Meet The Most Instagrammable Beauty Launches

Meet The Most Instagrammable Beauty Launches

Do you have a penchant for pretty things? Me too; intricate detail never fails to catch my eye. As Campaign Editor, I’m always at the forefront of new launches, and for me, products need to look as good as they perform. Although some newness tends to score higher than others in certain departments, I can assure you that the below 4 products are 100% worthy of your investment and Instagram feed.

#1 The Fragrance

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid Eau de Toilette Spray

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid Eau de Toilette Spray

First, we fell in love with the Anna Sui unicorn; now we’re in awe of the mermaid. Completely whimsical and in-keeping with the ‘under the sea’ trend, this beautiful bottle is a definite stand out.

From the ‘Mermaid’ name, you’d assume that this perfume would be part of the aquatic family, but in true mermaid style, this sweet floral scent is feminine and fresh. From the first spritz, you can really pick out the white florals and the stickiness of honey, but as this perfume warms on your skin, creamy woods start to show, creating a lingering dry-down that just works.


#2 The Lipstick

GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Marbled Lipstick in 27 Rose Revelateur
GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Marbled Lipstick in 27 Rose Revelateur

Now the marble bullet has got your attention, something else to note about this cult-favourite lipstick is the fact that each design is entirely exclusive to you; you’ll never find two lipsticks the same. GIVENCHY certainly know how to make us feel special!

Rouge Interdit Marble is one of those lipsticks that’s almost too pretty to use. But with its pigment-rich formula, a high shine finish and the signature Rouge Interdit Vinyl 16 Noir Revelateur shade woven throughout, you have to cave in and swatch it while taking a selfie doing so.


#3 The Bronzer


GUERLAIN Terracotta Thalia Island Bronzing & Blush Powder

GUERLAIN know how an immaculate bronzing powder should be made. After all, their signature Terracotta bronzing powders have been loved by celebrities and models since 1984. Every summer, GUERLAIN bring out the big guns with a special limited edition and newsflash: the Thalia bronzer is a new one for your radar.

When it comes to bronzers, this one ticks all of the boxes. That post-holiday glow you’re after? Thalia has it. A blush, bronze and highlight in one, this powder won’t make you look orange or ‘over-bronzed’, its warming glow and suncream-like scent make you look and feel like you’ve been on holiday.

Both beautiful inside and out, the exquisite tin packaging is completely handbag-proof, so there’s less worry about smashing it, and when you’ve finished; you can even use the case as a collector’s tin too. Boy, do I love GUERLAIN.


#4 The Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Reloaded

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette

Naked Palettes are constantly popping up in Instagram newsfeeds, but the latest one that’s getting all of the attention? Reloaded, a plushy eyeshadow palette that looks and feels more luxe than its predecessors.

Taking neutrals to the next level, Reloaded plays with earthy, warm tones that work well on and off camera. Hand-picked to flatter a plethora of eye colours, ‘Angel Fire’ and ‘Dreamweaver’ are just two of my favourite shades. And another bonus? I love that they’ve listened to their Instagram fans and doubled the pan-size on the colours that always get used first, i.e. the base colours – Go, Urban!


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