6 Beauty Tips Mothers Learnt From Their Daughters

Mothers play a huge role in their daughters’ life; not only do they bring them into the world but they teach them how to live in it too. But that’s not to say daughters can’t teach their mums a thing or two too; there’s wisdom to be had both ways… especially when it comes to beauty!

Makeup, skincare and fragrance trends are ever changing. That’s why many mothers rely on their daughters (and sons) to keep them up to date on the latest innovations, ingredients, methods and of course, the products everyone’s raving about. That’s why this Mother’s Day we’re going against the grain and giving mums a platform to thank their daughters for keeping them up to date on all things beauty.

Here are a few of the Escentual teams’ mums on the best beauty secrets they’ve been told by their daughters…


#1 The Importance of a Primer

Sarah, a Medical Secretary from Cardiff:

“Gone are the days when a pop of my favourite red lipstick and a stroke of black eyeliner would be all I needed to see me through the day. As I’ve gotten older, my priorities have changed, and if I’m not spending time with my grandson, I’m usually busy working… which is why I need my makeup to last. My daughter, Beth, has recently told me about the wonders of using a primer. My favourite is The Ordinary High-Aherence Silicone Primer as it prolongs my foundation and has a wonderful anti-ageing effect (it blurs away all of my wrinkles and fine lines and makes me feel as though I’m 21 again!) I couldn’t be without it.”

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#2 The Ins and Outs of Retinol

Helen, a Pharmacy Manager from Cardiff:

‘’Retinol has always been something I’ve been interested in, especially as, in my pharmacy, it used to be occasionally prescribed over the counter; scared but intrigued after hearing about some of the peeling side effects, I’m so grateful my daughter, Chelsey convinced me to try the La Roche-Posay Redermic Retinol Anti-Ageing Concentrate Intensive, it’s perfect for beginners. My skin has never been smoother, and my partner says I don’t look a day over 27 (I’d be so lucky)! So as my daughter has taught me about Retinol, I want to pass on the importance of using this along SPF – it saved my skin!”

Curious about retinol? Learn all about it (from Chelsey herself) here.


#3 The Power of Cleansing

Sharon, a Carer from Caerphilly:

“When I was growing up we didn’t really get clued up with the savviest skin care advice. My daughter, Nikki taught me the power of deep cleansing and the right kind of products I should be using for my age and skin type that’ll give me the best results.”

Do you have a way to go with your cleansing routine? This edit will help get you started.


#4 An Anti-Ageing Hero

Kay, a Teacher from Talbot Green:

“I’m always asking my daughter, Ceryn about the best beauty products. Just recently I was asking her about the best eye cream for my dark circles – the older I get the more I dislike them. Luckily, she had a recommendation straight away with The Ordinary Caffeine Solution. I’ll admit, I’m not one for an overdone skincare routine but I’m happy to do this extra step because the results have been wonderful. It’s early days but I’m already feeling more confident.

I can’t finish this without a quick mention of the Clarins Double Serum either. Ceryn told me about this a while ago now and was shocked I’d never heard of it, saying it was one of the best-selling anti-ageing products. Well, I understand why there’s a hype; it’s wonderful! My skin instantly feels and looks better when I apply it. Overnight it improves the overall quality of my skin and stops it looking as oily. I’ll be a very happy mum if I receive this every Mother’s Day!”

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#5 A Sensitive Skin Saviour

Geri, a retired Teacher from Monmouthshire:

“I didn’t really use any skin serums or primers because i wasn’t sure if they worked or which to choose. My daughter, Elisabeth gave me the Vichy Mineral 89 as a gift, and I have used it ever since. I have quite sensitive skin and I find it calms and soothes my skin, leaving it beautifully smooth. Since then I have tried one or two others but still, love this one.”

 Intrigued by the sound of Mineral 89? Here’s the review with all the details. 


#6 The Perfect Spring Scent

Anna, a Bakery Worker from Slovakia:

“I always like nice, refreshing fragrances, which my daughter knows and she regularly updates me on the best ones to try. Last year, Monika introduced me to Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier and I love it. It’s so fresh but sweet and its aroma is so perfect for every day. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new spring scent! 

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