Here’s How 5 Makeup Icons Hold Up Under Water

Best Waterproof Makeup

Dunking my head in water, over and over wasn’t how I pictured my working day. I was cold and soaking wet, but it was all worth it. Why? It was all in the name of beauty after recently being tasked by the team to find the best waterproof makeup. Never one to do things by halves, there was only one way to find out, by getting them wet.

Before we dive in and find out the winners, here are a few things you should know…


Your Questions Answered


“Does water-resistant and waterproof mean the same thing?”

It’s easy to see why people think this, however, they’re not the same. The difference is the level of water the formula can withstand before it begins to run. Water-resistant can hold up against a few splashes, or moderate sweating, but too much water will cause it to smudge. Waterproof products, on the other hand, are heavy-duty, and you can fully submerge with the confidence that your mascara won’t run or your brows won’t float away.

“Is waterproof makeup bad for your skin?”

Waterproof makeup isn’t bad for your skin, removing it incorrectly is (more on that below). Because of this, I recommend that you only wear waterproof makeup when you need to, there’s no need for such heavy formulas day-to-day. If you’re worried about your makeup sweating off in the gym, or a few tears during your friend’s wedding try water-resistant formulas instead, they’re reliable and aren’t as difficult to remove at the end of the day.

“How do I remove waterproof makeup?”

It’s true, your usual cleanser will be no match for waterproof makeup because they’re heavier and harder to get off. Trying to use your regular makeup remover could leave your skin irritated, your patience tested, and more often than not the products will remain on your skin, which will clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Nobody wants that, so I recommend choosing a skincare product that’s designed to remove stubborn waterproof formulations. A fail-safe, oil-free option that doesn’t break the bank is Bioderma H2O Sensibio, which you can use on the face and eyes. However, if you’re looking for one specifically made for the eyes, choose La Roche-Posay Respectissime – it’s non-irritating and extremely easy to use!


#1 Best Waterproof Mascara

Best Waterproof Makeup: Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara

Mascara tops Google’s waterproof makeup search. I can understand why, there are so many occasions where you’d need one; weddings, holidays and windy days are just a few of my own. Luckily, I’ve found one that we can trust no matter how soppy the vows are; how much splashing there is in the pool; or how intensely our eyes stream. 

Urban Decay’s Perversion Waterproof Mascara is my tried and tested recommendation. It will not run or smudge at all, and I dunked my head in water to prove it to you all. Some of you may be thinking: the waterproof version is never as good as the original; Perversion is an icon after all. Usually, I’d agree with you, but trust me on this, Perversion Waterproof is as thickening and volumising as the classic. You’d only spot the difference between the both if you were to jump in a pool! 

Top tip: The weight of the water may cause your lashes to group together, so if you do plan on going underwater with this mascara on then keep a lash comb close to hand.


#2 Best Waterproof Foundation

Best Waterproof Makeup: Shiseido WetForce Quick Dry Sports BB Compact SPF 50+ in Medium Dark

Shiseido WetForce Quick Dry Sports BB Compact SPF 50+  

The second most searched comes as no shock to me either: waterproof foundation. We each have our reasons as to why we may want to stay covered up, and that’s our prerogative. So, if you wish to conceal blemishes with complete confidence, or even-out pigmentation at swim practice, I suggest this compact BB cream. 

Until now, I had only explored WetForce for suncare; it’s incredibly innovative, and the sunscreens become even more powerful when they come into contact with water. But I’ve been missing a trick because this base is beautiful. With light but buildable coverage, a satin finish and sensitive-skin friendly SPF50+ formula, WetForce BB is a no-brainer holiday foundation. The fact that it’s waterproof is just the icing on the cake.


#3 Best Waterproof Concealer

Best Waterproof Makeup: Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue Long-Lasting Softening Concealer in 02 Beige Sable

Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue Long-Lasting Softening Concealer SPF30

Concealer is a staple in every makeup bag, so it seems only right that I find you one that lasts. I must admit that this was no hard task. All I had to do was look at Escentual’s best-sellers, and voila there was Lancome Effacernes. Loved by what seems like every makeup artist and influencer out there, this creamy, liquid concealer has a lot of fans, and now I am one of them. 

Even after I was dripping in water, my under eyes and the areas on the face I’d concealed remained perfectly intact. It’s also worth noting that the formula isn’t heavy or cakey in the slightest, which can be a concern when it comes to waterproof formulations. Instead, it left my complexion with natural-looking coverage that didn’t settle into fine lines. There’s no wonder why so many people rave about this concealer.


#4 Best Waterproof Brow Gel

Best Waterproof Makeup: Benefit Ka-Brow Cream-Gel Brow Colour in 3 Medium

Benefit Ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Colour

Do you have nightmares about your brows disappearing during the day or floating away in the sea? You’re not alone. I do not want to reapply my eyebrows once they’re on. Blush or highlight I can tolerate, but when it comes to brows, I want longevity. 

It comes as no surprise to me, and probably to you that the winner in this category is none other than brow bosses, Benefit. That’s right; the cult-favourite, cream-gel pomade will withstand water while making your arches look fabulous. I’ve had this award-winner in my makeup bag for years without any idea it’s waterproof, which after the dunk test, I can hand on heart say it is. Opt for this brow definer if you’re always dripping in sweat at the gym or have a trip coming up, it offers security with zero compromises.


#5 Best Waterproof Lipstick

Best Waterproof Makeup: GIVENCHY Encre Interdite Lip Ink in Solar Stain

GIVENCHY Encre Interdite Lip Ink

Waterproof lipstick isn’t just for the beach. As day-to-day lip colours tend to be the first makeup product to fade, you should consider a water-resistant formula as a staple in your makeup bag. I’ve been caught short (with all but the outside of my lipstick left) one too many times.

GIVENCHY’s Encre Interdite Lip Ink is a waterproof lipstick that won’t budge. A relatively new launch, it’s not long since I tested this liquid lip, and boy does it have staying power. On a recent trip to Italy I wore the orange-red shade, Solar Stain all day at a wedding, and even jumped in the pool gone midnight for it to be near perfect the next morning. 

It’s worth noting that this formula applies wet; the reason I questioned its ability to last at first. But I was wrong. Encre Interdite sticks around, you just have to let it dry first, which takes around a minute or two. Once set, you’re locked in and will need Bioderma Sensibio H2O and a few cotton pads waiting for when you want to take it off.


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