Team Favourites – February 2019

It’s favourites time! This month, however, things are a little different. For February 2019, the edit is getting a new name and welcoming a few more faces. We’re beginning a new era with Team Favourites, which means: even more beauty recommendations from the entire team, who can argue with that?

This month, we’re hearing from members of our Communications & Campaign team, Merchandising team and one of our Warehouse Supervisors…


Shiseido WASO Purifying Peel Off MaskShiseido WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask

Sundays are as much about face masks and self-care for me as they are about cooked dinners and films. At around 6 pm every Sunday I’ll take myself upstairs to the bathroom and pick out a mask that suits my skin’s needs that day; it’s become so much of a routine that my boyfriend even reminds me to go now!

I, of course, have a few favourites that I return to time and time again like the Caudalie Moisturising Mask (a must-have for winter skin), but every once in a while I’ll have a new mask to try. A few weeks ago this was the case as I’d borrowed the Shiseido WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask from the office to try; the mask instantly intrigued me as it has a peel-off pink metallic formula (expect to look like an intergalactic alien upon application). But this wasn’t all that caught my eye; the mask is the perfect all-rounder as it’s all about rebooting skin; unclogging pores of dirt, pollution and sebum with red shisho (an antioxidant in the mint family), plus it improves radiance and hydrating. I can confirm that it does what it says on the tin (and then some), my skin looked and felt extremely clean and refreshed afterwards. I never want to end a week without it now!


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer Pen Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer Pen

Back in the day, I always used to steal my mum’s Touche Eclat thinking it was concealer, but no, silly me, it was supposed to be used a highlighter. Now, fast forward 15 odd years and I’ve finally got my wish. YSL has finally launched the new Touch Eclat High Cover and the world’s gone mad for it, plus, it doesn’t disappoint.

If you love the original but wanted more coverage, the dewy finish of High Cover should be your next purchase – it was just what my under eyes needed! Just like the original Touche Eclat, the consistency of this concealer is so lightweight that you can build and build, but never crease.

I’m picky. I have a concealer just for my under eyes (High Cover just made the cut) and a matte concealer for breakouts. So if you’re buying a concealer for under eyes, stick with High Cover, but if you want one for spots and imperfections, go for All Hours Concealer.

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One 2 Eau de ParfumDolce & Gabbana The Only One 2 Eau de Parfum

When it comes to fragrance, I tend to stick to what I know – I love keeping my signature scent in my handbag as much as the next girl. So, when The Only One 2 was passed around Escentual HQ, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was drawn to the eye-catching ruby red bottle, albeit sceptical of the juice held inside. One spritz was all it took to get me hooked; I immediately knew I had to buy a bottle!

Its fruity opening of fresh pear, juicy blackberry and delicious red berries blend effortlessly into a blooming heart of violet and powdery rose to offer an instant uplift, while in the dry-down, a sensual blend of tonka bean, patchouli and addictive amber allow a seductive sensuality that will add the perfect finishing touch for those off-duty cocktails (happy hour, anyone?). Sophisticated, feminine and completely confidence-inducing, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for it when you want to stand a little taller!


GUERLAIN L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation SPF20GUERLAIN L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation SPF20

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I was initially drawn to this foundation by its beautiful bottle design. I mean, look at it! However, GUERLAIN L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation offers SO much more than just a fancy bottle. It’s my new go-to base, and after a couple of weeks of using it every day, I’m so pleased with how it looks and wears.

I’m fussy about foundation, I have combination skin that is very sensitive and struggle to find base products that won’t react with my temperamental skin but are robust enough to last a day at work without disappearing in patches by lunchtime! So for something to impress me, it has to be very, VERY good!

GUERLAIN L’Essentiel is made with 97% natural ingredients and gives a glowy finish that is incredibly long-wearing. After a few minutes, it seems to ‘fuse’ with the skin, creating a gorgeous finish that appears to look even better after a few hours on the face than when it was first applied. I wouldn’t be without this foundation in my collection now, and I have my eye on the matching GUERLAIN foundation brush for my next purchase!


GIVENCHY Live Irresistible Rosy Crush Eau de Parfum Florale SprayGIVENCHY Live Irresistible Rosy Crush Eau de Parfum Florale

Your perfume is you: it stands for you, and you will remember the way it made you feel. That is why I usually spend a lot of time finding the right one for each occasion. GIVENCHY Live Irresistible Rosy Crush makes a casual walk feel like a sophisticated night at the opera. The pretty rare rosy touch reminds of sun-dried rose petals and cocktails. I feel shamelessly flirtatious, playful, feminine and energetic. This perfume reminds me of the moments in backstage while my best friend prepares to sing the classical Tosca by Giacomo Puccini.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Eau de Parfum Spray

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Eau de Parfum

As you can imagine, working at Escentual we experience new beauty products every day! However, this month, choosing my beauty favourite couldn’t be easier. The new Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Eau de Parfum is an unforgettable fragrance to smell and look at; I fell in love at first spritz! A subtle, lighter and sweeter version of the iconic Good Girl fragrance while still packing the same empowering punch, it’s no surprise that it’s quickly become my go-to day scent, and I’m sure it’ll become yours, too!


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