Inside Our Co-Editor’s Spring Lip Wardrobe

Lip colour equates to 50%, if not more, of my makeup collection. It’s a category that I have the most fun with and am not loyal to one brand by any means. While I have firm favourites when it comes to foundation (hello, GUERLAIN Lingerie de Peau) and mascara (Benefit Rollerlash is a hard one to beat), lips are the part of my beauty routine that I change-up with my mood, outfit and the season.

Spring is when my lip line-up sees the most significant shift. In autumn/winter I’m all about earthy hues, berry tones, and of course, mattes, whereas in spring I like to freshen things up with pinks, corals and I tend to steer toward more hydrating, high-shine finishes.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out the most recent lip launches and have whittled them down to just four favourites. I may have been lead by colour for this edit, but great hues are just the tip of the iceberg for what follows…



#1 The On-Trend Coral

GUERLAIN Rouge G Matte Lipstick Refill in 40 Bright Coral

I know what you’re thinking, in the intro I mentioned how I tend to venture away from mattes in spring. And usually, I do. But it’s not every year that GUERLAIN unveils a new Rouge G (see the swatches here). That addition is Rouge G Matte, a semi-matte lipstick that everyone will be happy to know is still completely customisable. So, naturally, I had to make an exception to my usual rule, which was only further confirmed when I spotted 40 Bright Coral in the shade line-up; coral is the Pantone Colour of the Year after all!

The Colour: What drew me to 40 Bright Coral’s pink-coral shade is that it’s bold yet wearable, plus it makes a more paired back alternative to a red lip. Because it has a slight warmth it suits my yellow undertone, which is why I’d recommend packing it for a summer holiday – it would look amazing with a tan!

The Formula: There’s no doubt about it, this is the lipstick choice for anyone that doesn’t like a matte lipstick. I can confirm it’s comfortable, hydrating, and the formula is creamy and velvety; dryness doesn’t even come into question because it contains a nourishing blend of black seed oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. And the pigment? It’s intense; let me put it this way: it took a lot of micellar water to remove it at the end of the day.

The Packaging: This packaging is worth writing home about – look at it! The case, which is sold separately to the bullet comes in an array of colours/finishes so that you can mix and match to find your ideal duo – it’s the product you’ll get asked about in the girls’ bathroom I bet. My perfect pairing is 40 Bright Coral and the case Imperial Rouge, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for the season ahead.



#2 The Everyday Enhancer

DIOR Addict Stellar Shine Lipstick in 267 Twinkle

Good lip days aren’t that regular for me. I’m prone to dryness and I’m always in a rush, so my collection needs a hydrating lip that’s nourishing and easy to apply on-the-go. Enter DIOR Addict Stellar Shine in 267 Twinkle like a knight in shining armour; this new addition to the DIOR Addict range is everything I could want for every day, plus the fact it’s DIOR helps… a lot.

The Colour: 267 Twinkle may be pink, but it has a cool tone and a milky tint that stops it being overly feminine. Halfway between nude and pink, it’s a lip colour that I’d be confident applying without a mirror and one that’ll marry well with all the new outfits I’ve bought for S/S19.

The Formula: The DIOR Addict Stellar Shine shades are beautiful, but it’s the finish that I keep coming back for; there’s nothing on the market that comes close to them for me. Shiny but not sticky, the lightweight formula contains five oils that hydrate and soften, plus pearlescent micro-pigments that give lips an eye-catching, almost glass-like finish.

The Packaging: You can’t beat DIOR packaging. Every inch exudes luxury, from the button-end bullet to the colour gradient case, both of which are embossed with the iconic CD and DIOR logo, of course! 



#3 The Long-Lasting Nude

bareMinerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick in Spice

Every lip wardrobe needs a good nude lipstick that lasts, all year round. And my requirements for this season are simple: it must have a warm undertone. From April onwards, I tend to have the most colour in my cheeks (or hope to), so I find cooler nude hues wash me out, and this time of year I’m all about enhancing my glow in any way I can. After testing a few, the winner in this section is none other than the bareMinerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick in Spice, the best and creamiest matte lipstick I’ve ever used.

The Colour: I’ll cut straight to the chase, Spice is my new favourite nude. It’s not too light or too dark and it has just the right amount of warmth so that it makes me look more tanned than I am (a big win in my book). It has a slight orange undertone so it won’t be for everyone, but for me, it’s a great ‘no-makeup makeup’ lip option. 

The Formula: Where do I start? This lipstick is a great all-rounder. It’s semi-matte, super creamy, vegan, enriched with moisturising minerals and on top of that, it stays put. Of all the lipsticks in this edit, I’d recommend this to those focusing on longevity; if you’d rather leave your lippy at home when you’re out and about, then this waterproof, kissproof and sweatproof option could be as much for you as it is for me.

The Packaging: I am a stickler for beautiful packaging, but I’m also a stickler for saving space, which is why I love this lipsticks’ slimline bullet. Black, chic and pocket-sized, it won’t take up your entire makeup bag!



#4 The Non-Girly Pink

GIVENCHY Encre Interdite Lip Ink in 02 Arty Pink

Believe it or not, I’m not a fan of wearing pink. If you catch me wearing one, it’ll either be a subtle hue like that of the DIOR Stellar Shine above or a pink with more of an edge, which is why the lip ink, GIVENCHY Encre Interdite in 02 Arty Pink is my last spring pick. A colour option that isn’t too bright or too ‘pretty’, I’ve found myself reaching for this one a lot on the weekends!

The Colour: Arty Pink is blue-toned and has a slight berry quality to it. In my opinion, it’s the leather jacket of pink lipsticks!

The Formula: I love the colour of this, but the formula is what sold it to me; all Encre Interdites are water-based, which is what makes them ultra-hydrating. Despite applying really wet they dry down really quickly and quite matte, which means they last a long time on my lips; Encre Interdite is the recommendation I’d make to anyone that wants a lip colour they can’t feel, I almost forget I’m wearing it when I have it on.

The Packaging: GIVENCHY packaging never disappoints, fact. But what I love most about this lip ink is that it’s much more compact than others on the market, plus the applicator is angled so that it’s easy to follow the lip line, which is a saviour with a liquid formula like this one.


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