Lady Million Empire Perfume: The Review

Review of paco rabanne lady million empire perfume

The Paco Rabanne Million franchise is not for the shrinking violets amongst us. These are fragrances for the lovers of glamour, excess and of course, lots of bling. Lady Million sits like a mewl in the crown of Paco Rabanne – a luxurious and opulent scent served with a sprinkling of fun and modern glamour. OK, maybe it’s more Pandora jewels than crown jewels, but hey, who said luxury couldn’t be accessible?

Lady Milion Empire takes everything that made Lady Million such a success and showers it in pink. It’s a scent about female empowerment – a fragrance for women who like to take charge and make a statement.

So, if you’re running your own empire and just so happen to be a big badass boss, then Lady Million Empire will be the fragrance for you.

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What are Lady Million Empire’s Fragrance Notes?

Top: Orange, Neroli Essence and Candied Currant.
Heart: Magnolia, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus and Mirabelle Plum.
Base: Cognac, White Patchouli and White Musk.


How Does Lady Million Empire Smell?

Fruity-fresh, that’s how Lady Million Empire enters the world. The first impression is of tart, purple berries; all juicy and sweet, but tempered by a light misting of orchard fruits. Almost as if the berries are coated in delicate droplets of apple juice. With time, the dew fades, and the effect becomes more candied and almost jammy, but it’s never sickly or tacky – the balance is just perfect.

Things ramp up opulence-wise in the heart where a heady whirlwind of white flowers joins the fruits for a festival of fun. Osmanthus, with its jammy-apricot and leather facets, acts as a perfect bridge between the heart, the top and the base. This tropical floral note emphasises the key features of each accord, intensifying them and allowing bright berries to melt deliciously into something much darker, and much boozier….

Speaking of boozy, that’s what the base is all about. It’s a dark, mysterious blend of patchouli and musk enriched by a dash (perhaps more of a decent pour than a dash) of cognac, which brings malted and honey notes into play. Imagine a drink poured from a pink decanter, and you’re on the right track.

Lady Million Empire is a rich and intoxicating fragrance that isn’t afraid to let its hair down. I see it as an intriguing cocktail mixed up by some contemporary mixologist who has paired a deeply intense cherry liquor with a glass of pink bubbles – perhaps with some cognac and patchouli thrown in for a dark twist. It’s a vivacious, vibrant fragrance, but it does not feel frivolous, boasting depth and contrast to illuminate its neon spirit.


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