4 Ways To Accessorise Your Spring Style With Fragrance

Image of 5 spring perfumes that represent 2019 trends

There are many parallels to be drawn between the worlds of fashion and fragrance. Both are cyclical and follow trends, and they also go hand-in-hand too, with perfume serving as the perfect finishing touch to any look.

Seeing as the link between fashion and fragrance is so strong, we wanted to take some of the biggest Spring/Summer 2019 fashion trends and pair them with some matching fragrances. After all, when you ask yourself “what do I want to wear?” you don’t just mean your clothing, you mean your accessories too, and no accessory is more important than perfume! So, we’ve gathered some scents that have a touch of beige, have the exuberance of glamorous bows, blaze like neon and even compliment the most abstract of outfits. Enjoy!


#1 Beige

Image of Kenzo World EDT in spring trends 2019 blog post

KENZO WORLD Eau de Toilette

If you ask me, beige gets a bit of a bad wrap. Some may say it’s dull and lacking in interest, but there is an entire spectrum of beige shades to enjoy (cream, buff, ecru, khaki, latte…), so beige can actually be really enjoyable, especially when used as a background for exciting pops of colour – heck, it’s so good that Chanel have a perfume named after the colour!

A fragrance that would compliment that statement beige piece (the one that makes a statement by not making a statement if that makes any sense…) very well is Kenzo World Eau de Toilette – a clean, dewy floral that smells pretty but doesn’t demand attention. Designed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Kenzo World EDT blends the mouthwatering freshness of pear with soft floral notes, notably peony and almond blossom, to create an abstract air that is clean, blushing and soft. With touches of iris and musk, Kenzo World has the enveloping smoothness of the colour beige, making it a perfect companion piece to your subdued shades.


#2 Bows

Picture of Annick Goutal Etoile D'une Nuit Perfume with green bow detail

Goutal Etoile D’une Nuit Eau de Parfum

Apparently bows are big this season, and after all this talk of beige, I’m ready for a trend that is a bit more… extra! Bows are fun – they can be cutesy and subtle, or they can be exuberant and dramatic. Either way, they bring a classic and super feminine touch to your outfit.

Speaking of classic and feminine, Etoile D’une Nuit is the latest fragrance from Goutal Paris, and it’s a bow-esque fragrance in both look and scent. First off, the bottle is tied with a beautifully patterned scarf (a little touch of ‘extra’ for your nerves), but it’s actually the fragrance that serves the full glamour. Inspired by the scent of cosmetics, Etoile d’Une Nuit is a lipstick perfume that pairs juicy raspberry, sweet rose and powdery iris to evoke the scent of lipsticks, blush and silk, in the most beautiful of boudoirs. Bow-eautiful.


#3 Neon

Image of Mugler Aura perfume

Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum

Neon is always big in my book (I’m a child of the ‘80s and refuse to move on), and while it is the style of days gone by, it’s apparently having somewhat of a resurgence. In terms of fluorescent fragrance, Mugler’s Aura is a luminescent scent that pulses with neon energy.

Channelling James Cameron’s Avatar, Aura creates an olfactory experience redolent of a fibre-optic jungle, where bioluminescent flora and fauna fill the acres of lush rainforest. The rhubarb top note is tart, zesty and green, while orange blossom brings a misty, floral vibe. In the base, woods and the mysterious tiger liana clash with smokiness and sweetness, dripping energetically into swathes of luscious vanilla. There is nothing quite like Aura, and just like anything neon, it’s going to get you noticed.

Like the sound of this fragrance? You can read more about MUGLER Aura in my review.


#4 Boilersuits

Image of Comme des Garcons Wonderwood fragrance bottle

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood Eau de Parfum

There’s something chic about the utilitarian – of neutral colours, clean lines and industrial workwear turned fashion. Enter the boilersuit – not a style everyone can pull off, but when one can, damn it looks good. Whether you can or cannot rock the boilersuit, may I suggest you spritz Wonderwood?

Comme des Garcons is a fashion brand famed for playing with the form, reshaping it into something new. This modus operandi has moved from their fashion into their fragrance, many of which are abstract, unusual, singular and different. Wonderwood is one such scent, and it takes the idea of wood (usually exotic or soft) and turns it into something dirty and industrial. Wonderwood is smoky, metallic, slightly petroleum-like (evoking the splashes that would be on your boiler suit if it were used for its true purpose), but it’s also smooth, powdery and comforting. It’s a masterful piece of work that shifts the form of wood fragrance, much in the same way that a boilersuit for fashion, shifts this unusual outfit.


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