#EscentualMe: Scenting a 31-Year-Old Events Coordinator From London


If you’ve been following our #EscentualMe posts, you will know that they are an opportunity for you, the devoted Escentual shoppers and readers, to get scented by us. We take your likes, your dislikes, tastes and attitudes, and turn them into a curated selection of fragrances that we think are distinctly you. If you want to have a go then it’s easy, you just need to answer a few questions here!

Getting the #EscentualMe treatment this week is a 31-year-old Events Coordinator based in Battersea, London. Approaching our questions with energy and gusto, this #EscentualMe candidate gave us a lot to work with, telling us all about her fast-paced job, which has afforded her the opportunity to meet lots of exciting people including Little Mix (who, we are told, were very sweet), and her love of music, theatre and food. Not to mention her love of big and bold perfumes! Our subject this week made it really easy to pick out her fragrant selections, and I certainly had a lot of fun doing it.


Personal Profile


Job Title: Events Co-Ordinator

Age: 31

Location: Battersea, London

Sex: Female

Hobbies: Art galleries and exhibitions, ANYTHING to do with food: cookery workshops, food markets etc. movies, music (hip hop/alternative as well as Beyonce…) and I also love the theatre.

Dislikes: I hate standing around waiting for something to happen, I have no patience. I also hate rush hour, people who walk slowly in front of me and overpriced crap restaurants that seem to be popping up all over the place.

Tell Us About Your Weekly Routine: 9-5 I’m at my office in Soho and I live in quite a big, sociable house so me and my housemates with cook dinner together and watch a trashy film or I’m at a mid-week show (as the tickets are cheaper). I’m off to see Motown next week and I recently saw Bat Out of Hell which was AMAZING! With the nature of my job I have to work in the evenings but I don’t mind it too much as I really enjoy what I do and I get to meet some really interesting people, I recently did an event for Spotify and Little Mix and they were so sweet and humble. Weekends I’m usually partying, this weekend I’m going to a hip hop event in Brixton and will probably spend Sunday relaxing and cooking a massive roast.

Current Favourite Fragrances: Calvin Klein Deeply Euphoria, I like a fragrance that comes up to you and slaps you in the face. What’s the point in wearing something you can’t smell?!

Favourite Food: I adore Asian food, particularly blackened cod, sushi and pad thai.

Best-Loved Drink: Something strong, easy and powerful. Like me, ha! A Negroni or if I’m feeling cheeky blackcurrant vodka with apple juice.

Favourite Colour: Red, the colour of danger.


Your Perfect Perfume Fit…

Gucci Rush Eau de Toilette Spray

Rush by Gucci

Our #EscentualMe candidate this week may hate rush hour, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Rush, the iconic fragrance from fashion house Gucci, maybe their perfect perfume fit. Why? Good question! Well, she loves the colour red (the colour of danger, as she rightly puts it) and any fragrance that, and I quote “comes up to you and slaps you in the face.” That is my kind of fragrance lover, I’ll be honest, and in honour of my kindred spirit of the fragrance world I have picked a perfume that is as red as danger itself, and that delivers a massive slap to the face (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Rush is about as much fun one can have with a perfume without breaking the law. It’s a no holds barred, high energy floral that smells nothing like any other floral on the planet. This is a disco gardenia, drenched in a fountain of violet and vinyl, served in cool milky waves. It’s diffusive, daring, and definitely different – the kind of thing that is going to get you noticed in all of the right ways. So, for our events coordinator that loves dramatic and glamorous things – things like the theatre and Queen Bey – Rush has the hit factor.



Your Fragrant Alter-Ego: The Knows What She Wants

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto Eau de Parfum Florale Spray

La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto by Guerlain

One thing that stood out to me when reading the profile of this week’s subject was the fact that she seems to know exactly what she wants. For every one of her likes (food, art galleries etc.) and dislikes (waiting for people, rush hour, overpriced restaurants) she was specific, going into intriguing detail. So the sense I get from reading the details I have is that this person knows exactly what she likes and what she wants. That’s something one has to admire.

So what kind of scent says “I know what I want” while satisfying a personality that is self-described as “strong” and “powerful”. For me, the instant stand out is La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto by Guerlain – a flanker that takes the fizzy rose-cherry accord of the original and gives it a killer, badass vibe with swathes of inky black leather. This all comes together to create a thrilling, powerful fragrance with a determined attitude. I think that fits our subject quite nicely, don’t you?



Your Wildcard Scent

KENZO WORLD Eau de Parfum Spray

Kenzo World by Kenzo

Now’s the part where I pick something completely unsuited to our #EscentualMe candidate and try to convince them, and you, the reader, that it’s actually a stealthy choice that is spot on and I am a total genius. Easier said than done! So I’ve gone totally against our subject’s love for the bold and brassy perfumes and have instead focused on their love of art, being sociable, and their

Kenzo World is an intriguing fragrance. Composed by the legendary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, it is entirely abstract, conjuring flowers together with ambroxan, a synthetic that evokes the sea and the sky. But I guess Kenzo World is bold in its own way – it presents the idea of a clean floral with tremendous gusto and energy, approaching life with a real ‘can do’ spirit and an open aura. It reminds me of our subject – a person who seems like someone most people would get on with, someone who is approachable and bold, with a great first for life.


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