to its iridescent finish.

Confidential will be a favourite for all cut-crease lovers. It has a rich brown-red hue and a matte finish. 

Switchback is the transformer shade. It’s an aquamarine with a holographic effect. 

Plunge is Detour’s pop of colour! The deep teal has a metallic quality that catches the light at all angles. 


Urban Decay On The Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette Look in Detour

The Detour Look

Step 1: Start by applying ‘Escape’ throughout the crease with a soft, fluffy brush

Step 2: Next, add extra definition to the crease and lower lashline with the shade ‘Detour’.

Step 3: Now, spray a flat eyeshadow brush with the All Nighter Setting Spray (or dampen with water) and apply ‘Dash’ to the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4: In the centre of lid use the transformer shade, ‘Switchback’. For extra intensity spray your brush with the All Nighter Setting Spray

Step 5: To take the look to the next level, apply ‘Plunge’ to the outer corner and blend into ‘Switchback. 

Step 6: Apply more ‘Switchback’ into the centre of the eye to ensure a holographic effect. 

Step 7: Spray an angled eyeliner brush with All Nighter Setting Spray and use the shade ‘Plunge’ to line the upper lashline. 

Step 8: To define the lower lashline go in with ‘Confidential’, then layer with ’16th Street’. 

Step 9: Pull the entire look together with a few coats of the Perversion Mascara




On The Run Mini Palette Shortcut

Urban Decay On The Run Eyeshadow Palette Shortcut

All fans of the Naked Cherry Palette are probably going to love Shortcut. Packed with berry-tinted rose and chocolate hues, this eyeshadow line-up has a definite romantic feel to it. If you never stray away from neutrals but want to inject some (muted) colour into your makeup routine, Shortcut is the way to do it.

Tip: Zone, the transformer shade is the one to watch in this palette. Build it over black eyeliner to give your look a unique edge.



The Swatches

Sin is a pale nude shimmer that’ll look beautiful on the inner corner and brow bone, or all over the lid. 

Laced is an ideal base shade. It’s a pinky-taupe hue and matte finish will give the lid a delicate wash of colour. 

Shortcut has a romantic rose-pink hue and a smooth matte finish. 

Afterhours is a gunmetal shade with a purple shift. It has iridescent micro-sparkle throughout, which gives it a satin finish. 

Back Alley is a warm chocolate-brown matte. This shade is a great colour for cut-creases or an alternative to black eyeliner. 

Rendezvous is a burgundy-brown with a very fine sparkle running throughout the mostly matte formula. 

Gash has a vampy quality. It’s a rich brick red hue with a metallic finish. 

Zone is Shortcut’s transformer shade, it’s an eye-catching copper shimmer with pink-red micro-sparkle. 



Urban Decay On The Run Eyeshadow Palette Shortcut Look

The Shortcut Look

Step 1: Begin by applying ‘Laced’ throughout the crease and past the outer edge (before we do a cut-crease later).

Step 2: Now, apply ‘Shortcut’ to the crease but don’t blend as high as ‘Laced’.  Intensify this on the outer corner of the eye patting with a flat brush, then blending later.

Step 3: Add even more intensity to the outer corner with the shade ‘Rendezvous’. Blend this with a fluffy brush

Step 4: To accentuate the outer corner even further, take ‘Back Alley’ on a fluffy brush and blend until there’s a seamless edge. 

Step 5: Spray an eyeshadow brush with the All Nighter Setting Spray and apply ‘Sin’ onto the inner corner of the eye. 

Step 6: Then, pat ‘Zone’ onto the centre of the eye. 

Step 7: To add drama to the look, take the shade ‘Afterhours’ and apply close to the lashline, then buff out with a dense, fluffy brush for a smoked out liner effect.  

Step 8: Begin by defining the lower lashline with ‘Shortcut’. Then layer ‘Gash’ followed by ‘Afterhours’ to intensify. 

Step 9: Top up your inner corner highlight with ‘Sin’ and also apply to the brow bone. 

Step 10: Complete the look with the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion and the Perversion Mascara


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